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Weekly Happenings #400 (November 28-December 4)-- Getting in the Christmas Spirit

This was a fun week. Peyton had the Pharmacy Association party and I went with him (and took Sallie). It was a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. We had a few other things going on, but overall it was a low key start to a typically busy month!

Peyton was working a shift he had picked up and Graves and Sallie both got up around eight thirty on Monday. They played a bit in the bed and then I fed Sallie and changed her diaper and she played on her play mat. Annie got up and the big kids had media time and I did a few things on the computer, made our bed, hung up the kids' church clothes, and straightened a bit. Sallie had a dirty diaper and I changed it and started a load of cloth diapers and then got her down for a nap. I took my bath and did a couple more things on the computer- I went through my email and reader, ordered a few things that were on sale for Cyber Monday, placed a hold on a library book (which took forever because I got a new card and apparently a new number with it), and looked for P's Christmas present. I also picked out which December Home Meeting I was going to for Junior League (around Christmas they have meetings at member's houses and it's so much fun) and texted Mandy about haircuts and talked to Peyton. The big kids played outside and then in the van when it started raining. Sallie woke up and I collected laundry, changed it over, and consolidated some stuff to donate. I put up dishes and scrubbed the kitchen counters and dusted in the den. I also cleaned up a bunch of Legos and just put them away in the laundry room. The big kids came in and I fixed them lunch, nurse Sallie and got her down for another nap, and emailed a friend.

I washed dishes and scrubbed the inside of the microwave (which was filthy) and vacuumed in the den and kitchen. Annie and Graves had a snack and then Graves helped me mop the kitchen and Annie did her math and practiced piano.

Blurry cause he thinks this is Risky Business and was having a dance party. But his future wife is so lucky. Between this and his caretaker abilities and his charm, they're gonna be lining up!

They ate supper and Sallie got up and Peyton got back home. We all talked to him and the big kids finished up their supper. Peyton got Graves to clean up some toys and I held Sallie and did some spelling and more math with AP. I got Sallie to bed and Peyton read Harry Potter to the big kids and then Graves fell asleep and I read Annie's history to her. She went to bed and Sallie was back up a good bit. I read some blogs, finished a post, and worked on another one. I made Annie a history quiz and straightened a bit and went to bed.

It was a GREAT day. Annie and Graves had been attempting to play chess (they typically don't really even like board games so we really thought they were just doing it to spend time with P). Annie's wrote (on her own initiative) thank you notes to her grandparents for Thanksgiving and read her Coffee News she got at the Mexican restaurant yesterday. Graves made a nest in a flower bed and mopped my entire kitchen (he LOVES to clean) while Annie practiced piano. Then they carefully moved Peyton's entire chess set to the bathroom when they thought there might be a tornado- they wanted to protect it for him. Graves also stepped in the refried beans Annie was trying to protect when the power went out, but whatever.

I let them decide- after realizing how exhausted they were- if we should go back to church the night before for the Hanging of the Green (which at Northside, children play a key role in). We did and they had the BEST time. The theme for Advent this year is joy and they were joy personified skipping back and forth delivering poinsettias. And SL LOVED the first ever service. Even though I pulled her out of bed (and then disrupted a second car nap) she bebopped and break-face grinned through every hymn.

Of course on Monday, she was having a hard time. I wouldn't change a thing in the world about her (and I know much of her disposition and many of her habits may well be the results of my parenting and our lifestyle) but I knew P was SO ready for me to stop saying she's an easy baby. She's a very, very flexible baby but at almost six months, she's was an easy baby. Not super hard, but not easy. I describe Annie as complex but predictable. I describe Graves as the opposite. Like Graves, she's hard for me to predict. Hard to nail down. Flexible and easy going but also in need of a lot of attention and affection. I'm honestly glad they demand it- because like with Graves, I know I'll look back on her babyhood and know I wasn't too distracted by less important matters (I simply had less distractions with Annie). And this time I have a perspective I didn't with him- knowing that this time will bring happy memories and the confidence that I immersed myself as much as I could in this season.

Peyton wasn't working Tuesday and that was nice. I slept until a little before nine and he got up and got going with the kids.

 P and Graves decided to make a book and took all these crazy pictures (including putting Peyton's beard hair he shaved on Graves's face), but I don't think it ever fully came to fruition. Either way, I love having these!

The big kids had breakfast and media time and I got my bath and made our bed and started some laundry. Annie did BrainQuest, math, and her history quiz and I dried my hair and did a few things on the computer and sent a couple of texts to plan things (piano and our cousin play date) for the week. I ate lunch and then did a good bit of English with Annie, including a spelling game and suffixing activity that both took forever. Both big kids took baths and we all got ready and I took all three kids to get the big kids' hair cut and Peyton went to the grocery store and then came home and started making soup.

Graves was a bit of a handful (nothing terrible, but it wasn't the best behavior) while Annie was getting her hair cut and we got caught in a major hail storm on the way home. Peyton and I got into an argument because he had said that it would be a good day to cash in their coupons for a free pizza at Pizza Hut that they got for completing a book and then he sort of wanted me to take them. Ugh. I needed help even figuring out what Pizza Huts had a dine in option. We got in the car and headed to one across town and then heard a tornado warning on the radio. OMG. We came home and Peyton got back to work on his soup and Sallie napped in the car and the big kids played. I started more laundry and straightened and then picked up some in the kids' room.

We all headed back to Pizza Hut for dinner and had a nice time and when we got home, I did more school with Annie and Sallie hung out with us while Peyton handled Graves. I worked on organizing a binder for Annie and then sent her to bed with Graves. I did a few quick things on the computer and then laid on the couch my head hurt so bad. P made cookies and we talked and then I went to bed. I woke up around five in the morning with my head hurting so bad. Sallie almost rolled off the bed and I ended up taking her to Peyton and going back to sleep. Around nine, we all got up. He headed in for an extra shift and I made up our bed, made up the PnP that Sallie has teeteed in, and started laundry. I ordered a wedding present for a friend on Amazon. I forgot my password and had to enter a new card and it took forever. I tried and tried to get Sallie settled and it took longer than usual. I finally just gave up and put her in her swing. I texted both my parents and sent two Facebook messages and looked at something in my reader. I talked to Peyton on the phone and finally ate something and got my bath and Sallie settled down a bit.

Sallie did pretty good for boycotting her nap and I just kept moving her around to keep her entertained. I put her in the crib with Graves for awhile and she watched her mobile and then she just laid on the floor and played with her toys. Graves cleaned up toys a bit and Annie, thankfully, had a lot of independent work to do- her BrainQuest and math and then a bit of copywork and illustrating plus some English she didn't finish the night before. The big kids straightened their room a bit and Annie read to Sarah Lamar while Graves played with his light saber. I vacuumed all the bedrooms, the study, and the rug in the den and Morgan called and wanted to put a frozen pizza in the fridge. She came by and Annie and Graves got out some activity cards and did them. I cleaned the guest bathroom and did some last minute straightening in the kitchen and brushed my teeth, put on makeup and straightened my hair. Our friends got here for piano (we changed it from Friday for that week for some reason) and the girls had a great at their lesson and the other kids had fun playing.

Annie set up these "prizes" (a crayon and a sticker) for her two friends and herself after their piano lesson (a good friend of mine teaches Annie and two of her good friends).  She also has a bird watching box with binoculars, colored pencils, paper, and bird books and a bag of "tools" to do magic tricks with. Age Seven and a Half is absolutely amazing and I'm so glad we get to spend do much of our days together.
Sallie finally fell asleep in the sling and I transferred her. She woke up when everyone left and had a tough evening. Annie did some magic tricks and I picked up a bit and then fed Sallie some baby food for the first time! Peyton got home and we all visited and ate supper and then got the big kids settled. Sallie went to sleep around eight and was up a ton before I went to bed. I stayed up super late- working on quite a few blogs posts and taking care of her.

We all slept late on Thursday. Peyton was off but he had a mid day meeting and we were going to a Christmas party that evening and trying to get our Christmas tree somewhere in there. Anyway, he fixed us all a great breakfast and I made up our bed and Annie's and straightened a bit in our room and then den. I took my bath, dried my hair, and pumped a bottle. Sallie was fussy and had a dirty diaper and then took a nap. Morgan came over to get something she had left the day before and I started laundry. Peyton did some school with Graves and I got Annie started on her work. He left for a meeting and I finished up two blog posts, went through my reader, messaged a friend, and made a list for the day. I changed over the laundry, did a few dishes, and made up Graves's bed. Sallie woke up and when P got home I had a major meltdown. We talked and I took a nap and then we all got ready to go to the MPhA Christmas party.

We dropped the big kids off with my parents and Sallie, Peyton, and I headed to the party.

I love how they both look like a throwback to another decade. Retro Babes in a bonnet with a retro babe in a vest. [Look, sometimes you just need to take your very attached five month old to the dressy holiday work party at the fancy restaurant.]

Not the best lighting, but I sure love a Sallie Selfie
We had a good time and visited a bit with my parents after it. We came home and Annie did a bit more math and then the big kids went to bed. I changed clothes, fed Sallie, and straightened some and then Peyton hung up a bunch of his clothes and we went to bed.

Peyton worked on Friday and the kids and I got up kind of late. I started some laundry, made our bed, and picked up around the house a bit and then got on the computer. I took my bath and then got Sallie down for a nap.

One of the pages in Annie's BrainQuest book had her read recipes and make up a name for them. One of them was basically a peanut butter and banana sandwich and she titled it "Graves's Great Dish". That morning, she came skipping into the room where I was and announced with quite an unusual amount of enthusiasm for her "We did it! We made the dish! We used a not-sharp knife and sliced the banana and spread the peanut butter and put the banana on the bread and (she finally took a breath) TA-DA!!!"

I went through my reader, messaged a friend, made a list for the day, changed over laundry, and had lunch. I fixed the big kids lunch too and Sallie got up. Annie did some independent work and Graves and I cleaned up their room and then we all went in the study and did some of Annie's English. Especially for having all three of them in the room, we got a lot done- some spelling, reading, and grammar. Peyton got home and we talked and left to go to my parents' house pretty early.
Graves realized these paci clips (that I had forgotten we owned) attach the same way as his suspenders and he put then on her and said "Look! Sallie has on her church overalls!". [Doesn't everybody take a trip to Pride Rock when their papa gets home?]

Second time for her to try baby food and I've already passed the task off to this guy. I'm doing dishes and I heard him say "Too cold for you, Babes?" And then he blew in it to warm it up (which I guess does have a warming effect as well as a cooling one).
We had a good visit but Peyton was feeling kind of rough. We came home and he went right to sleep. I got on the computer for a bit and Sallie kept waking up. I had a snack and went to bed. Sallie woke up a bunch and Graves woke up once. It was a long night.

The big kids and I got up around nine on Saturday and Sallie fell right back asleep. I took my bath and they had media time. I dried my hair and went through my reader and sent a friend a Facebook message and then took a short nap. Sallie and I got up and I made our bed and changed her diaper and we all had something to eat. I put up dishes and washed a few and cooked the big kids oatmeal even though it was really time for lunch. After they ate and played a bit, Annie did BrainQuest and her math and Graves and I cleaned up their room. I straightened some more around the house and started some laundry.

Minnie found this baby picture of Bump, my grandmother I loved with my whole heart and who I finally realized I couldn't not name Sarah Lamar for. We think our Sallie Girl really resembles Baby Bump!

The kids had some free time and Sallie took another nap and I mostly just lazed around. When we got up, I did more laundry and then fixed the kids supper. They had noodles and after they ate Graves took a bath and I did English with Annie and folded more clothes. We did spelling and reading and then Peyton got home and she got in the tub and Graves played. We all talked and I ate something and got everything together for church and went to bed. I had the hardest time falling asleep and then Sallie kept waking up. It was a LONG night.

We all got up around sevenish on Sunday and I got Sallie fed and dressed, woke up and got the big kids ready for church and THEN got my bath.

That worked really well (instead of getting myself ready and then waking them up- I just dread the waking them up part). Anyway, they ate breakfast and played and I got everything together and fed Sallie again. She was fussy but did great on the drive. Church was pretty emotional because our pastor announced he was leaving (on VERY good terms) and Sunday school and church just seemed tough. We came home and the big kids had media time and a snack. I fed Sallie and got her settled. I changed clothes and did a few things and then fixed my lunch and Sallie woke up. I had wanted to take a nap myself but baby snuggles aren't so bad. The big kids played and I finally got her to take a nap. I talked to a friend, sent a couple of Facebook messages, and fixed Annie and Graves something to eat. They ate and then I got them settled for the night. Sallie was fussing SO bad and full on screamed for over an hour. I finally gave her a suppository and she pottied and that helped. Peyton got home and we talked and Sallie tuned up again. I just had to leave her so I could scramble some eggs and she cried herself to sleep :( We ate and watched several SVU episodes and I folded laundry and then we went to bed.

More of December soon! 

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