Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weekly Happenings #404 (December 26-January 1)-- A New Year and New Members at Northside

This was a pretty fun low key week, just undecorating from Christmas and such (so early for us!). Sunday ended up being a very special day for me and the children, though.

Since we had spent Christmas day with my parents, we decided to spend the 26th with Peyton's family. It actually worked out really well for Peyton's siblings, too. Anyway, we slept pretty late and then got up and got ready. Peyton made French toast and we ate and then wrapped a few presents and headed over to his parents' house. We had a really nice time visiting. Sallie took several naps in my arms, Peyton told me to go in the back room and take a nap myself, we ate lots of snacks and great food, and Peyton and his brothers and mom played cards for a long time.

Best present I could ask for (bow on Babes courtesy of Graves). Runners up are the meat and potatoes supper Minnie made, the delicious snacks at my in-laws, and another afternoon nap Peyton INSISTED I take at his parents'. This is Early Thirties, y'all. These, and the folks who are making me so tired and hungry, are all the presents I need.
The cousins got to play and I got to visit with his sister. We didn't leave until around seven and then we headed over to my parents' house. We had sushi with them and visited. Cookie and Conrad had gone out with some friends and when they got back, we talked and iced a Santa Clause cookie cake. We didn't leave until about ten. Sallie and I went straight to bed and Peyton got the big kids settled and took a bath and went to sleep.

Tuesday was another fun day. We all got up- I actually got up first and picked up a bit and got out the kids' clothes. Sallie had a dirty diaper and I changed it and bathed her and took my bath. Peyton helped bathe the big kids and we got everyone ready. We couldn't find the diaper bag so we just grabbed some things and headed to Chick Fil A to meet Owen. We had a good breakfast/lunch visit with him! I was a little snappy with Peyton and Graves because I was pretty tired and peopled out. We got home and Peyton took Graves to see Star Wars. Sallie had fallen asleep in the car and we transferred her. I straightened the house some and then hung out with Annie.

Since Graves decided to cash in his movie ticket to see Rogue One (Peyton already saw it and decided it was okay so now there's only one he hasn't seen/isn't allowed to see yet) and Sissy was taking her first nap not in her momma's arms in a couple of days, we got some special time. Annie wanted to play a game and she and I had so much fun with her new candy dominoes (another prize I'd been saving in the attic for years). Super blurry of her little face but she had so much fun!

Annie's got so restless for two hours without her brother (we're a tad co-dependent). When she kept asking me what she could do I told her that a friend of mine is coming over later to talk about our goals for 2017, soot might be fun for her to think of some for herself (I had been meaning to talk to her about doing this). She came up with three big ones and I asked her if she could be more specific with "be more healthy" so she made another list. She also told me "I did the little dots like you do. I think they help to avoid confusion." I love that she loves a list like her momma!

I worked on a few posts and then Sallie woke up while I was doing dishes. Peyton and Graves got home and we did a bit more around the house and then Mallory and Brennan came over. Brennan played with the big kids and Mallory and I did some goal setting for the new year. Sallie hung out with us a bit and then Peyton wore her while he straightened and put up stuff.

When Mallory and Brennan left the big kids ate supper and I fed Sallie was taking a second nap.

Cutie. He was enjoying his new hat even if it was 75 degrees.

She didn't sleep long at all and I ended up putting her on our bed while I watched TV and folded laundry. I ate something and really familiarized myself with Annie's English curriculum that we were starting in January and then went to bed.

I slept late on Wednesday morning and Peyton got up and fixed breakfast for the big kids and took care of Sallie. I got up around nine thirty and Peyton went for a bike ride. I straightened up around the house some and got Sallie to sleep and then got on the computer for a bit and made several lists.

Another list by Annie. And she decided to make her bullet points bats and drew an owl at the top who supposedly swoops down to get it when she does one. (Also, to clarify, those are backward z's in "puzzles", hahaha.) 

Peyton got home and I took my bath and went through my email and reader. I ordered a piano book and some curriculum for Annie and finished a couple of posts. Sallie was still asleep and Peyton took the big kids swimming and I did a few more things on the computer and folded laundry and read some. When they got home, I did a bunch of school work with Annie and Peyton worked with Graves. We played an English game with both of them and traded Sallie back and forth and then the big kids had supper and then we  ran to Target to let them shop with their Christmas money.

 Annie has saved up a good amount of money (I used to do the same thing- I wish I was more like her now- and Mickey told us over Christmas about how one time when I was a little older than Annie he snuck into my room and checked my concession stand style money box and there was $500 dollars in it). It was so unpredictable (which was so fun because she's typically anything but) and Annie picked this Darth Vader that's a few inches taller than herself.

Graves, of course, hasn't saved his money as well but, as you can see, he was very excited about his little bitty Director Krennic.

Peyton read to the big kids and I fed and changed Sallie. We did some stuff around the house and I watched TV and went to bed.

Everything about her (and her family) is weird. This gal puts the "nut" in peanut. She plays in her crib and sleeps in her play pen. She stays up until past ten a lot of nights. It's not unusual for her to take ONE nap but it often lasts four hours or even a bit more. Other days she sneaks in a cat nap around five or six but it's only about half an hour. This strange schedule works pretty well for us and she's surprisingly pleasant. She also really like engagement and interaction and we are thankful it's in no short supply. I cannot imagine Peyton and I being tasked with providing enough stimulation to keep her happy on our own. Grateful she's the third!

Sallie had a really good night and I got up and hurried to get ready for the funeral of a family friend on Thursday. I got my bath, dried my hair, went through my reader, and fed Sallie. I left a note for Annie for school, grabbed something to eat, and left Peyton stripping the bed and bathing Sallie since she had a leaky diaper. I met my parents at their house and rode with Minnie to the funeral. It was very sad, but good to see people who are special to us. We ate a bit at the gathering afterwards and then I rode back to their house with Mickey.

I left Annie specific instructions on independent work she could complete without me. But I didn't tell Peyton and she forgot about it. So I told her to go do it when I got home. She got to work but she missed my note and just started doing exercises in her textbook. She went through four lessons I hadn't taught and and finished the unit on multiplication and only missed a couple. I really don't want to hear any more about a certain someone not being good at math! And I just love how she wrote "the study" for class and "homeschool" for school.

I came home and Peyton and I talked a lot and it took a long time but I finally got Sallie down for a nap. Peyton worked on taking down Christmas and I straightened a bunch of piles in the study. When Sallie woke up, we got ready and headed back to my parents' for beans and rice. We had a great visit and came home and got the big kids settled and worked on getting Sallie to sleep. Peyton went to bed and once I got Sarah Lamar down, I watched The West Wing and did laundry and packed up all the Christmas that Peyton had taken down. I went to bed late.

Peyton worked on Friday and called me early to say a light had been on in the van when he left and he was already running behind. I went outside and turned it off and fed Sallie and went back to bed until around eight. We got up and I snuggled with Sallie and Graves and scrolled on my phone. I sent a Facebook message and picked up in our room and the study. I made our bed and the big kids and I had breakfast. I got Sallie down and did some computer stuff and got Annie started on her school work. I took my bath and dried my hair and went through my reader. The big kids played outside and I worked on a couple of posts and started some laundry and took out the trash and cleaned out the garbage can in the kitchen where it had leaked. They came in and we got to work on their room. We decided some fixed areas for some things (mostly new stuff from Christmas) and talked about hanging up some new stuff in their room and then Annie went through both her nightstand bins and consolidated and organized. Sallie woke up during all that and we worked for about an hour and a half. I fed and changed her and changed over the laundry.

Peyton got home and we visited and then he took the big kids to the park and the grocery store. Sallie was super fussy and I had a bad headache. I ate something, did a sinus rinse, fed the cat, and texted with a friend. I vacuumed the rug in the den and held and played with Sallie a bunch and then started more laundry.
Christmas present to myself arrived. Super excited!

I love these adorable napkin rings and table runner Minnie got me for Christmas. Think she knows my style? 

Peyton and the big kids got home and he fixed them some supper. Sallie ended up falling asleep in my arms on the couch for awhile and I dozed off, too. Peyton made some guacamole after he got the big kids settled and then realized he had forgotten something. He decided to take a walk to the grocery store to get it. He came home and finished up and I tried to transfer Sallie. She woke up and I played with her and changed and nursed her and then got her settled back down.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

I worked on a couple of blog posts and Peyton and I chatted and then I watched some more of The West Wing and went to bed.  Sallie had a pretty good night overall.

Peyton worked on Saturday, which was New Year's Eve, and we all slept pretty late. The big kids had media time and breakfast and I scrolled through my phone and then made the bed, straightened in the study and den, and finished up a blog post. I checked my email and feed, bathed, changed, and dressed Sarah Lamar. She played with the big kids some and I made a list and got my bath. I dried my hair and went through my reader. I read a few blogs and ate my lunch. I changed over laundry and then worked on going through some of Graves's toys. I fixed the big kids sandwiches and Sallie woke up.We played and did a few things around the house and then I started some laundry. Both the big kids had baths and Sallie took another short nap at some point and I washed some dishes and got the food ready for the party we were going to. She woke up as I finished and was super fussy. But we packed up and headed to the party. It was rainy but these friends live super close to our house. We had a really fun time and ate and visited and then came home and I got the big kids settled and Sallie fell asleep for a bit. I worked on a post and Peyton got home late. I stayed up SUPER late trying to do my 2016 slideshow. First, I wanted to email myself pictures and that took awhile and then I worked on actually putting it together. The program kept freezing and it was frustrating. I finally called it a night. I fed Sallie and went to bed.

Sunday was New Years Day and it ended up being a special day for us. I got up and made a list, drafted an email, and then took a quick bath and dried my hair. All before Sarah Lamar got up for the day! Annie had her media time and then she and Graves had breakfast. Sallie woke up and I fed and dressed her and then finished getting ready and ate something quickly. I did my make up and sent a couple of quick FB messages and we headed to church. Sunday School was cancelled so we had more time to get ready than usual.

We got on the way. There was also no nursery and without really planning to (I mean planning to that week, I had been thinking about it deeply for a long time) I decided it was the day we should join. I'm going to write a whole post about it, but it was so, so special. 

When we got home, the big kids ate something and had media time. I worked on a post and straightened a bit and then got back to work on the slideshow. I used a new program and it still took awhile since it was one I hadn't used before, but I at least had all the pictures picked out. I ate something and then Sallie woke up. I pumped a bottle and fed her and then she played and Annie read to her. I finished up the slideshow and made the big kids supper and they ate and Sallie took another short nap. We were going down to a neighbor's house to do fireworks and I felt pretty bad so I rested a bit, too. We got ready and I had to wake up Sallie. We had a lot of fun and Peyton came down when he got off work. Sarah Lamar got tired after about an hour and a half, so I brought her home and P and the big kids stayed another half hour. They got home and I was still working on getting Sallie down. She finally fell asleep and I talked to Peyton and did a few things and went to bed.

I'm hoping to knock out January and maybe even part of February this week! 

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