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Weekly Happenings Post #402 (December 12-18) -- Christmas Cards and Check Ups


This was a pretty low key week. I was trying to get my Christmas cards done and all three kids had checks ups at the pediatrician.

Sallie woke up pretty early on Monday after a rough night. I finally got her back to sleep around eight something and Graves came in and woke her up again. Peyton was working and had left early. I snuggled with them both and then got my bath while Annie had media time and Graves and Sallie played on her play mat. I dried my hair and went through my reader and email and Sallie bounced in her jumper. Graves and Annie had some breakfast, crafted, and watched a movie and I made a list for the day and picked up a bit in the kitchen and started some laundry. Sallie took a nap finally and I ate some lunch and messaged a friend on Facebook and worked on a post. I also took a little nap myself. The big kids had lunch when I got up and Sallie woke up. I unpacked a bag Minnie had sent home the night before, swept under the Christmas tree and rehung some ornaments, picked up a bit, changed over laundry, and helped the kids clean up their room. Annie started her independent work and I put fresh sheets on Annie's bed and made ours up

I bathed Sallie and dressed her and took her monthly pictures, put some chicken in the oven, and then cleaned the kids' bathroom. I went over some writing and grammar with Annie and then she finished her English and did a math practice page and her mental math. I uploaded some pictures from the big camera, which had become quite the hassle. My card reader won't work on my computer and the camera stopped working when I try to directly connect it. So I started transferring them from the memory card to a USB on Peyton's computer and then transferring them to mine. On top of that, my computer was freezing every time I tried to create a new folder. Anyway, I got them transferred and put together everything for chicken spaghetti and got it in the oven. I got Sallie down for a nap and started and finished my header for December and read a few blogs. I folded some laundry and put up dishes and washed a few and then supper was ready. The big kids and I ate and Sallie woke up. I fed her and Annie and Graves played in their room and then I worked on my closet change-over. I purged a lot of stuff. After working on that for about an hour and a half, I read to the big kids for almost an hour. We did their Bible story, read Harry Potter and some history, and did an ethics lesson. I got them settled and watched a couple of episodes of SVU and hung up a bunch of stuff.  After Sallie finally fell asleep, I finished a post and read a few blogs and then went to bed.

Sallie had a really good night- FINALLY. We all got up around nine on Tuesday and Annie and Graves took turns with the iPad. I snuggled with Graves and Sallie, scrolled through IG, and made our bed. I picked out some clothes for myself and did a tiny bit more on my closet change-over. I fed, changed, and dressed Sallie. She played a bit and I took my bath and dried my hair. Peyton got home and I finished getting ready and made a history quiz for Annie. I folded some laundry, put up everything from the church activity bag, and then chatted with Peyton. I finished doing my make-up and feed Sallie and left for my Junior League meeting.

When I got home, Sallie was STILL asleep. I did a few things around the house and got on the computer a bit and then she woke up. I fed her and did math with Annie and then did some organizing in the attic while Peyton cleaned up the kitchen where the big kids had eaten lunch. He dusted a ceiling fan and vacuumed and then I came down and nursed Sallie again and Elizabeth and her kids got here for the cousin play date. We just had leftovers and she brought some veggies over and we all ate whatever. The kids had fun and after they left, we got the big kids settled. I straightened in the den and Peyton had mostly cleaned up the kitchen again. Sallie fell asleep but didn't stay that way long. I did a few things on the computer and then folded some laundry and watched TV. I fell asleep with all the lights on.

Sallie had another good night and we had an eight twenty pediatrician appointment for well visits for all three kids on Wednesday. We hurried and Peyton got the big kids ready and I got Sallie ready and we got there right on time. It was good and we were in and out pretty quickly. Afterwards, we went by Chick Fil A for breakfast. We had a good time, excepting one melt down over where to sit with Annie. We actually even made some new friends. We came home and Peyton got ready to meet a friend for lunch and Sallie took a nap. I helped the big kids pick up their room and then they had media time. I straightened in the den and study and then sent an email and sent my Christmas letter to Office Depot to be printed.

Peyton got home and we talked some and then Sallie woke up. I started some laundry and Annie did her BrainQuest and mental math and then I did some writing, grammar, and math with her. I talked to a friend and Peyton took the big kids to park for a train ride and hot chocolate and then to Office Depot and Kroger. I mostly held Sallie and did a bit of laundry and worked some more on my closet change-over/purge. They got home and I put up groceries and Peyton fixed the big kids supper. He got them settled and we ate and watched TV and went to bed.
Well, it's eleven o'clock and Happy Little Sallie got her second wind, per usual. She's definitely a night owl like the other girls in our family. The boys are more high energy and they go hard and conk out earlier (and typically get up earlier). Now that I'm thinking about it, though, she gets up with them, is pretty high energy, goes hard, *and* is a night owl. Which is kinda weird, at , you know, six months old.
We all slept late on Thursday morning and I nursed Sarah Lamar and then Peyton made us French toast. I had my bath and he took the big kids to Graves's last Little Gym class. I made the bed and changed Sallie and feed her again. I got Sallie settled for a nap and dried my hair, texted Mickey and a friend, and finished listening to a podcast. I went through my reader, did some browsing at pjs for the kids, and finished a post. I read some after that and Sallie woke up. I talked to a friend on FB, fed and changed Sal, and then wrapped up some happies for the friends I was bringing dinner to. I got a few other things together (the dessert and some extra newborn diapers I had on hand) and then straightened a little bit and Sallie was ready for another nap(?!?)

Peyton and the big kids got home and I started making soup and cleaning up the kitchen a little bit. I finished that and had something to eat and then quickly got dressed and did my make up and put a salad together. I drove over to our friends' house and dropped off dinner and visited and snuggled with their new baby a bit. When I got home, I talked to Peyton some and fed and played with Sarah Lamar and he got the big kids supper. We played an English game (basically charades) to finish out school with Graves and then Peyton let them play a video game since he had hooked up the box to the den TV. We got the big kids settled and then picked up around the house. Sallie was super awake and had a hard time settling. I finally ate a bowl of soup and watched an SVU and called it a night.

We slept until nine on Friday, except for Peyton, who of course had to be at work early. Graves and Sallie played and snuggled and I scrolled through IG on my phone and texted Cookie. I straightened some in the study and our room and made our bed and had something to eat and then I got my bath. Graves had been playing with Sallie some more but she got fussy. I got her down for a nap and dried my hair and ordered Cookie's Christmas present. I helped Graves pick up his part of their room and made his bed and then I went through my reader and finished two posts from the day before. I folded some laundry and did some dishes and Sallie woke up. I got some stuff together and helped the big kids get ready and we got ready for Peyton to get home since we were going to meet our friend Owen at Primos. I realized we needed gas and decided to go it before Peyton got home but I didn't have my wallet. We ended up swinging back by home, meeting Peyton in the Lowe's parking lot, getting gas, and then heading to Primos. We had a great visit and then went over to my parents' house. Peyton dropped us off and went to see the new Star Wars movie. We had a good time but the kids were kind of wild. We came home and got everyone settled and I did Annie's ethics lesson and then went on to bed.

I had a headache on Saturday morning and got a slow start. The kids were pretty grumpy but I ate something and got my bath and then got Sallie to sleep. I dried my hair and ordered the last of our Christmas presents and then my mother in law called and said they were dropping some thing off. We visited a bit and I started Grave's letter and cleared out my reader. They left and Sallie was still asleep so I finished up some stuff on the computer and had lunch. Sallie woke up and the big kids had lunch and I did a few things around the house. Annie did her math and we all cleaned up their room and then they took baths. I bathed Sallie and they played some and had an early supper and I got them settled.

Their new game. She usually doesn't have that initial shock and just grins and laughs, but I think he actually bumped her on accident. I keep thinking they're going to be so much alike- but she may well be tougher and rowdier. Peyton always says that Annie set the tone for Graves and of the roles were reversed (i.e he was the oldest) they would be very different children. So here's to Graves being a tone-setter. I have a feeling it's gonna be a wild ride and it's only just begun.

I had had a headache all day and it just kept getting worse. I finally took a nap while Sallie did and then we watched TV until Peyton got home. He brought me a CFA salad and I hate it and watched some more TV and felt better.

Y'all. Y'all. Y'all. I texted my mom and asked how long to cook a twenty pound turkey in the microwave, per the recommendation of a hysterical friend. Minnie is (and she wouldn't mind me saying this) every bit as ditzy as I am. Everyone else's momma said right away it couldn't be done. I love her so much and I was nearly in tears I was laughing so hard.
I got everything ready for church, pumped some, and picked up a bit and then made a list for the next day and the next week.

I didn't get a lot of sleep and Sunday morning came early again. Thankfully, my headache was gone and I felt pretty good. Peyton and I talked a little and he left for work and I fed Sallie and got her dressed and then helped the big kids get dressed and got them some breakfast. I took my bath, got a few last minute things together, and dried my hair and did my make up. Annie and Graves got in a huge fight and we left later than I meant to and the roads were slick but we made it. The kids had a great time during Sunday school and got to stay all during church to work on projects. We had a special service that was just Scripture and hymns and that was neat.

When we got home, Sallie took a great nap. I started some laundry and the big kids had media time. I worked a bunch on my blog and started quite a few drafts and then ate lunch. Sallie woke up a couple of times but fell back asleep. I pumped a bottle and she did wake up in the middle of that. I finished up and nursed her and then changed over the laundry, swept in the kitchen beside the fridge where the kids had made a mess, and fixed them something to eat. I vacuumed the den rug and played with Sallie some and the big kids cleaned up their room. Sarah Lamar took another nap and I started feeling rough again. The big kids were so rowdy and I noticed Sallie had a little cough. I rested a bit and then worked on addressing Christmas cards. When Sallie got up the big kids had supper and I washed some dishes. I got them settled and Peyton got home. We talked and I stuffed envelopes. We watched TV and after Graves went to bed Annie helped me stamp the envelopes with return addresses. I fell asleep after she went to bed. I got up at some point and fed Sallie and stamped a few more cards. I had about half ready to go in the mail.

Whoo! Three posts in one day. Next up is Christmas! 

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