Thursday, March 23, 2017

Weekly Happenings #405 (January 2-8)-- Ice Storms Hit the South

 Whew! This week wasn't bad but for some reason the ice at the end of it put me in a bad state. I actually don't love to be on the go on the weekends besides church, but I guess I like to have the freedom to do it if I want to?

Sallie and I slept late on Monday. Peyton had gotten up super early and he got the big kids rolling and they straightened their room and had breakfast and did their media time. Peyton ran to the grocery store for some things and made some tomato soup. I made up our bed, straightened some, fed and changed Sallie, took a bath, and sent a text. I dried my hair, went through my reader, talked to a friend, and got Sallie settled for her nap.

Graves told Annie to stop reading this book to Sallie because it was making her scared. Probably because she does all the things it says not to (sleeping in our bed on her tummy). He's also convinced she's terrified by the warnings on the blinds. Think he's projecting much?

I made a list for the day and worked on a post. Sallie woke up and I fed her and then she and Graves and Peyton went to drop off the soup with a friend. They ran by his parents' house and ended up staying awhile. Annie and I got a bunch of school done- writing, grammar, and lots of spelling. She did some independent work and I worked on a blog post. They got home and we all visited and I organized some stuff and did some laundry. I played with Sallie and fed her and she took a short nap. I went through some more stuff and the big kids had supper and got settled. Peyton and I talked a bunch and I fell asleep pretty early.

Tuesday was a good day. We all slept pretty late. Peyton had an eye appointment and some errands to run. He got ready and left and the big kids cleaned their room, had media time, and had breakfast. I straightened around the house, helped them with their room, and made our bed. Sallie played for awhile and then I changed and fed her and she took a nap. Peyton and the big kids planted a tree. I worked on a post and took my bath and then did some stuff around the house. Annie did some school work and when Sallie woke up we all went for a walk/bike ride/scooter ride. We had fun and Graves rode his bike by himself for the first time without training wheels! We came home and ate something and Annie took a bath. We all got ready and headed to the park for our cousin play date. We went and did the recycling and the kids decided they wanted to cash in on their "going out to eat" tickets we gave them for Christmas. They discussed it and picked sushi. We needed to go home to change so we did that. Sallie was super fussy and cried all the way to the restaurant but she did great during dinner. And the big kids enjoyed watching the hibachi cooking for the first time!

Big week for both of them! Not only did Graves ride his bike without training wheels, he was about to finish up his first semester of English and purposefully didn't discuss not liking an item of food because he thought it might "embarrass" the hibachi guy. I'm not sure we've ever explained that to him exactly but he related it to one time when I talked to him about not telling someone their house looked messy. He also made this neat observation that maybe Peyton suggested getting a book from the library because he didn't know the answer to a question Annie asked. And y'all, Tiny Girl sat in the high chair at a restaurant for the first time and CRAWLED that week. At six months. It was really more of a scoot, but it blew my mind. Annie walked at seventeen months, so this type thing was/is one hundred percent nuts to me. I love them so much.

She cried all the way there and part of the way home, but was all smiles and giggles the whole time while we were eating. Sweetest little party girl!

We came home and got everyone settled. I straightened a few things and finished a post while Sallie was asleep. She woke up and I nursed her and had a snack and went to bed.

We had a super low key day on Wednesday. I was supposed to have my book club at our house but Sallie woke up with a gunky eye and we were worried it might be pink eye. I texted everyone to say we'd have to reschedule and straightened a bit and made up our bed and then I took my bath. Peyton made me a breakfast burrito and I ate it. The big kids had breakfast and media time and cleaned up their room and I fed Sallie and then she took a nap. It took a while to get her settled. I did some laundry and talked to Peyton and Annie did some math and her BrainQuest. I talked to a friend and we had lunch and then Peyton took the big kids to the library. I did more laundry and organized a bit. I looked for a background for the blog for January and Sallie woke up. I fed her and changed over laundry and made a phone call. Peyton and the big kids got home. Peyton fixed supper and we rehung some stuff. I folded more laundry and we all ate and then got the big kids to bed. Sallie fell asleep in my arms for a bit but woke up when I put her down. I read to the big kids- the Bible and Harry Potter and Graves fell asleep. Peyton and I exercised and Annie joined us. I finally got Sallie to bed and did some laundry and read some blogs. I worked on my header for January and had a snack and went to bed.

Thursday felt so busy. By the end of it, I kinda felt like Peyton and I were both going crazy. We got up and got ready because the two of us and the two big kids had dentist appointments. It was a crazy morning mostly because I thought it was a half hour later than it was. We were going to take two cars but I ended up just REALLY hurrying. Anyway, we got ready and made it on time (barely). The whole thing took about two hours and Sallie was a trooper. She hung out with me and Annie in the waiting room while Peyton and Graves took turns having their teeth cleaned and then I held her when I went back with Annie. Peyton took her and Dr. Toler did mine last. Annie and I came out great, but Peyton and Graves had FOUR cavities each. Peyton was pretty horrified.

We ran by Wear It's At to pick up some clothes I had consigned that hadn't sold. The owner ended up just buying them from me, which was great! We came home and regrouped quickly and then went to eat lunch at Primos. After that we went over to Peyton's parents' house. We gave his dad his birthday present and visited for a couple of hours. We were planning to meet a friend at the park but it was raining so we ended up rescheduling. We headed to my parents' and had dinner. The big kids seemed super restless and hyped up. They just hadn't had a lot of time to really play hard. And bless Sarah Lamar's heart- she had two ten minute car naps all day. We got home around seven, after trying to do the recycling (it was full for the second time that week) and got to work. We got the big kids settled and I put Sallie down for the night and then Peyton helped me hang a few more things. After that, I dusted in the den and hung up a TON of the kids' clothes. I started some laundry and swept the bedrooms and the study. Peyton cleaned up the kitchen and I went to the attic to get the kids' regular (non-Christmas) sheets. I changed their bedding and he vacuumed in the den and kitchen. I went through my reader and worked on a post. I mopped the kitchen and had a snack and went to bed.

Morgan and Carrie and all their kids were coming over for a piano lesson on Friday morning and I got up a little after nine. The roads were super slick because it had been sleeting so we pushed it back a bit. Sallie was still asleep and I collected and started some laundry and straightened a bit. I ran my bath water and got out my clothes and then straightened in the kids' room and put the duvet back in the duvet cover on Graves's bed (he had gotten it so bunched up the night before). Sallie woke up and I fed her and then took my bath and did my make up and dried my hair. I glanced at my reader and put up some dishes and cleaned the bathroom. Our friends got here and the big girls had a good lesson although everyone was a bit high energy, I guess because of the weather. It was a shorter one than usual and everyone left pretty soon after the lesson. The big kids had something to eat and I got Sallie down for her nap. I ate my lunch and worked on a blog post. I read some blogs and the big kids played. Sallie woke up and Peyton got home a little later. The big kids played outside in the snow and we talked.

Peyton fixed hamburgers for an early supper and we had a low key night. He fixed something for the big kids and then did a science experiment with them and got them settled. I took care of Sallie and we did a TON of laundry and watched a movie to preview for the big kids. We watched some TV after that and went to bed.

Poor Peyton called mid morning and said he had the hardest time getting to work on Saturday with all the ice on the roads. The kids and I had such a nice morning. Annie and Graves had media time and breakfast and Sallie and I slept late. I got up and played with her some, scrolled through IG, and texted a friend. I got my bath and dried my hair, made the bed, straightened a bit, and made my list for the day. I got Sallie to sleep and had something to eat and then read some blogs and finished a post.

I call this one "Squirm Worm" for a reason.
I talked to a friend and then organized some toys. I went through the dress up clothes and purged (well, pulled some out to sort through and purge) and then picked up clothes and such. I fixed lunch for Annie and Graves and when they finished, I had them work on their room. Sallie woke up and I fed and changed her and started some laundry. Annie had a bath and Graves and Sallie played on the floor while I folded laundry and scrubbed the kitchen counters. I had already determined that church was a no-go because of the icy weather, but all three kids did need baths. I fed Sallie and fixed supper for everyone else and she took a short nap while Graves had his bath and I did a quick math lesson with Annie. The big kids ate supper and I fixed myself a grilled cheese and soup. I ate and read a few blogs and then worked on transferring some pictures from the memory card to Peyton's computer to mine. It was a little tedious because the zip drive wouldn't even hold all the pictures I needed to transfer, so I had to do it several times. I finished that and Sallie woke up and then I read to the big kids. We read the Bible, some history, and Harry Potter and did an ethics lesson. I took Sallie to the kitchen to clean up and Peyton surprised us by arriving home (he had thought about staying in a hotel in Clinton for thing night)! I did all the dishes and swept and the big kids watched Zootopia. I read a few blogs and worked on a post and went to bed.

We had decided not to go to church on Sunday and the big kids got up sort of late. Sallie and I slept a little longer which was nice since she had been up several times. The big kids had breakfast and media time and played after Annie finished her math.
I was laughing so hard. Annie told me "I was trying to pour this really full container of milk in my little cup of cereal and I was so afraid I'd spill it. And then Graves had a GREAT idea. He said 'how 'bout a bowl?'". He bests her in the common sense department every time

When Sallie and I got up, I played with her in the bed for awhile. She was SO happy- even more so than usual.  I straightened some and made our bed and organized some books in the study. I took my bath, dried my hair, and went through my reader. I bathed and dressed Sallie and then fed her and got her down for her nap and ate something myself. I worked on the post I had started the night before and browsed some kids clothes online. I played a ring toss game the big kids had made from Annie's craft book and then folded some laundry and sent a couple of Facebook messages. Sallie woke up and I changed and fed her and then started some more laundry and vacuumed the couch since Annie and Graves had taken the cushions off. I vacuumed the bedrooms and took out the trash in the kids' bedroom.
Party girl'sgot a new party trick. Figured that it was time to retire the bouncy seat and get the Exersaucer down from the attic (which it was past time for but my house- and more importantly, my mental space- can only accommodate so much baby gear).

The big kids got rowdy again and I just hung out in our room for a bit with Sallie. I fixed them supper and they ate and went to their room and I decompressed a bit more.

They call this the "armpit dance". Because apparently the difference between elbows and armpits is something that hasn't been stressed enough at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs. Or, more likely, because one of these people thinks armpits are really cool.

Peyton finally got home (later than usual) and we talked some. I finally got Sallie to sleep and he took a bath and I worked on a blog post and read some blogs. Sallie woke up and wanted to stay up until like two in the morning. It was crazy.

That ice storm just about did me in (it took Peyton over an hour and a half to get to Clinton yesterday!). At one point, the big kids were trying to play a game called "Jump on Momma" where they literally jumped off the back of the couch onto my person. SO much unchecked energy. I decided I was taking those hooligans to CFA the next day if it appeared remotely safe to do so.

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