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Weekly Happenings Post #408 (January 23-29)-- Stomach Bug Recovery and Bookclub


Well, I can't believe I'm going to have posted three of these in one day. But I'm on a mission, y'all. This was a pretty uneventful week, but it was a good one!

We all got up on Monday and tried to get a good start. I played with and read to Sallie and read my devotion and scrolled through my phone and then I got my bath and dried my hair while she played. I went through my reader and did some things while the big kids had breakfast and cleaned up their room. I made a list and got Sallie down for her nap and then prepped some stuff for school with Annie. Sallie's nap was super short and Peyton was still trying not to touch her so I took all three kids on a walk. I got the big kids to play a game using phonograms and Sallie had so much fun. We dropped her blanket and didn't even notice so we had to go back and find it! We got home and I cooked some fish, cut up lettuce, steamed broccoli, and got the dishwasher loaded. Graves played with Sallie and Annie did some independent work. Peyton helped me with the trash, composting, and recycling. Sallie tried an avocado and loved it and after that she took a great nap. I did a bunch of school with Annie- writing, vocabulary, and spelling and Peyton worked with Graves. I set up something with online banking and talked to Peyton. Peyton and the big kids went outside to ride bikes and I read some, started a post, and read a few blogs. I ordered something and backed up some pictures and Sallie woke up.

She played on the floor and the big kids came in and I ate some chicken salad. Annie and Graves has supper and I changed over laundry, folded and hung up a bunch, straightened around the house, and organized Graves's dresser drawer. Annie finished her schoolwork and practiced piano and I changed and fed Sallie and got her ready for bed. Peyton read to the big kids and Sallie went to sleep. I straightened in the study and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and looked at some homeschool materials. Sallie woke back up and wasn't interested in going back to sleep. I needed to get some things done, so I took her in the kitchen and made guacamole and then put her in her crib to play while I read the Bible to the big kids and read their history and did an ethics lesson with them. I got Sallie back to sleep and read some blogs and finished a post. I was going to do laundry and read but Sallie woke up again and I just nursed her and settled her in the bed with me and we went to sleep.

Peyton was better on Tuesday and I slept late while he got up with all the kids. Sallie had slept pretty well after all those wake up before I went to bed and the extra hour I slept helped so much! I got up and made the bed and took my bath and then I bathed and changed and fed Sallie. I dried my hair and went through my email and reader and made a list for the day and I got Annie started on her school work. She did math and some critical thinking and BrainQuest. Peyton ran a quick errand and then did school with Graves. I helped Annie address a bunch of thank you letters and ate something quickly and then got myself and Sallie ready and nursed her and we all headed to a homeschool meetup at the park.
My two little girl cubs in their bear apparel ready for the park.

We dropped off the recycling on the way and something with Peyton's parents' on the way home. We had a really fun time at the park and I met several new moms and ran into two friends from college! So much fun. We came home and Sallie took another nap and P and I ate a snack while the big kids rode bikes. They came in and had a snack and Peyton took Graves to the library. Sallie woke up and I collected a bunch of laundry and started a load. I hung up my new hymn calendar and a Valentine's banner and changed and fed Sallie. She played and I vacuumed the kitchen and the den. Peyton and Graves got home and the big kids ate supper while I straightened in their room and then vacuumed the bedrooms and the study. Peyton got Graves settled and then did an assessment with Annie and read to her while I got Sallie to sleep. I read some blogs and worked on a post and backed up pictures and then went to bed.

Wednesday was a good day. We all slept pretty late and when I got up I scrolled on my phone and took my bath. Peyton unloaded dishes and mopped and I ate breakfast and dried my hair and went through my email and reader. I got Sallie to sleep and started school with Annie and worked on a post. Annie did her mental math and BrainQuest and then I did some phonics and spelling with her. Sallie got up and I did some laundry and straightened some. Peyton took the big kids to the grocery store and I put sheets on the bed in the sunroom and changed over laundry. I ate my lunch and Sallie played and then took another nap. I read some blogs and some in my book club book. I made brownies, and started cooking some soup, and then I put the duvet cover on and finished making up the sunroom bed. Sallie woke up and I finished up the soup and got out the salad and sat a few other things up. I changed and fed Sallie and got myself dressed. Sarah and Darlene got there and Mallory texted that Brennan was sick. We all visited a bunch and had the best conversations about the book.

They left a little before ten and I fed Sallie and cleaned up the kitchen. I got on the computer a bit and went to sleep.

Thursday was a busy, but fun day. Peyton got up with the kids and then I got my bath and dried my hair. I went through my email and reader and made a list for the day and then I got Annie working on some school work. She finished up what I needed her to do pretty quickly and we headed to the Y. The big kids swam and Peyton and I talked and I looked through a book he had ordered. After that, we headed to my brother in law's office. We had our weekly cousin date there so we could check out some cook computer stuff. We came home and regrouped and Sallie took a nap. The big kids played and Peyton and I talked. I read a few blogs and tried to activated my new debit card but it wouldn't work. After that, we headed over to my parents'. We had a really great visit. We had gotten there kind of late and we left kinda late, too. Everyone but Peyton (including me) fell asleep in the car on the way home. I fed Sallie and then got on the computer and read some blogs and finished a post. I read my Bible and went to bed.

Friday was another fun day. The kids and I got up around nine and I took a quick bath and got Sallie down for a nap and dried my hair. The big kids picked up in their room and I collected laundry and emptied the bathroom trash. I ate something and got my make up on and Carrie and her kids got here. We had a really great time. Carrie and I talked a ton and the big kids played outside and were so chill. Sallie woke up after a bit and had fun playing on the floor. After they left, Sallie took another nap and I read some blogs and started a post. Peyton got home and we talked and had something to eat and then I did a bunch of spelling and grammar with Annie. We did some writing and then we all went to Chick Fil A for supper because we had a coupon from this calendar my MIL had given the kids. We ate and they played and then we came home. I got Sallie to bed and Annie finished up some school stuff while Graves went to sleep. I read some blogs and wrote a post and then folded a bunch of laundry.

Saturday ended up being fuller than I had expected. We had a birthday party and the kids and I slept late. I was about to read to Sallie and do my devotion and Ellis called and said he was in town and wanted to come over. I told him to give me half an hour to take a shower and I did that while Sallie played in her crib and the big kids had media time. We had such a fun visit and just continued on as normal. Annie and Graves and I had breakfast and he played with Sallie and then I got a bunch of laundry folded. We went outside and the big kids explored the creek some.

Everybody's happy...sunshine day!!!

I came in after a while and put Sallie to sleep and  then we visited a bit more. Ellis left and the big kids took baths. I ate my lunch, changed over laundry, folded some more, and worked on a blog post.Graves unloaded the dishwasher and I got Annie to work on organizing her bedside table. I wrapped  Brennan's present and got ready and Sallie woke up and I fed and dressed her and we headed to the party.

 It was so much fun and the kids had a great time playing with their friends.
Guys, Spurty Little Sallie looks like she's nearly about as tall as her momma.

When we got home, they played a bit and I got Sallie down for a nap and worked on a post. The big kids had supper and then Graves and I went over high frequency words and he did his writing practice. Annie did her math and Peyton got home. Sallie woke up and I folded more laundry and got out our clothes and stuff for church. Sallie had a HARD time going to sleep but then slept pretty well.

I was pretty tired when I woke up on Sunday and I didn't really give myself enough time. The big kids were super cooperative, though, and Sallie played really well. I got Sallie ready and fed her, got myself ready helped the big kids finish up and have breakfast and we got going. Sunday school was nice and a couple of my friends were visiting. Church was really special but ended up being long because of a deacon ordination. Mrs. Hutson was one of my favorite professors at MC so I was really excited. The big kids did GREAT during the service and Sallie did great in the nursery even though I'd stopped bringing her a bottle (I told them just to text me and I'd come nurse her). We came home, and the day sort of went downhill. Sallie fought her nap so bad and Annie was a little sassy. The big kids had media time and then lunch and Sallie took a super short nap. I ate my lunch, uploaded pictures from my phone, and read some blogs. When she woke up, I folded laundry and straightened a bit and played with her. She took another nap and the big kids went outside and I worked on a post. They came in and Annie took a bath and Graves played and then they had super and I fed Sallie some applesauce, too. Graves unloaded clean dishes and Peyton got home. We got the kids settled and talked and ate super. Sallie had another hard night getting to sleep, but slept well.

February's next! 

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