Thursday, March 23, 2017

Weekly Happenings Post #407 (January 16-22)-- The Stomach Bug Hits the Herringtons

 This was a TOUGH week, especially on the tail of that Peyton working so much and the ice storm before that. Both big kids got sick with some sort of stomach virusand Peyton got it too. And while all that was going on, I got one of those awful headache. I count my blessings, though, because Sallie and I never got it and it was pretty mild for the three of them (I think it's the only mild version of the stomach bug P has ever had).

Peyton was finally off on Monday and that was nice. He took Sallie and Graves to the doctor to get shots. She needed the second part of her flu shot and he needed a booster. Annie and I slept late and it was SO nice. When they got home, we got up and I took my bath and straightened a bunch. I ate breakfast and then made our bed, Graves's bed, and straightened in the study. I helped the big kids pick up their room and went through my reader while Sallie napped. Annie had media time and Sallie woke up and played in her crib awhile while we finished and I swept. Peyton took Sarah Lamar to run some errands and I sent a couple of texts and did school with Annie while Graves had some media time. Annie and I did math and she wrote a thank you note and Peyton got home. I fixed lunch for the big kids and fed Sallie some apple sauce and organized the fridge because our cheese drawer broke.

Peyton and Graves went outside and I did a few more things with Annie and got Sallie to sleep. I got dressed and left to go to the Grief Center. It was a great night and when I got home, I straightened some and swept the kitchen and took out the trash. I did more school with Annie- writing and phonics and spelling and then read some blogs and edited pictures. I worked on a post and wen tot bed.

Peyton took the recycling to drop off around eight thirty on Tuesday morning and I snuggled with Graves and Sallie and sent a couple of texts to my SIL and a friend to plan things for the week. and then got my bath. Peyton got home and I dried my hair and had breakfast while Sallie played in her crib and Annie did her morning chores. Poor Graves had a terrible headache. Annie and Peyton got ready and headed to the nature study with the homeschool group and I got Sallie down for a nap. Graves picked up his toys and then sent himself back to bed. Bless his sweet heart.

This poor little guy. He'd been crying off an on all morning because of (what I thought was) a weather headache. He finally put himself to bed and I could hear him tossing and turning and sort of moaning until he feel asleep. Honestly, if I hadn't had them for as long as I could remember it would really scare me. The first time he had one was on a crowded Brooklyn bound train. He was in the carrier and was screaming in pain. I seriously thought he might be having an anueryism. It was terrifying. Pressure changes are hard, yo.

I read some blogs, uploaded a slideshow to YouTube, and worked on a post. I finished the post and Peyton and Annie got home. Sallie woke up and I fed and changed her and ate my lunch and then Annie and I did some school- a bit of math and English. Graves got up and was feeling kind of rough.  

Some guys came and installed our new dishwasher and I packed to go to Granny's. Annie and Graves played a phonogram bingo game while Sallie played in her Exersaucer and Peyton read. Annie was super upset we weren't going camping at Granny's because Graves had been feeling so bad and we talked about that and came up with a new plan for the evening. I ordered some homeschool stuff and Peyton took the big kids to get donuts. I planned the rest of school, started some laundry, and read some. They got back and I ate and then did more school with Annie. Graves went to bed and Peyton, Annie, Sallie, and I went through a bunch of toys and purged some. I went to bed pretty early.

Sallie didn't wake up that much but when she did she had a hard time going back to sleep. And Graves was up a lot, too. Peyton got up with him and ended up sleeping in the big kids' room.

We got a slow start on Wednesday. Peyton rode his bike to do an errand and I got my bath while Sallie played. Poor Graves woke up and was so needy. Peyton got home and made breakfast and I dried my hair and talked to him. I made a list for the day and went through my reader. I sent a couple of texts to friends to cancel all the plans for the week I had made the day before. I tried to get Sallie down for a nap but she wasn't interested. Graves took a bath and I started some laundry.

Peyton and I talked and then did our exercise routine while Sallie played. She took a nap and I did school with Annie, worked on a post, and read some. Annie and I did her math and she did BrainQuest and we worked on some critical thinking and wrote a thank you letter. After that, we all ate lunch and then got ready and walked to the library. Peyton and I Annie went in and I strolled Graves and Sallie around the park. We came home and all had supper and I uploaded some pictures to Facebook and then did more English with Annie. I got Sallie to bed and read the Bible and some history to Annie and Graves. We also worked on some geography and did an ethics lesson. Peyton read Harry Potter to them and I got on the computer and read some blogs. I made a quiz for Annie and went to bed.

I was glad I went to bed relatively early. I was up with Graves twice and Sallie woke up both times and had a hard time going back to bed. I turned her over to Peyton and slept another half hour and had breakfast around nine on Thursday. I took my bath and dried my hair and got Sallie down for a nap. Peyton bathed both big kids and got his bath and headed to meet a friend for lunch and to run errands. I worked on a post, went through my reader, talked to a friend, texted Morgan and Carrie to say we couldn't make it to piano, and called Minnie. While I did all that, Annie did some independent work (math, a history quiz, BrainQuest, and her critical thinking reading lesson). I went over it all with her and then she had some time on the iPad. I called Mickey  and prepped some more school work for Annie. Peyton got home and we talked and I had lunch and then took a quick nap. Annie and I finished up her school work and Sallie took another nap and I folded a bunch of laundry. Annie, Sallie, and I got ready to go to my parents'. We had a nice visit and it was super calm without the boys but we missed them =) When we got home, Graves was asleep. Peyton, Annie, and I did our exercises and Sallie watched. I straightened a bit and got on the computer and went to bed.

Annie was sick early Friday morning and Sallie woke up every time she did. Annie did such a good job taking care of herself, since I was trying to take care of both of them. Peyton had to work and the kids and I all slept pretty late. I got a bath while Sallie played and then I got on the computer while the big kids had media time.

What we thought was a headache from pressure changes ended up being some sort of virus, I guess. Graves had 101 fever and started throwing up. We had a big week planned and this girl was heartbroken to have to cancel everything. On the cusp of Peyton's two twelve hour shift days, Annie came down with it. To her credit, she's an EXCELLENT patient. Every time she woke up last night, Sallie woke up, and I was taking care of both of them. I just told her what to do and get for herself and she did it (telling me things like how she was taking special care not to throw up on library books). She said "I think I'm probably contagious" and I said "yeah, I think so, too. What's your point? Are you worried we gave it to Mickey and Minnie?" And she said, so softly "I'm just not sure church is a good idea this weekend". Bless her bones. I was so hopeful my parents wouldn't get it and was really, really hoping P didn't (he has to go to the hospital every time he gets a stomach bug), and I was really, really, really hoping Sal didn't get it but keeping her and Graves apart from each other was quite the feat. Also, Darth had a huge gash on her neck and Annie was in tears, wanting to keep her in the laundry room forever. She's really bonded with her now that she's taken over most of the responsibility for her care and was so worried because she "only has one pet" since General ran away. We did have a good discussion about how I don't like letting her and Graves take risks and become independent but if I didn't they wouldn't be able to enjoy life as much. I was just praying everyone would be recovered by the end of the weekend.

I read some blogs and visited with a friend. I started a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, scrubbed the kitchen counters and table, and organized the tupperware cabinet. I hung up a bunch of the kids' clothes and scrubbed the sink and bathtub and floors in the kids' bathroom. I did the tub with a toothbrush and ate something. Sallie got up and I folded laundry and read and then I started going through the kids' dresser to organize it. I consolidated a big pile in our room and kicked the big kids outside. I read some and Sallie jumped in her Exersaucer and then Peyton got home. Everyone was feeling better and he helped them with riding their bikes. Sallie took another nap and I did another dresser drawer and had a snack. I read some blogs and worked on a post. The big kids ate supper and took baths. Sallie woke up and Peyton went to the grocery store. I folded a bunch of laundry and the big kids watched a show and fell asleep. Peyton got home and I put up the groceries that needed to go in the fridge and freezer. I had to reorganize the whole fridge and put some stuff in different containers. I finished that and changed over laundry, started the dishwasher, and took out the trash and recycling. I backed up some pictures and read blogs a bit more. I put up laundry and went to bed.

Saturday was pretty tough. Peyton went to work early and the kids and I slept pretty late. I got up with a headache and it just got worse and worse. I made the bed and lowered the matress in the pack n play since Sallie was sitting up and then got my bath and ate breakfast while Sallie played.

When 3/5 of your family unit is sick your Outfit of the Night and Outfit of the Day become kinda interchangeable. I took her on a walk and some lady thought she was a boy (which I can't blame her!). I guess that the six million times a day that she still nurses gave her some great immunity and that I paid my vom dues sufficiently the entirety of my pregnancy with her because we never did get sick with the bug.

I dried my hair and Peyton walked in. He was sick, too. He took a bath and rested and the big kids had tons of media time and Sallie took a short nap. She woke up and I couldn't get her back to sleep so I played with her and then strolled her around the neighborhood a couple of times since P was home with the big kids. I had lunch and then got her to take a good nap. I basically rested the whole time myself. Peyton read and the big kids played outside. Sallie woke up and I took her outside and swung her since Peyton had set up the baby swing. The big kids came in and took a bath and I boiled some water for a sinus rinse. Sallie shocked me by playing in the play pen. I kept going downhill and I fixed the big kids supper, unloaded and loaded dishes and cleaned the kitchen, and got Annie and Graves settled for the night. Sallie fell asleep in her pack in play for a bit but Annie accidentally woke her up and it took me HOURS to get her back to sleep. My head was hurting so bad and she was screaming. She finally fell asleep around ten thirty and I just laid there until I fell asleep at about eleven. I was seriously so frazzled.

She woke up to eat a couple of times in the night and then was super restless from about six to eight. I woke up feeling tired but MUCH better. We got up around eight thirty and I played with her for awhile in the bed and scrolled on my phone and then got in the tub. I put Sallie in the PnP to play and she fell asleep while I was in the tub! I dried my hair and ate breakfast and read some blogs. The big kids had their breakfast and media time and Peyton just rested. Sallie didn't take as long of a morning nap as usual, I'm sure because she fell asleep so early. When she got up, I started some laundry and dusted in the den and our bedroom. I even did the blinds and windowsills. I took out some trash and recycling and loaded some dishes and cleaned counters in the kitchen and then scrubbed the tub, toilet, sink, and floors in the guest bathroom. I made our bed and then Sallie and I headed over to my parents' house for a change of scenery. We had a great visit and she fell asleep in the car on the way home. I sat in the sunroom and read and checked on her every few minutes. When she woke up, I fed and changed her and read a bit more while she played. I changed over laundry and fixed the big kids supper and fed Sallie some applesauce. I helped the big kids get settled and played with Sallie a bit more and then worked on getting her to sleep. It was quite the process again. I read some blogs and went to bed myself around midnight.

Whew. Another exhausting week. Glad to have that one behind us!

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