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Weekly Happenings #399 (November 21-27)-- Thanksgiving Feels Amazing and Exhausting, All at Once

{I'm doing "Grandpa Whale", not Heil Hitler, btw}

Thanksgiving was a busy week/weekend for us this year. It was fun, but it left me pretty drained!

We hung around the house on Monday. I got up around nine, after the kids and Peyton. Sallie slept even later and I got my bath, planned the day, made a grocery list, and sent several Facebook messages and an email. I did some school with Annie and Sallie got up and I ate something. Peyton and Graves went to the grocery store and Sallie was pretty fussy, so we did most of Annie's school outside.

 (Annie mentioned to me that she loved Sallie's outfit, and while it's not my favorite, I noticed how well they coordinated and decided it would be fun to take a few pictures.)

When the guys got back, we all had lunch and then I put up some stuff and started making dinner for our neighbors whose toddler broke her leg. I cut up some celery and then traded Peyton and he did onions while I took care of Sallie. She took a VERY short nap and I made brownies and Peyton did school with Graves while Annie did some independent work. Sarah Lamar woke up and was MAD and I tried to soothe her while Peyton finished up making a salad. Graves and I dropped it off and Peyton and the girls hung out at home.

A friend of mine homeschools but has her children in a supplemental program two days a week and she mentioned her oldest (who is Annie's BFF) takes notes at school. The day before, Annie asked me more than once how much longer the church service was (to be fair to her, it was longer than usual) and when we got home I discussed with her the idea of making some notes during the sermon. I told her that doodling helps some people concentrate so she could still color but it'd probably be difficult to read. I explained she could write down anything she thought was interesting, or beautiful, or important and she could also make a note if there was something she wanted to ask me about or discuss with me. She loved the idea and said it would also be fun so she and Graves would have more ideas of what to sauce hen they play church. Later, I saw her rushing through the house with her binoculars on, with this very determined little gate. I asked her if she was getting a piece of paper to draw the bird she and Graves were looking at and she replied that she was actually wanting to make some notes about him. Second grade hasn't been without its difficulties, but this stage is so much fun!

We got back and Peyton took the big kids to the library. I felt sort of bad so once I got Sallie changed and fed and asleep, I laid down for a bit myself. Peyton and the big kids got home and we all ate supper and then he read to them and they fell asleep. I worked on a few posts, straightened around the house, and cleaned up the kitchen.

We had another lovely day around the house on Tuesday. We all got up pretty late and I fed and changed Sallie and then took my bath and dried my hair. I went through my reader and checked my email and made a list for the day and Peyton cooked me an egg. The kids had breakfast and media time and straightened their room. I got Annie started on math and her BrainQuest work and everyone went outside for a bit. Graves and Peyton did his on a blanket and after awhile, I brought Sallie in and got her to sleep. I sent an email to a friend and dusted in the den and study. We all had lunch and I did more English with Annie- we did writing, grammar, spelling, reading, and copywork. After that, I went in the attic and we took some stuff up and I got some of the Christmas linen down. I put the Christmas sheets and blankets on the kids' bed and made up our bed with our Christmas stuff!

I knew it would be December 1st at the earliest before we get the house really decorated. But kitschy Christmas beds in the kids' room? Yep.
We all got ready and headed to the pool and I got in with them while P hung out with Sallie since I had told Annie I would. When we got home, I fed Sallie and the big kids played and I cooked fish and brussel sprouts. They ate and got settled and I fed Sallie again and got her to bed. Peyton fell asleep watching TV and I got on the computer and baked brownies. I barely cleaned up the kitchen and Sallie got super fussy. She had a ROUGH night.

The Terminex guy came bright and early on Wednesday morning. Peyton had apologized for not helping me once when she woke up and I told him I didn't care if he'd just let me sleep in the morning.

I got back in bed for a bit but couldn't fall asleep. I messaged with a friend and played on my phone and then got up and got Sallie to sleep. I put the Christmas bedding on the swing in the sunroom and straightened a bit and ate something and then I got my bath and dried my hair. I went through my email and reader and Peyton folded some laundry and ran the grocery store. I started a load of laundry and cooked some chicken. The big kids hung up their clothes and I helped them a bit. I had told Annie I'd help her make poppyseed chicken and we were eating supper with my parents so we got to work making it for lunch. Once we got the poppyseed chicken cooking and the broccoli steaming, I took a quick nap. I woke up and we all ate when it was finished. Sarah Lamar got up and I fed her and straightened some and folded a bunch of sheets and comforters I had washed.
She had on a Star Wars shirt and is trapped under a huge pile of laundry: Peyton's on Sallie duty again. I really thought she was teething. She'd been grumpy and drooly and she woke up multiple times SHRIEKING like "a shark was eating her" as Peyton described it. The Terminex guy arrived unannounced and I heard P say "you can go in but my wife and kid are sleeping in there". That seemed incredibly awk so I got on up and later accused Peyton, in a moment of hysteric irrationality, of intentionally waiting to potty until I took my bath so I'd have to hussle and get out if SL woke up. So I decided to cede a littlecontrol and let him fold the laundry.

"I so don't feel good today, guys. Buuut if someone wants to dress me up as a baby parrot and dote on me, I guess I can go with it."

I put up dishes and folded and put up some of the clothes that Peyton hadn't gotten to. He worked on school with Graves and then he and all three kids had baths while I was doing the laundry.

We got ready and headed over to my parents' to visit with Cookie and Conrad. They got in before eight, which was wonderful and we visited for a couple of hours and had beans and rice. We all had a great time and got home a little after ten. Graves and Sallie fell asleep in the car and Peyton played chess with Annie some. I worked on a couple of posts and wen to bed.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and it was a great day. We got up pretty early for us (around seven thirty) and got ready so we could have breakfast at my parents' with Cookie and Conrad before they headed to Baton Rouge. We had cinnamon rolls, a quiche, grits, and bacon! Yum. They left around ten and we headed to Peyton's parents around eleven.
Holiday pro-tip for introverts who have nursing infants (even those who love their families and the families they married into with their whole hearts): wear something that is absolutely not nursing friendly and escape to a dark room to snuggle and decompress a few times. Bonus: people will be lining up to entertain your other children. 

 sweetest little thing!

We had such a nice visit and stayed a pretty long time.

Love our Sister Baby, Cousin Baby, and these two sweet guys holding them.

We got home around four. Poor Sallie had a cold and hadn't gotten a good nap all day. We got her settled and the big kids had media time and Peyton and I took naps, too. The big kids had a TOTAL off day- extra media time, pretty much whatever they wanted for supper, and then a Charlie Brown movie before bed. Graves fell asleep on the couch right after the movie and Annie went to sleep pretty early herself. Peyton cleaned up the kitchen and I straightened some and spent a good long while getting Sallie settled after I ate some leftovers. I fell asleep and woke back up at around one in the morning and had a bowl of cereal.

Peyton was working on Friday but the kids and I all slept until about nine. Annie and Graves had breakfast and media time and just played really well all morning.

Sister Baby was having tough morning (you know because she's had a bad cold and I thought was maybe getting teeth and her mean momma wanted to put her in a soft, warm bed and let her get some rest instead of carting her all over and passing her around to people and not letting her get a good nap all day like the day before which seemed to be the magic medicine for our ridiculous girl). Anyway, these two decided to play hair. This is actually a business Graves goes to on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and it's called "Graves's Cuts". He does know there's to be no real cutting involved but he asked if Mandy, who cuts our hair, could train him and then he'd be  ready for some scissors.

I got my bath, dried my hair, and went through my reader and ordered some stuff from a website having a sale. Sallie played happily for a bit and then got fussy and wouldn't settle for the longest time. I finally got her to sleep, had my lunch, and placed an Amazon order. I was glad to have my "Black Friday" shopping done (in quotes, because the Amazon order wasn't even a sale). I texted with some friends and got a load of diapers going and worked on a post a bit.I had told the kids we were going to start school and cleaning up soon but they were having so much fun, I ended up just straightening in the study and getting a binder organized for Annie and working on another post. Peyton got home and I did do a good bit of school with Annie and then we got ready and headed to the Harkins for supper and a backyard movie. We had hamburgers and watched The Polar Express and it was so much fun! We came home and Sallie and Graves were asleep. We all sort of crashed shortly after that.

The big kids got up and played for awhile before even wanting breakfast or media time on Saturday. Sallie and I got up at nine thirty and she played and I made the bed and straightened in our room and then took a bath and dried my hair. I wasted a bunch of time on the computer and then I made the kids' beds and changed over laundry. When the big kids finished breakfast and their media time, Annie practiced piano and Bud and I picked up their room. Then he helped me sweep in there and I swept in the kitchen and den. I really needed to vacuum but I just didn't have time. I got more laundry going and sent a FB message to a friend and then fixed the big kids lunch. I emptied the bathroom and study trash and swept int he bathroom and study and took out some recycling. I boiled some bottles and put up a bunch of dishes and Sallie woke up. I hung up clothes and got our stuff together to go to my parents' house to see Cookie and Conrad again and then washed some more of the dishes and bathed and dressed Sallie.

We had a pretty good visit, but the big kids were so tired and done. They were not at their best. They did LOVE having sushi, though, and actually ate some of our rolls. Peyton got there around eight and he was super tired himself. We bathed Graves there, hoping he'd fall asleep on the way home, but neither he nor Sallie (nor Annie, of course) did. Annie took a bath at home and they took forever winding down. I put up some laundry, ironed Annie's church dress, and got our activity bag ready. I went to bed pretty late despite not doing anything fun or relaxing and being pretty disciplined.

Sallie woke up a couple of times, but it was a much easier night than a lot had been and I got up right at seven on Sunday. I finished getting a few things together and went ahead and nursed Sallie and dressed her when she woke up up. I got in the tub and she fell asleep on her playmat. I dried my hair and set out breakfast for the big kids. They ate and got dressed and weren't TOO grumpy.

When it's below fifty degrees, he likes to wear a hat and mittens.
Sunday school drop off was tough with Graves and church was a little tough- I had to take them out of the service, which I haven't done in FOREVER (like since before Sallie was born). We finally got back on track and they did fine the rest of the time. We were meeting Mallory and Brennan for lunch but had some time so we picked up some toys Graves had left at my parents' house and then headed to Fernandos. We talked ALOT about restaurant behavior and both big kids did great and Sarah Lamar was so happy. When we got home, Graves cleaned out the van (he took so long) and Annie had media time. I looked for something (and actually found it!) in the attic and then changed, redressed, and fed Sallie and got her to sleep. I did a few things on the computer and helped Graves with straightening his toys and getting trash out of the van. I got everything together and put up some dishes and fixed the big kids a snack supper and then we headed back to Northside for the Hanging of the Green service. The children decided they wanted to go back and of course I agreed. They had so much fun and I'm so glad we went. We got home and I got them to their room and Peyton got home shortly after. We ate and went to bed super early.

Picking up in December next! 

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