Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly Happenings #411 (February 13-19)-- More Sickness

Ugh, I was so over one or more of us being sick, but this particular week it was my turn.

We were still at the farm on Monday.

We're trying to make it down to "the farm" (the way my father in law has rebranded Granny's house) every couple of weeks for camping and general country living style fun. The big kids love it and are even more creative and ingenuitive than they are in our backyard. And they love sleeping outside with P in the tent (and Sallie and I LOVE our quiet time in the house). It kind of taxes me mentally with all it takes to get down here just for twenty four hours- I try to keep up Annie's school routine and I'm more comfortable knowing I have whatever I might need for Sallie, but it does a lot of good for my soul and it helps me be still so I think it's worth it. Despite sickness and such, we had a three week in a row stretch. Then we've had a stretch on not going much. I think it may have been partly BECAUSE of the sickness because we were canceling/rescheduling other things where we'd be around people, but I'm not sure that's actually true.
Sallie and I slept until about nine and Peyton and Graves came in and cooked breakfast while Annie stayed in the tent. I ate breakfast and then planned school for Annie and went through my reader. Annie came in and ate and did her independent work and Graves and P did some school. I got Sallie down for a nap and took my bath and dried my hair and still had time to do phonics, spelling, and some narration with Annie.  I made up the bed and packed up most of our stuff and sent a couple of Facebook messages and then we got the van loaded up.

Peyton and I talked on the way home and I scrolled through Instagram and checked Annie's independent work and the trip went by really fast. When we got home, we unpacked the van and Sallie took a nap. I read a few blogs and organized a bit and then got ready to go to the grief center. It was a good night but the kids seemed unusually wired. It was crazy! I got home and Peyton was getting the kids settled. We talked some and I got Sallie to sleep and Peyton fell asleep early himself. I got on the computer and edited pictures. The computer was still messed up and kept freezing so it took a long time. I finished a couple of posts, read a few blogs, and sent an email and some Facebook messages. This all came in. We're pretty committed to Singapore. I doubt I'll ever sing its praises like I do Logic of English, but it's working and math isn't a strong suit for a lot of us. It's a much better fit for Annie than RightStart was- it's still developmentally appropriate enough and rigorous enough for me and isn't just rote memorization and worksheets but it's also not the burden that RightStart was (on the student or the teacher). I had thought RS would be a great for for Graves because it has such a strong kinesthetic component but it was NOT CLICKING. And the good thing with homeschooling is you can push hard but when it just doesn't work, you can change direction. In February. Heck, you can give your baby a bonus year in kindergarten math and zoom roughy to first grade in English if that's what he needs. And  rainbow school books are my favorite

I ate something and went to bed LATE. At which point, Sallie woke up. And then took forever to settle.

It was a long night- Sallie was up a lot and I was up myself with a bad cough. Peyton was home on Tuesday, though, and I slept really late and then hustled to get ready to take Annie to book club while Peyton kept the other two kids. He offered to take her, but I knew I really needed the break from Graves and Sallie and it would be nice to go get a snack at Corner Bakery. I got my bath and dressed and dried my hair and Annie got ready. We were a little late but we ended up actually being the only ones there besides the leader and her kids. It still went well and Annie had fun. We came home and I felt TERRIBLE. P took the two big kids to his parents' house for a bit while Sallie napped and I rested myself. I kept dozing off and waking up from coughing. I planned Annie's school and when they got home, we worked on spelling and phonics and then did math. I made the bed and started laundry and did a few things and then got ready and headed to my Junior League meeting. I saw so many friends and had a great time visiting and the meeting went well. I came home and P had the big kids settled. I fed Sallie and talked to him and then we ate and started a movie together and ate something. I felt terrible and SO congested. I got on the computer and finished a couple of blog posts and went to bed.

It wasn't the worst night and Sallie slept pretty well. She got up a little early on Wednesday, though, and I couldn't get her back to sleep. I worked on it for forty five minutes and then passed her off to Peyton since he was up anyway. I slept about an hour and it was the best sleep I had gotten in awhile. I got up and ate some oatmeal Peyton had made and then got my bath and dried my hair. I tried to put Sallie down and it took awhile but then she took a great nap. P and Graves did school and went to the library and I got a bunch of grammar and dictation done with Annie. I messaged several friends and sent an email and basically planned the next week. We got to a stopping point, Annie had media time, and I straightened some and had lunch. I did a few other things and Elizabeth and her kids got here. We pretty much spent the whole time outside. The big kids played in the ditch behind our house and Sallie woke up and she and Evan had fun playing on a blanket.

Sarah Lamar wore her jams to the cousin playdate and I practically did. Elizabeth and her kids had been having sniffles, too, and weren't worried about ours since nobody had fever or anything.

When they left, I did a bit of math with Annie and she and Graves had a snack. Sallie took another quick nap and then Peyton took all three kids swimming. I was feeling bad again and I did start some laundry but then I just ate popcorn and watched TV in bed. They got home and Peyton fed the big kids and then read to everyone. I finally got Sallie to sleep around ten. I honestly did next to nothing. I stayed in bed but couldn't go to sleep until around midnight.

We had a super low key day on Thursday. P and I were planning to go to, and work the coat check at, the gala for the grief center. I was pretty excited and his parents were going to keep the kids. I took a bath, dried my hair, and ate something. I messaged another homeschool mom who was interested in buying the math curriculum I had used for Annie in kindergarten and first grade. I felt better but still had a bad cough. Sallie didn't want to take her nap as early as usual since she had slept later and Peyton decided to take everyone exploring in the creek. I knew the fresh air would be good for me so I decided to go to.

 We ended up not going to the gala for the grief center because I had a sore throat and cough and Peyton had made me paranoid about the flu because he said it got really bad at the pharmacy that week and I felt like it was probably best not to be handling people's coats and purses and such. We did go for a walk and that helped me feel better. There was this poor racoon just laying by the side of the pond in our neighborhood. He was clearly sick or injured because we walked RIGHT past him. Then these buzzards started honing in on him. I felt kind of sad/creepy, but P and Annie are so objective and were like "this is such a cool process to watch". Graves was just running his mouth ninety to nothing and totally giving a commentary on the whole thing and Sallie was cooing away in the carrier. I was like "um, y'all are FREAKS but I guess I can check a nature school box I wasn't expecting to today". I kept asking if we should call like an animal rescue service and then I told Peyton that I felt like maybe this should be a private moment. We did end up leaving before he actually died/was eaten, but y'all, it was so intense.
We had a nice time and came back and got Sallie down and then all had lunch. P and the big kids went to pick up eggs and planned some school stuff for Annie, even though I had initially planned to skip it. They got back and we talked and Sallie woke up and I did end up skipping school with Annie- ha! We just had a low key afternoon and then all had supper and got them settled. I put Sallie to bed early and worked on a couple of posts and she woke back up. Peyton rode his bike on the trainer and the big kids went to sleep and I watched TV and worked on getting Sallie settled.

Annie and I take a while to wind down. Sissy is like her brother and papa. She has two settings: !ON! and asleep. She's a snuggle bug (also like her brother) but it's hard to get her to relax in my arms now unless I'm nursing her. The carrier is amazing for that- it helps her settle and stop flailing about. I'm SO hoping that once she stops nursing (which I'm sure is a long ways off) she'll automatically transition to loving to be rocked like Graves did (he had nothing for it until he was a toddler/not nursing) and then cuddling when she's too big to be rocked. [P rocked Graves the other night.]
I went to the attic to get the balance that went with our RightStart math stuff I was selling and changed over laundry and went to bed.

Friday morning, I got up feeling pretty well rested. Morgan had a conflict and piano was cancelled and to be honest I was grateful that I'd have two full days at home to sort of press "reset" after being sick. I got up around nine and Sallie was still sleeping. The big kids grabbed some breakfast and played outside. I scrolled on my phone and when she got up, I got going. I ate a banana, collected laundry, and got the big kids to come clean their room. I got out the vacuum, put up a quilt where Peyton had fallen asleep watching TV on the couch, and straightened a bit in the study. I got the last bit of Right Start stuff together in the box and tapped a piece to the balance since I had taken it apart to store it and made a list for Target and Kroger. Sallie played well in her crib and I made our bed and jumped in the tub. She got fussy and I changed and fed her and tried to get her to sleep for awhile and then dried my hair. She had a hard time settling but finally went to sleep. The lady that was buying the curriculum came by and we visited a bit and then I came in and helped the kids finish cleaning their room. Graves unloaded dishes and collected laundry and I fixed myself some lunch and read some blogs while Annie had her media time. Sallie woke up and the big kids switched. Graves watched a movie in our room and Annie was hungry. I got Sallie in the Tula, started the movie for Graves, vacuumed the rug in the den, and fixed Annie something to eat. Annie did her independent work, we quickly went over math and she did some practice, and she did her dictation. I folded and put up a bunch of laundry and talked to Peyton on the phone for a minute while Sallie played on the floor. Annie read to her and did a little Slow and Steady activity and Peyton got home right as Graves was finishing up his time. They went outside to play and Peyton and I talked some and then Sallie took her afternoon nap. I worked on a post and read some blogs and we all got ready and went to family swim at the Y. Sallie had the best time- she's such a fish! I felt terrible when we got home and I switched over laundry and fed the big kids and laid down while Peyton took Sallie grocery shopping. They got home after an hour or so and I worked on getting her to bed. She finally went to sleep and I ate a bowl of cereal and went to bed, too.

Second time in a week we woke up Sleepy Little Sallie from her nap to take her to the evening family swim at the Y. I was hopeful she'd sleep well.

I got up Saturday morning at around nine when Sallie woke up and I was feeling pretty good. She played in her exersaucer and crib and I took a bath and dried my hair. The big kids woke up and ate breakfast and Annie had media time. I got Sallie down for a nap after a bit and started feeling gross. I had my breakfast and then organized the fridge where Peyton had just thrown in the groceries. I started feeling worse. Graves and I both had upset stomachs that day- I'll spare you the details. I started a load of laundry and rinsed some dishes and got a load of them going, too. I laid on Annie's bed and watched the big kids play outside. I ate some crackers and looked over the next math lesson that was coming up. Sallie woke up and the big kids came in for a bit. I fixed them lunch and they ate and then I did school with Annie and Graves had media time. Sallie nursed and played and got a fresh diaper and a baby MumMum. They went back outside and she settled down for another nap. I tried to make myself relax both times but I felt so antsy. I was kind of glad I wasn't sleepy because I needed to keep an eye on the big kids outside but ugh. I just felt so bleh. I ate something else and just laid on the bed and watched them again. They came in and Sallie woke back up. Both the big kids had baths and then I fixed them supper and they ate. Sallie sat in her highchair while they had supper and ate a peach through her mesh feeder. I cleaned up in the kitchen and did some things. I got the big kids settled and played with Sallie and fed her. I got her down and then did some other stuff. Peyton got home and we talked and Sallie woke up. He visited with the big kids and cooked some fish for us and we ate and I got Sallie back to sleep. I worked on a post for awhile and then went to bed myself.

I was really disappointed to be missing church again, especially since I think mine and Bud's tummy issues were sinus related in my case and just Graves's weird G.I. system in his case but it was a bit weird we both had symptoms and I didn't want to risk spreading it if it was something. Anyway, Graves was up at eight and kept asking to play with Sallie, who was asleep. Minnie called a bit before nine and woke her up so Graves played with her while I made the bed and straightened and started some laundry. I put fresh sheets on her PnP because she had had a leaky diaper during the night and uploaded pictures from my phone and edited one. I had some computer trouble and tried to work on that and then got Sallie down for a nap. The big kids had breakfast and Annie finished her media time which she had started earlier that morning. Minnie came over and stayed for a good few hours. We had such a fun time. Sallie woke up right after she got here and I had lunch. The big kids played in the creek and Sallie ate some crackers and played on a big towel.

 I was so disappointed to miss church. We hadn't been in probably a month- I don't think our family has ever had a stretch of sickness this long. And while I'm VERY grateful none of it was anything serious, I was just kind of exhausted from it. It wasn't even a shred of guilt about missing this time (something I still fight), I just genuinely really wished I was- and they were- there. I felt a little sorry for myself to be honest. Missing Calvary every Sunday is hard enough and here I was missing Northside, too. And I had REALLY thought we'd make it this week. But I really didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick. So we stayed home. Sweet Minnie  boosted everyone's spirits, though!

Ritz crackers and Duplos and my tiniest yellow mixing bowl that's basically hers now and Little Sallie Sunshine

 Those sweet lips. And she's definitely the squishiest baby I've ever had!

Minnie's pushes > Momma's pushes

Minnie texted mehow much she thought Little Sallie Sunshine looked like her momma and I hadn't even shown her the picture where I thought she looked most like a Perry girl!

She went for a few rounds in the swing and we came in and the big kids had lunch. I made Annie a grilled cheese and Graves ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich and I cut up some fruit for them. I loaded dishes, straightened in the kitchen, and scrubbed the counters. Minnie left and the big kids had free time and Sallie took a great nap.

I did stuff on the computer and on my phone and sort of wasted a lot of time. Ugh. Sallie woke up and Annie and I sort of butted heads that evening over school work and chores. I ended up letting her play a bit with Graves and they had an early supper and went to their rooms. Sallie seemed ready to go to sleep a bit after seven but she kept fighting it. I finally took her in the room and read to the kids- we did Bible, a picture book a chapter book, Annie's ethics book, and history. I tried to get Sallie settled again and it didn't work. I finally put her in the crib and let her watch the big kids. Peyton got home late and we talked some and I FINALLY got Sallie to bed and went to sleep myself after eating something.

Thankfully, we were all feeling much better after this week and we haven't been sick again since. 

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