Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly Happenings #412 (February 20-26)-- Back in the Land of the Living

 Well, last full week in February! We had our annual curriculum consult, made another trip down to the farm, and the kids and I finally made it back to church! It felt great to FINALLY have a normal week.

We got off to a BAD start on Monday. Peyton hadn't sleep much for some reason and I was super tired and we were just all really grumpy. We ate breakfast and talked and worked it out and then Sallie took a nap and I took my bath, helped the big kids finish cleaning their room, and started school with Annie. We knocked it out in a couple of hours and were able to get in math, some independent work, phonics, writing, and grammar. After that, we all had lunch and then got ready to drop the big kids off with Mickey. We headed over there and dropped them off and then went to Broadstreet for our annual curriculum consult with a friend who does that for us. We had a great discussion and went back to my parents' house to get Annie and Graves.

Dropped the big kids with Mickey (Minnie workin' hard for the money) and brought the tag along baby to Broadstreet for our yearly curriculum consult. I'm very geeky because it always gets me so excited! 

We visited with Mick a bit and then came home. They had supper and watched a movie and P took Sallie to the library. I did a few things on the computer and Peyton and Sallie got back- it was closed. It took awhile but I got her to sleep and then I finished some posts, read a few blogs, and researched some of the curriculum options we had discussed. Peyton fell asleep super early and I wasn't up too late.

We woke up at five in the morning on Tuesday and chatted and surprisingly, he went back to sleep but I couldn't for about an hour. It's usually the opposite. Anyway, I made a list for the week and made some decisions about the curriculum. I went back to sleep and slept late when Peyton got up with the kids around eight. I got up after nine and hurried and got ready and we all went to the nature study Peyton was leading. It was raining but it was still fun! We went by Sonic for lunch afterward and then headed over to Elizabeth's house for a play date. We got home around three to meet the termite guy. We are using a new service so Peyton talked to him and I got Sallie to sleep while the big kids played.

I straightened in the den and study and kids' room and got on the computer for a bit and Annie and Graves took baths. I started some laundry, put out a few different decorative things from the stuff I keep in the buffet to switch in and out, and went through a big pile on the buffet. Peyton did some school with Graves and Annie had free time. I dusted in the den, study, and kids' room and scrubbed the kitchen counters and then emptied the bathroom trash and cleaned both sinks, tubs, and toilets. Sallie woke up and I nursed her and put her in the exersaucer and then I vacuumed the den and kitchen. I took a little break to change over laundry, change Sallie's diaper, and make our bed. It was past six at that point but I HATE getting into an unmade bed. Peyton took the big kids to the library and I straightened some in our room, went through a few small piles, and dusted. I dusted the lampshade and ceiling fan and things I often forget. Sallie played in her crib and I got the bedrooms and study vacuumed. I bathed her and dressed her and nursed her and put her to sleep. Peyton and the big kids got home and I scrubbed the bathroom floors and polished the hardwoods while he got Annie and Graves supper. They ate and I changed over laundry again and talked to Peyton and then unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. The big kids went to bed and I mopped the kitchen floor. I finished a blog post, backed up some pictures, and ordered the curriculum I had decided on. I started a podcast, got together all Annie's school stuff I'd need for our trip to the farm the next day, and had a bowl of cereal and went to bed.

We all got up around eight thirty on Wednesday. Actually, I put the baby in her crib in the room with the big kids and laid back down because I had a headache around eight. Peyton and I both got up and got busy getting stuff together around eight thirty. I started some laundry, got a bunch of stuff together, tried to get Sallie to nap, and took a bath. Peyton loaded a few dishes and ran the dishwasher and packed up some food for a trip to the farm. Sallie was fussy and I got to go through some laundry to finish packing. I got a few more things together and we loaded up the van and got on the road around ten thirty. We had a good trip. Annie did some school work, Graves had media time, Sallie took a cat nap, and P and I talked (and I took a tiny nap). We got down to the farm around noon and had lunch with P's parents. His mom had made some chicken and rice and a squash casserole. After that, I got Sallie to sleep. P took the big kids outside and I made a list and read a few blogs and worked on a post. Sallie's nap was was shorter than I expected and I read some and messaged a friend on Facebook and then when she got up, we went outside, too. We visited a bunch with my in laws and then came inside when the temperature dropped and talked some more. Andrew came over for a few minutes to eat supper before work and then I got Sallie back to sleep and did school with Annie- we did spelling and math and then some narration and writing. We did her ethics lesson and talked some more and then I ate supper. Peyton cooked some brownies and we ate them and then he and Annie and Graves went outside to camp. Peyton's parents went to bed (they were staying down there too this time) and I read some blogs and then went to bed around eleven myself. Sallie woke up and I changed and fed her and I had a hard time getting her back to sleep. She wasn't fussy, though, and she wasn't too all over the place. It ended up taking about an hour.

She was up a couple of other times but not for long and Peyton came and got her after I fed her around eight on Thursday. I slept until nine and then had breakfast and took my bath. I got Sallie down for a nap and dried my hair and we all visited some. Both the big kids had their media time and I got stuff packed up and ate lunch. Peyton and the kids ate and Sallie woke up and I changed and dressed and fed her and we finished loading the van and got on the the way home. We had a good trip back and I talked to Peyton and helped Graves practice reading some and took a quick cat nap. Annie did a lot of independent work. When we got home, we unloaded the van and somewhat unpacked and then I went to the attic to get something. The big kids played and I finished up a couple of blog posts. Sallie woke up and we got ready and headed to Mickey and Minnie's for a visit. We ate and talked and stayed a couple of hours. On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. We got the kids settled and I folded some laundry and baked cupcakes to bring to piano since the next day was Morgan's thirty fifth birthday! I read a few blogs and folded and put up more laundry and went to bed.

Sleepy Little Sallie, crossing her tiny mary janes while she sleeps. I am so not truly girly in a lot of ways and I'm definitely not what I call "prissy", but I also love feminine things and I told P I wouldn't hate it if Sallie was a little more girly than Annie (who, for the record, does cross her legs in the cutest way). I love the person my big girl is and I wouldn't change her for the WORLD, and this little firecracker may be the toughest of all three of them, but I sure do love how sweet Sissy is right now. 

We had piano on Friday and I got up around eight thirty. I sent a text to Peyton's dad about something I had left at the farm and called Minnie. I fed Sallie and put her in her crib and made our bed and straightened some. I took my bath changed and fed Sallie and tried to get her to nap. The big kids got dressed and cleaned up their room and Annie had media time. They had breakfast and I dried my hair and did my makeup and made a couple of sandwiches and packed up lunch. Sallie never fell asleep and we all loaded up and headed to piano. We had a great time and it was so much fun to visit.
 Sweet little friends hanging out during their big sisters' piano lesson!

After we got home, Sallie took a great long nap and the big kids played. I cleaned out stuff from the van and helped Graves unload dishes and then worked on a blog post a bit. Peyton got home and we visited and then he took the big kids outside to ride bikes. Sallie woke up and we traded her back and forth and did school with the big kids. Annie's took until supper time and Peyton fixed it for them while I got Sallie to bed. He got the big kids settled down and we watched a movie. We both went to bed shortly after it ended.

I'm glad I got in bed early-ish because Sallie had a TOUGH night. I have no idea why, but she was up a ton and really struggled to go back to sleep. She wasn't fussing too much but she just wouldn't settle and it was such a restless night for both of us. Peyton had fallen asleep on the couch as soon as the movie ended but he came in the room super early (4ish?) and snuggled with her and I kind of got a break then. He got up and left for work before eight on Saturday and I got Sallie to settle finally in the pack n play and she slept for an hour.

We all got up at nine and the big kids played and had media time while Sallie played in her crib. I striped our bed to wash sheets and straightened in the den, consolidated dishes in the kitchen, and picked up clothes and diapers from our room. I straightened some school stuff in the study and then got Sallie down for a nap. I dried my hair and sent a couple of FB messages and went through my email and reader. I started a load of laundry, fixed my lunch and ate it, and fixed the big kids lunch. Sallie woke up and went back to sleep after I nursed her and then woke up again fifteen minutes later. It was a super short nap for her but I went ahead and got her up and the big kids played with her while I changed over laundry and took out the trash and recycling. I rinsed off a bunch of dishes in the sink and loaded the dishwasher and started it and then folded the laundry. I put up some and Sallie was ready for another nap.

I put her down and Annie took a bath. Graves played and I worked on a post. Sallie woke up and Graves took a bath and Annie and I did an English review while Sallie had a snack. I started warming up something for myself in the toaster oven and was calling out stuff to Annie and folding clothes at the same time. I helped Graves finish his bath and Annie finished up the review and then did some math. They both had snacks and Graves unloaded dishes while Annie did her work. They went outside to play while it was still light and I put the clean sheets on our bed and folded a bit more. I warmed up some soup for the big kids to eat for supper and they ate and I read them a theology picture book and the Bible and we did our ethics lesson. I read them their history and brushed and flossed Graves's teeth. I got Sallie to bed and ate some soup myself and Peyton got home. We visited and then I fell asleep on the couch super early. Like at nine. I woke up around midnight and we chatted and then I fed Sallie and went back to bed.

Since I had gotten so much sleep, I felt pretty good when I woke up around seven on Sunday. I fed Sallie and got my bath and then dressed her. Peyton woke the big kids up on his way out and they got dressed and had breakfast. I ironed my dress and Sallie's, made our bed, straightened a tiny bit, and dried my hair. I got on my make-up and took a few pictures of the kids, fed Sallie again, and finished getting dressed. We got on the way. Annie had done her media time when she got up and I let Graves do the iPad on the way to church. We got there right on time. Sunday school was nice and the service was really wonderful. I did realize we were going to have to relearn our church manners.

I was so, so thankful to be back with our church family, after a solid month of sickness. I put these folks in what I had planned for them to wear the Sunday before Valentine's and it was such a perfect sunny morning. We sang hymns, heard the Word of God read, and listened to the Gospel preached. On  Transfiguration Sunday, we were reminded that most of life is not about meeting Him on the mountain tops but about Him coming to Earth and meeting us in the lowest valleys. I thought of that verse that says "I was glad when they said 'Let us go to the house of the Lord'". I am, shamefully, not always glad.

We drove through McDonalds on the way home and got a bunch of chicken nuggets and fries. Mallory and Brennan met us at home for lunch and a playdate. We had a really good visit. I tried to get Sallie to take a nap (she had slept on the way to church and for five minutes in the nursery) and I thought she had fallen asleep but she was up in like five minutes. We ate and then went outside. It was a beautiful day.

This has been the weirdest Winter. The Sunday before she was on this towel, in this spot, in nothing but a diaper. This week we needed footies and the bear hoodie. Just grateful for the sunshine. And, of course, for Little Sallie Sunshine.

They stayed until about three and then I put Sallie down for a nap. It worked out nicely that I got that break! Graves finished his media time since the iPad had died in the car and Annie played with him and read some. I worked on some posts. Around five, I made a picnic supper- sandwiches and nuts and fruit- and got some stuff together to go to the park. We were going to walk but the stroller was jammed or something and I couldn't get it to open. I realized it was getting close to time for the sun to set anyway and we'd have more time if we drove. I woke up Sallie and fed and changed her and talked to Minnie on the phone. We headed to the park and were there about an hour and half.

When we got home, I put Sallie to sleep and just relaxed for a few minutes. She took awhile to settle and I changed over laundry, called Peyton, and loaded dishes in the dishwasher. I read the Bible and history to the big kids and did their ethics lesson and Peyton got home with Newks. Graves had fallen asleep and we visited with Annie. I fell asleep on the couch super early again. I got up around midnight and folded a bunch of laundry, listened to a podcast, and made some lists for the week. Sallie was up a couple of times before morning.

I cannot (CANNOT) believe I'm almost caught up to March and IT IS MARCH. I realize I'm only almost there and it's about to be not March, but it's still a really big deal.

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