Thursday, March 23, 2017

Weekly Happenings #406 (January 9-15)-- Work, Work, Work

 Peyton worked all but one day this week and he had a CPR training thing that morning. Every few months, he likes to pick up some extra shifts. It's really helpful and it makes it possible to do fun things like our trip to New York that's coming up. It honestly wasn't an awful week and I was DREADING it after feeling super anxious from the ice storm the previous week. I just have to kind of adjust my expectations and everything is fine. And Peyton was so helpful the day he was off. I did have one big meltdown on Wednesday, which was the day Peyton was off.

Monday was kind of long. Peyton was working an extra shift but he didn't have to be there until ten. He and the big kids got up and read aloud. Sallie woke up a bit after that and was in a great mood. I was surprised she woke up earlier than usual and that she was so happy, being that she had been up a ton the night before. I put her on her playmat in the room with everyone else and laid back down for a bit. I couldn't fall back asleep but I told myself I wasn't going to look at my phone. I just laid there and daydreamed for half an hour. It was very nice. Peyton came in and kind of dropped Annie on top of me and I just started crying. So weird. I couldn't even pinpoint what was upsetting me. I guess I just got overwhelmed thinking about another day stuck inside with restless kids. Anyway, I got up and we talked. I made the bed and he got ready for work.

The big kids had breakfast and he left. I got them working on cleaning up their room and I collected and started some laundry, put a box of Cokes in the fridge and a can in the freezer, and straightened a bit.

 I got Sallie to sleep pretty quickly and took my bath. Well, she woke right back up. I dried my hair and worked on trying to get her back to sleep off an on for a bit and then nursed her and rocked her and changed her diaper. She was clearly still super tired and I tried and tried for about an hour while the big kids had media time. I FINALLY got her settled and ate my lunch and sent an email to a friend. I went through my reader and edited some pictures. I worked on that for a good while and Annie and Graves each took baths. Annie went first and then Graves and she practiced piano while he took his bath. I helped her with that and got him dry and Sallie woke up. I fed and changed her and then worked on doing a bunch of dishes in the kitchen. I straightened some and made the kids sandwiches and then we headed to CFA for a treat.

We came home and the big kids played and Sallie took a short nap. I sent an email and did a couple of things and then read to them. We read the Bible and some in Harry Potter. Sallie was fussing a lot and I had to stop. Peyton got home and we all talked and the big kids went to bed. Peyton and I ate and talked some more and I played with Sallie a lot. She finally went to bed and I finished a post and read some blogs. I did my Bible study and Peyton and I chatted and then I folded some laundry and went to bed.

Poor Peyton went to bed super late and I was up with Sallie a good bit but he still got up on Tuesday and helped me with her. I slept until around nine thirty and then made the bed, straightened some, and took my bath. I fed Sallie and the big kids got ready and I had something to eat and then took everyone to book club. Peyton went to the grocery store and made chili while we were gone. When we got home, he got ready for work. The big kids played and Sallie napped. I did some shopping online, sent an email, went through my reader, and got a lot done on a post. The big kids played outside and I straightened some and organized some under the sink in the bathroom. I went over Annie's math lesson with her and got her started and then straightened some more and started laundry. I put up a bunch of clean dishes and organized the fridge and then did Annie's writing with her. Sallie was STILL asleep so I went ahead and did some reading aloud with the big kids- we read the Bible, Harry Potter, and some history. Elizabeth and her kids got her for our weekly cousin date. We visited and she brought a delicious chicken pot pie and a salad. We all ate and then the kids played and we got to visit. It was so nice. They left and Annie got really upset on me insisting we wash some footie pajamas she had walked outside in. We ended up scrubbing them in the sink and then drying them. They actually came pretty clean! I got her and Graves settled and Sallie took a tiny nap. I worked on a post and she woke up and then I cleaned up the kitchen. I did some dishes while she played on her playmat and then swept the whole kitchen and den and vacuumed the rug with her in the Tula. Peyton got home and we talked and then he took the girls on a short walk around the block- at eleven fifteen! I did a few things and then worked on getting Sallie to sleep and went to sleep myself. 

Zonked out on BB8. P has been working a bunch extra and he got home at 10:30. At 11:15, he had my big girl and my baby girl out walking around the neighborhood (their brother was asleep). They were both SO excited to see him. (as was their momma).

Wednesday ended up being such a nice break. Peyton was off but had a CPR training that morning. I got up after him and the kids but Sallie was so fussy. I took my bath and Peyton left and I tried to get Sallie down for a nap. I had to dry my hair and eat something and she just wailed. I finally finished eating the breakfast Peyton had fixed me an hour before and then nursed her and got her settled.

While I love how resourceful Peyton was in using our defunct dishwasher as a large drying rack (pictured here), I love even more that he finally researched and bought a new one. And happened to go to Lowe's when they were having a free delivery/installation special!

I talked to a friend and helped the big kids straighten their room. I finished a post and went through my reader and Annie and Graves both did some independent school work. Sallie woke up and Peyton got home and we talked and then he took all three kids to the pool. He said Sallie LOVED watching the big kids swim! I did a few other computer things and then worked on making the big kids daily checklists. Peyton and the kids got home and we all talked and ate lunch and then I finished up my project.

This little lady got so grown up over night. 

Peyton took all of the kids again to meet a friend at the park and I straightened the house some, cleaned up where I had been crafting, read some blogs, and worked a ton on backing up pictures on the hard drive. Peyton and the kids got home and he and I ate dinner and visited after I nursed Sallie. The big kids had supper and we got down the last big round of baby gear from the attic. Peyton helped settle the big kids and Sallie played while I hung up a bunch of clothes. I set up the high chair and exersaucer (both were put together already, but I needed to do a few things to get them set up).

Off on a secret mission. JK. Just taking another midnight stroll, this time to drop off library books.

Peyton took Sallie to return library books and I read some more blogs and then folded and put up a bunch of laundry.

Peyton was working at noon on Thursday and we all got up super late. I got my bath and dried my hair and then straightened some around the house and started some laundry. The big kids had breakfast and cleaned up their room and Peyton straightened a lot too and brought a bunch of stuff to the attic and then got ready for work. Sallie wanted her nap EARLY and I put her down and emailed a friend and ate lunch while the big kids had media time and played. I went through my reader and made a list for the day. I did some more work backing up pictures and Annie and Graves each took a bath and each had lunch. Sallie woke up several times but I got her back to sleep and Graves and Annie were both kind of grumpy and hard to deal with. I made up Graves's bed, swept their room and the guest bathroom, took out some bathroom trash and study trash, and fixed a scrambled egg for Annie. I changed over the laundry and took some medicine because I had a BAD headache. Annie did some independent work and then the big kids played outside while I did a bunch of dishes. Sallie got up and we got ready and headed to the library. We stayed for about forty five minutes and picked out some books and then headed over to Mickey and Minnie's.

 We had a really nice visit but when we got home Sallie had had a blow out diaper in her carseat. I got her settled and cleaned that up and read a few blogs. Peyton got home and he visited with me and Annie and Sallie, who was back up. We went to bed just after midnight.

Peyton worked on Friday and everyone slept late. The big kids straigthened their room and brushed their teeth and hair and Sallie and I snuggled a bit and then I sent a Facebook message and a text to a friend.

Baby Love 
I made the bed and straightened a bit and then got in the tub. I dried my hair and went through my reader and then got Sallie down for her nap.

So silly. I love his little dance! 

 They often make Sarah Lamar the conductor of the train and here, the captain of the ship. They are so good to her!

I put on a load of laundry, put up dishes, heated up leftover chili for lunch, and....ended up spending nearly half an hour watching President Obama give Vice President Biden the Medal of Freedom. Whew. It was bittersweet. I read a few blogs and got a lot done on a post while the big kids crafted and played. Annie started some school work and I visited with them some and then changed over laundry and made up Graves's bed and then swept his and Annie's room. I folded laundry and helped Graves clean up some of the mess he had made. Sallie woke up and Peyton got home from work. We talked and he took the big kids to the library. I had a snack and folded more laundry and played with Sallie. I also worked on getting my pictures off the memory card and onto a flash drive using Peyton's laptop. Peyton and the big kids got home and I put Sallie down for another nap and helped Annie draft a thank you note. I transferred the pictures to my computer and organized them and then fed Sallie and got her back to sleep. I got ready to go out to eat with Carrie and she got here to pick me up.

Carrie and I went to eat at an Italian restaurant and then got dessert and then talked in the car. Graves was asleep when we got back at eleven thirty but she came in and visited a bit with Peyton and Annie and Sallie. P was cooking greens and listening to jazz and playing chess with Annie. We all got to bed pretty soon after that. I fed Sallie and finished organizing and labeling pictures and then went to bed.

Peyton worked on Saturday and the kids and I slept pretty late. I got up and played with Sallie and messaged a friend. I ate some breakfast, made the bed, and straightened some and Sallie wanted her nap! I fed her and got her settled and took my bath and dried my hair. The big kids cleaned up their room, ate something, and had media time. I read some blogs and worked on a post. I wrapped the present for the birthday party we were going to and then realized Sallie's car seat wasn't back in the car yet. I put the cover on quickly and got Annie in the bath and Graves eating lunch and then I figured out how to install it using the LATCH system. I switched Annie and Graves and she ate something and he took a bath. Sallie woke up and I bathed and fed her and got myself dressed and ready and we headed to the party.

The party was so much fun and we had a great time.

Bud and Babes at a Rocky themed birthday party where Sallie is sporting a back up onsie after a blowout diaper.

We came home and Sallie was tired so I fed her and she took her nap. The big kids played outside until it got dark and I worked on a couple of posts. I got them to bed and went to bed early myself.

I got up right after Peyton and fed and dressed Sallie and took my bath on Sunday. I really thought she'd got back to sleep, but she never did, which was so weird since it was like three hours earlier than she had been getting up. I got ready and helped the big kids get dressed and ate something. Graves was really ornery about going into Sunday school but he snapped out of it pretty quickly. It was also Stan's last Sunday at Northside. He left to go work at a camp that is very special to him. He was a wonderful pastor and we will miss him deeply.

A friend sent me this picture of Sarah Lamar in the nursery. For some reason she looks SO much like a Perry girl here in another one of the Perry girls' dresses 

After church, we met Mal and Brennan at McDonald's for lunch. I talked to Minnie on the phone on the way there. When we got home, Sallie took a LONG nap and I read some blogs, worked on a post, and started making a slideshow. The big kids had media time and played. I got frustrated because my mouse kept not working and I went and got down the electronics box and searched for one. Sallie got up and I straightened around the house, put up the big electronics box, and fixed the big kids supper. I nursed Sallie and then she ate a Baby Mum Mum. I pumped and unpacked our church bags and changed over laundry. The big kids picked up their toys and went to their rooms and Peyton got home. We ate supper and visited and I did a few other things and went to bed.

I'm planning to finish up January over the next day or two and then on to February. I'm really hoping I can be caught up with these before our big trip =)

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