Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I mentioned awhile back that Minnie found this baby picture of me and she thought it looked so much like Baby Sallie. I actually think Sallie looks almost more like Baby Cookie. I do think she and Graves look more like the Perry side (features and coloring) and Annie looks more like a Herrington. Funny because Annie acts a lot more like a Perry/Jackson/Hemphill (stubborn, determined, in her own world, makes friends with ease, always has a (usually delightful) plan, lacks common sense, is totally unmotivated unless it's something she desires to do in which case she'll bust her bottom like nothing else) and Graves acts more like a Herrington/Graves (high energy, low self-control, so kind, easy going, inattentive while being strangely perceptive, the biggest tease, totally selfless). It will be so fun to see Sallie's personality develop!

I had to do a little comparison and make a college- Sallie at a few weeks old in both pictures on the left, and me as an infant and toddler on the right.

Then, a few months later, Minnie found this baby picture of Bump, my grandmother I loved with my whole heart and who I finally realized I couldn't not name Sarah Lamar for. We think our Sallie Girl really resembles Baby Bump!

And here they are side by side. Baby Sarah Lydia Mayfield and Baby Sarah Lamar Herrington. My SL is as spunky and as round and as vivacious as her namesake. It's one of my greatest hopes she'll be as joyful and as kind and as brave.
 Then, more recently, there have been several times where she just really resembled a Perry girl to me- like the picture a friend snapped in the church nursery (in a Perry girl dress) or the one I took in the yard when she was eating Ritz crackers (a Perry girl favorite).

It truly doesn't matter to me who she favors. Annie is most definitely a Herrington through and through, looks wise, and I think she's such a beautiful little girl. But it is fun to see your own features or the features of those from your own family of origin in a little person. There's a sadness in her getting older, but it's so much fun to watch her grow and change!

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