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Weekly Happenings Post #401 (December 5-11)-- Fussy Girl/Struggling Momma

 I remember this being a super hard week. Sallie was having a tough go of it for reasons I never did determine. I felt overwhelmed by Christmas and all the things I needed to get done and by the end of the week I got one of those headaches that brings me to my knees. It was (I think) the first time I've had a truly awful one when Peyton was working. Somehow, I made it through that day, though.

Peyton was scheduled to work in Waynesboro on Monday but he had a cold, I thought I might be getting mastitis, and Sallie was having such a hard time. He went ahead and called in sick the night before. It was an overlap shift so he didn't HAVE to be there and he never uses his sick days because on the weekends he's the only pharmacist and one of his co-workers would have to cover for him. Anyway, he ended up letting me sleep late and my issues seemed to have resolved just from nursing a bunch during the night. I was really glad. We got going around nine thirty and the kids had breakfast, cleaned up, and had media time. I took my bath and had breakfast and dried my hair and went through my reader. I got Annie started on some school work and we went up in the attic and I figured out what boxes I needed to get down for my closet change-over and Christmas.

Oh hey, I decided to do my closet change-over and decorate the house for Christmas at the same time. In other words: lost my entire damn mind.
(This was just the closet change-over boxes.)
(In my defense, my three children share the master closet and my closet is pretty small for a grown woman.)
(P would probably prefer I add a further parenthetical and say an upper middle class grown woman who lives in the suburbs.)
The previous few weeks had been to the brim full of Burn The House Down moments, though. I'd been so overwhelmed by our excess- the awful kind of abundance I try so hard to fight against. I'd  put off my closet changeover partly because of the unusual warmth and partly because I'm disorganized and inefficient. And honestly, part of me seriously considered not even touching the stuff in the attic and just wearing my few favorite year round tops and dresses with sweaters and coats all Winter. The other part of me was genuinely excited to get it all down and purge the mess out of it. Interestingly, no part of me was excited about actually enjoying a different set of clothes the way I used to be and the way I get about the kids. I knew that I was old and too tired for this (and Peyton certainly is, too).

Peyton set up Sallie's little doorway jumper and I got ready to take Sallie to the doctor since she had been so unlike herself all weekend. He couldn't find anything wrong with her but fortunately we got in and out pretty quick. I did a few things on the computer and then took the big kids to the library for awhile. I came home and dropped them off and Sallie was napping. I got ready and headed to the grief center. It was a really good night. When I got home, Peyton got the big kids settled and I took care of Sallie. She went to sleep and then I read a bunch to the big kids- Harry Potter, two Bible stories, and some history- and then did this neat new critical thinking book with Annie. She went to bed and P and I worked on setting up the Christmas decorations. We got a LOT done and I worked on a post for about an hour, had a snack, fed Sallie and went to bed.

Tuesday was a good day. I slept until nine something again and woke up pretty tired, but I got going. I fed Sallie and got my bath and straightened some. I made our bed, put up a few things, started laundry, and boiled a bottle. I dried my hair amd went through my reader. I got Annie going on her independent work and settled Sallie down for a nap. Peyton did some school with Graves and cleaned up the kitchen and then I did more school with Annie- we did writing, spelling, and phonics and then Sallie woke up. She had a snack and I fed Sallie and uploaded pictures and then we did math.

Graves and Peyton got back home and we all had lunch and then I put up groceries and started cooking spaghetti. I noticed a package of bacon had leaked in the fridge and had to take out an entire shelf and clean it. The kids all played and Peyton did some stuff around the house. Sallie took a short nap and I finished the spaghetti and Peyton cooked bacon. He cleaned up the kitchen and made a salad and I fed Sallie. We were having a cousin play date and the Roots got here and we all ate and then the big kids and Peyton and Daniel did some fun "tinkering" stuff with the big kids- like taking apart calculators and stuff. The kids played a bit after that and Elizabeth and I talked a bunch. They left and we got the big kids settled and I fed Sallie and got her to sleep while Peyton cleaned up the kitchen. I got on the computer and read some blogs and worked on a post and then went to bed.

 Fun mail! I got my 2017 hymn calendar and ordered the kids some cute stuff that was super on sale. I also ordered a copy of two of my favorite little books to give as gifts- I gave On the Night You Were Born as a baby present and gve the Eloise Wilkin Treasury to the big sister.

Wednesday was a full day of Christmas stuff. We got up and I made the bed, got my bath and dried my hair and had something to eat. Peyton took the kids to get our Christmas tree and Sallie took a nap and I did a few things around the house. They got home and we loaded up and the big kids and Peyton went with Mickey to get their tree and Sallie and Minnie and I went to the storage unit to look for something. We actually found some clothes I didn't even know I were missing and a lovey I thought we had lost ages ago. We came back and visited a bit and then headed home. I folded some laundry and fed Sallie and we got all the kids bathed. Peyton did some school with Graves and the big kids played with the Christmas Playmobil set. We attempted Christmas card pictures and had some bad attitudes.  I fed Sallie and picked out some not breakable ornaments for the big kids to decorate the tree with. I did a few things on the computer and really worked on getting our card finished (I didn't even use the pictures from that night) and Peyton got the big kids settled. Sallie woke up a good bit before I went to bed (and after). It wasn't the worst night, but it wasn't the best.

 The bottom two might have been usable but it looks like Annie has her hands in her pants (because Annie has her hands in her pants, but nothing weird was going on).

Peyton got up and ran a few errands around eight something on Thursday and we all got up, too. I was moving slow but I fed Sallie, made the bed and picked up a bit in our room, and then got my bath.  I dried my hair and went through my reader and got Annie started on some school work and then I had something to eat and straightened in the den. I organized a few piles in the sunroom and study as well. Sallie woke up after like twenty minutes.

"Look, I took my fifteen minute power nap. Can I just do P.E. or something, Momma?"
Annie did her BrainQuest and mental math and then I did a math lesson with her and she did the work quickly. We did an English assessment, which was also very quick and then Peyton and Graves got home. I talked to Peyton some and he left to work an extra shift.

HUGE milestone! We finished the fourth and final level of the curriculum we've been working on for two and a half years! I HATE phonics but Foundations has been one of the most fun things I've done in my life. I could not love Logic of English more and I don't think Annie could either.

I was feeling sort of down for no reason, so when I finally got Sallie to sleep, I just relaxed a bit. The big kids watched their movie and then I edited some pictures from the big camera. When the movie was over, the kids and I finished decorating the Christmas tree, and picking up in the den. I had a snack and vacuumed in the den, kitchen, and sunroom and mopped in the kitchen and sunroom. I responded to a couple of Facebook messages, washed some dishes, and folded and hung up some laundry. Sallie was STILL asleep. I did a bit more laundry and she finally woke up and we headed to my parents' house.

We had fun and enjoyed dinner and stayed a few hours and everyone behaved better than usual, actually. We came home and I read a few blogs and edited some more pictures and then read to the kids. Peyton got home and I was so tired and emotional and I ended up just going to sleep.

Sallie was up a good bit and then I woke up with a terrible headache on Friday. Peyton was working and I got up after nine. Sallie played on her playmat and the big kids had media time and I took my bath and dried my hair. I just felt worse and worse. I ate something and drank a lot of water and did a sinus rinse and then once I got Sallie to sleep, I took a long nap myself. The big kids played pretty well while I rested. She took a great nap and when we got up, we all had a snack and Annie did her math and BrainQuest and I did some English with Graves and folded some laundry. Sallie took another nap and I rested until Peyton got home. When he got home he watched all the kids and I slept some more.

Beer in hand, Christmas music on, baby in the Tula, and kicking my tail at Winter Soup Challenge.
After that awful headache, I was proud that I showed myself I could do it on a day without Peyton. Everything lined up for me, though- Sallie napped better than she had since she was like a month old and Graves and Annie made messes but were pretty chill and sweet to each other and basically parented themselves most of the day. And I'm not sure I could have done a twelve hour shift; I was kind of melting down when P got home.
[As a random aside that relates only because this is a picture of Peyton, we had had an argument recently. I had planned to ignore him and be real ambivalent (I know, so passive and immature). It lasted MAYBE two minutes. I'm so not good at that sort of thing. And he told me that would work so badly with him- he'd just do the same thing back to me...for like days. We both remembered the time when he was in high school and didn't talk to a member of his immediate family for MONTHS. I laughed and said Graves could never do that. And then I realized Annie totally could. I know I've said it before, but I'm realizing every day that Graves is very similar to me and Annie's very similar to Peyton- really in almost all areas except energy levels, ability to focus, and introversion/extroversion dynamics. It's so interesting because I used only Peyton in Graves's personality and myself in Annie's. It will be very interesting to see what the chick on his chest turns out like.]

I felt better and got up around seven. I ate with him and the kids and visited with him some and then finished a post. I talked to a friend a bit and folded more laundry and went to bed.

Sallie took THREE good naps (plus a bonus one in the Tula), which I hear is pretty normal for a six month old (I honestly can't remember with Graves; Annie was basically catatonic she slept so much as an infant). It ain't her normal, though. Anyway, she is wanting to do P.E. again at eleven PM. I'm NOT complaining, though; she slept when I needed her to (okay, so what if only one of those naps wasn't in someone's arms/on someone's chest?). I figured she'd be able to hold her own at the night parties once we move her out of out room at six months, per the AAP's recommendation (HAHAHA, not- have I mentioned that she's rotten?)

Saturday was a good, low key day. Peyton got up and went into work and the kids and I all slept late. When I got up, I did a good bit of picking up in the den, study, and our bedroom (Peyton had cleaned up most of the kitchen). I made our bed after I fed Sallie and she played and then I took my bath and dried my hair. Annie and Graves and I all ate some breakfast and Annie had media time. I cleared my reader and checked my email and then got Sallie down for a nap. I started a movie for Graves and Annie did her mental math and BrainQuest and then I did a math lesson with her and she did her math work. We did some grammar and writing and she watched a bit of the movie with Graves. Sallie's nap was really long (by her standards- ha!) and the big kids and I ate lunch and then worked on picking up their room, which was a pretty big mess. We finished and I swept and dusted in their room and then she woke up. I changed her diaper, bathed her, put her in fresh clothes, and nursed her and then got back to work.
Annie said "wow, I love Sallie's little outfit". I asked her why and she said the pink and the flowers. She's clearly not a girly girl, so this sort of thing always takes me by surprise. Secretly, I think of Annie every time Sallie wore these jammies because they remind me of how Annie wanted to name her "Daisy". Secretly, I hate that it didn't stick as a nickname. And secretly, I call her by it occasionally, especially when she wears floral things. 

The big kids went outside and she played on the floor and I dusted in the study and our room and vacuumed in all three rooms and then cleaned the windowsills. I changed over laundry and the big kids came inside and we went through some stuffed animals Minnie and I had found in the storage unit and picked some of their old ones to send over to Minnie's house.
I knew I shouldn't share this publicly (doesn't bode well for my chances in the never ending thermostat battles), but it was too funny not to.
Annie had been wanting to cook macaroni all week, so the big kids and I put it together and cooked some green beans. Sallie woke up in the middle of it and was SO cranky. I tried everything but she wouldn't settle. Graves finally fed her some baby food on the floor and we added the noodles before we were supposed to and nearly burned the green beans. Whew! I got it done and the big kids and I ate and then they took baths. Sallie played on the floor and I hung up clothes in their room. Peyton got home and we talked and Sallie finally went to sleep.

I know some people have "no food in bed" rules and I know some people have "no babies in bed" rules. We don't play by any of those rules. In fact, we were so brave we gave her the MumMum bib-free. 

"Oh my word, this is the BEST. Snacks in bed and screen time. I've been waiting all day for this."

I cleaned up the kitchen and worked on our Christmas letter.

Sarah Lamar had a tough night. She was up a bunch and Sunday morning came early. I got up later than I meant to and got her and Annie ready.

I forget sometimes that she really doesn't look like she'll be eight in a few months. She's still got the tiniest bit of baby in her and I'm ever so grateful. Sometimes, Annie gets dressed in a reversible jumper we're on our third Winter in and leggings because she lost her solitary pair of church tights playing dress up in them. Nobody but me cares, and certainly nobody at Northside cares, but man, this stretched my creativity. [Also, she and Graves share that turtleneck. White turtlenecks are clearly gender neutral and there are about six billion things I'd rather spend money on, I just have to plan accordingly in Saturday night to make sure only one outfit requires it. If that ain't Voluntary Simplicity, then I don't know what is.]

Graves got up and I helped him get dressed and got them some breakfast. Poor Sallie fussed the whole time I got my bath and dried my hair. She finally settled down while I did my make up and got everything together and she seemed happy in the car. I was surprised she never fell asleep. Sunday school was nice and Annie and Graves's teacher was doing the extended session (where kids leave after the sermon) and invited them to stay for the whole service and help her do a few things in the room. It was nice to go worship by myself =)

We got home and Sallie took a great nap and I did a few things- finished the Christmas letter, sent a couple of Facebook messages to friends, planned the week, called Peyton, texted with Minnie and Cookie, and organized a few things in the study. I had my lunch and worked on a blog post and scrolled through IG since the big kids were having media time. I even pumped some before Sallie woke up. When she got up, I folded a bunch of laundry and did some dishes. Minnie had texted me to see if we could come pick up some Christmas happies so we got ready and headed over there around six.

We stayed for a few hours and Mick ended up ordering a pizza. The big kids did really well again and Sallie took a little cat nap in my arms. We got home around the time Peyton did and he visited with all of us and then we got the big kids settled. We watched an SVU and he hung up clothes and then we went to bed. Sallie had another tough night.

Next up, more of December and then Christmas! 

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