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Weekly Happenings Post #409 (January 30-February 5)-- Grandparent Dates and Sallie Gets Sick

I think this is the only time Sallie has ever been sick. I've suspected she had ear infections twice before, but she never has. And this was just a twenty four hour virus. She's had colds and stuff, but nothing more. I'm thankful for her good health. The big kids had such a fun week. Minnie took Annie to a play and she wanted to have some special time with Graves, too, so she and Minnie took him out to lunch one day!

Peyton had a dentist appointment on Monday and I got up with the kids around eight. I took my bath and made the bed and went through my reader. I helped the big kids get moving on their chores and Sallie took a nap. Peyton got home and I started laundry and worked on sorting through stuff for the Jumble.
Peyton used his Christmas money to get some more Out of Print shirts. Now he and Graves having matching lit tees. We LOVE Harold!
Mickey and Minnie were taking Graves out for a little treat and so I helped him get ready and then got Sallie ready because Peyton was going to take her and Annie swimming at the Y.

Ready for a dip!

My parents picked up Bud and Peyton and the girls left. I had lunch and went through my stuff to donate. I read a few blogs and finished a post and then got busy again sorting and putting stuff on hangers. Peyton and the girls got back and I fed Sallie and put her down for a nap and then Graves and Minnie got home and we all shared some cookie Graves had picked out. We visited and then I got back to work. I finally finished sorting everything and hanging it.

Stuff on hangers and ready for the Jumble (the big yearly Junior League rummage sale). Basically a small closet worth of stuff to donate! Love a good purge! And our laundry room (where I had stuff to sort) is much more functional now!

I got ready to go to the McClean Center and left.

It was a really good night at the Center and I felt really encouraged. I just love it there. I had a chance to tell the director how much it means to me and she was really sweet about my writing. I came home and fed the baby and ate something and talked to P. I straightened a bunch around the house and read a few blogs and did some laundry. I went to bed pretty early.

Tuesday was a fun, busy day. Peyton and Graves got up and got ready and headed off to the dentist and Annie did her morning chores and I took a bath and got stuff ready to go to the farm. It took SO long to get Sallie settled for her nap but I finally did. I finished packing and ate my lunch and the guys got home. We did a few more things and got on the road. We stopped at Sonic on the way down and picked up bbq to eat for lunch/supper. We got to the farm mid afternoon and ate and hung out outside. I did a bit of school with Annie and then came in and tried to get Sallie to take a nap. She fought it so hard and then slept for like ten minutes. I threw in the towel and Peyton took her outside.  I read a few blogs and talked to Minnie on the phone. Andrew (Peyton's brother) came over and grilled and we all ate supper. I finally got Sallie to bed and did some school with Annie. Graves fell asleep and Annie, Peyton, and I watched a documentary and I read some blogs and worked on a post. Annie and Peyton went outside and camped but Graves stayed inside since he was already asleep on the couch. I finished up what I was doing, nursed Sallie, and went to bed.

Sallie was up a couple of times but I slept pretty good and then Peyton made breakfast and took care of Sallie while I slept in on Wednesday. I got up and ate and took my bath and dried my hair and then I fed Sallie and got her down for a nap. She took a nice long nap and I did school with Annie and P did school with Graves. Then they all went outside and I watched an episode of The West Wing and worked on a Valentine's project. We had lunch and Peyton did dishes and I packed up and swept. We ended up having to wake up Sallie and I got the bed made and fed her and then we got on the road. The trip back when really fast and when we got home, we unloaded the van and I played with Sallie some and swung her in the yard and then straightened and started unpacking. I cleaned up some in the kitchen and started a load of laundry. I swept the kitchen floor, vacuumed in the den, and took out the recycling. Sallie was kind of fussy but wouldn't nap so she was in the Tula for most of that time. Peyton took her after a bit and cooked the big kids supper and I worked on a post and got ready to go over to Mal's house to visit a bit. I fed Sallie and put her in pjs and got her to bed and then left. Poor Mal- Brennan woke up right after I got there. He was really sweet but he was tired and I could tell he wasn't feeling his best. We still visited for a couple of hours and I came home. I finished a post and wrote another one and then went to bed. Well, Sallie woke up to eat and was up for an hour. I finally got her back to sleep and it was a pretty good night.

I slept late on Thursday and Peyton cooked breakfast for the big kids and took care of Sallie. I got up around nine and consolidated dishes in the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher, made the bed, and started laundry. I cut Peyton's hair and he got ready and left to the state capitol for some pharmacy thing. I got Sallie changed and fed and put her down for her nap and I took my bath, dried my hair, had lunch, and read some blogs. The big kids went outside for a bit and I messaged a couple of friends and got out Annie's school stuff for the day. She did her independent work and I helped Graves pick up toys in their room. After she finished, they played with with Legos and Sallie woke up. I fed her and gave her a bath and dressed her for the day and then she played with blocks while I got my little side table set up for February and copied down my new quote for the month. I fixed the big kids lunch and Graves played with little people with Sallie while Annie ate. I called the consignment store about something and then texted my dad and Peyton. I reloaded the dishwasher and started it, scrubbed the kitchen counters, dusted in the den, and started another load of laundry. Annie practiced piano and read to Sallie and Peyton got home. The big kids picked up toys and P and I talked and then I folded some more laundry. I changed clothes and did a few things and Elizabeth and her kids got here. We had a great visit and when they left around six thirty, we went to my parents' house for supper. It was great and we had fun visiting. When we got home all three kids were asleep! We transferred everyone and Peyton and I talked and snuggled. I read some blogs and went to bed.

Friday was a nice day. Peyton left early for work and the kids and I got up around eight something. I fed and changed Sallie and then took my bath while she played with Graves and Annie did chores and had media time. I dried my hair and got ready and Annie took a bath. The big kids had breakfast and Sallie took a short nap.
Another little Herrington bendy babe!

I packed up some lunch and did a couple of things and then got Sallie up and we headed to piano at Morgan's house. Annie and Mary Milton had a great lesson (the Howies weren't there because Carrie and David were about to go on a trip and Carrie needed to get ready). We stayed and had lunch and Morgan and I got to visit while the kids played. After that, we came home and Sal took a great nap. Graves and Annie played outside and I read some blogs and worked on my header for February. Peyton got home and we talked and I had a snack and then he did some school with Graves and I did some with Annie. Sallie woke up and I fed her and we did some more school. P finished up with Graves and he took the baby and Annie and I did some more work. We finished and the big kids had supper and Sallie took a nap. I talked to Peyton and went through a bunch of paper and the big kids went to bed. Sallie woke up for a bit and she and Peyton cleaned the kitchen. I did a few more things on the computer and got Sallie back to sleep and then I ate a snack and went to bed myself after I made a list for the next day and changed over laundry.

Sallie was up a ton during the night and I realized she was super hot. I took her temperature and sure enough, she had a fever. I gave her some Tylenol and she went back to sleep but it was a lot of up and down all night.

Peyton went to work on Saturday morning and the kids and I all thankfully slept late. I got up around nine something and changed and fed Sallie. She just wanted to be held and rocked and was ready to take a nap super early. The big kids ate something and had media time and took my bath and dried my hair. I went through my reader and ate something and Sallie woke up. I changed over some laundry and folded some while she watched a show.

Bless her heart, Sickly Little Sallie horrible. She slept all morning and treated her to some screen time (Clifford's Puppy Days) and got out her new favorite toys- the whole box of Little People. Annie and Graves were neither one interested in them until they were toddlers (well, Annie didn't know about them until then). She just seemed so grown up watching a show and playing with Alien and Bride Cinderella and their friends.

Annie did some of her independent work and I worked on handwriting, counting, and the alphabet with Graves. He did really well and then I nursed Sallie and got her back to sleep. Minnie got here to pick up Annie to take her to a play and we all visited since she was early. Annie got dressed and I folded more laundry and they left. Bud played in the front yard while I finished folding and then came in and did Play Dough and kinetic sand. I had a snack and read blogs and started a post. Graves and I read his reader together and then snuggled some and talked until Sallie woke up. I fed and changed her and then finally made our bed since she had been in there all day, helped Graves finish cleaning up his kinetic sand and Play Dough, swept in the sunroom where dried mud had gotten drug in, and put up some of the laundry I had folded.

Minnie took Annie to see Madagascar at New Stage. They both had the best time. Annie told me the Zebra (who was their favorite) asked during the play if he was black with white stripes or white with black stripes and at the after party she told him what she thought based on her reading. She came home and read the program cover to cover and brought it to me because she read that one of the actors had been in Our Town and she remembered Minnie and I seeing it. I know the best part was special grandmother time, though. As an aside, P told me he loved the lemon bowl and candles but thought the Valentine's banner looked childish. Well, I personally like it but it also feels like there are a hell of a lot of children running around these quarters so...

Minnie and Annie got back and we heard all about the show. They had picked up a treat and the big kids ate and then played and Minnie left. I got Sallie settled for another nap and both big kids took a bath while I worked on a post and got supper ready. They ate and I brushed their teeth and cleaned up the dishes and swept the kitchen. I started the dishwasher and put up some laundry and Peyton got home with Newks take out. We watched TV and talked and folded some laundry and Sallie played and hung out with us. And also had a leaky diaper on our bed. I stripped it, covered it with blankets and started laundry. Peyton visited with the big kids a bit and then I read some blogs and he sent some emails after Sallie went to bed. I ate a snack and went to bed myself. Sallie actually had a really good night.

The big kids and I got up a bit before nine on Sunday. We clearly weren't going to church and Sallie slept so late. I got my bath, went through my reader and email, and started one post and worked on another. Sallie woke up and I feed and changed her and then finished the post while she played.

🎶Reunited and it feels so good 🎶 Also, sometimes Bud wears his church clothes even on Sundays that we don't go to church. 

I put up all the blankets I had gotten out the night before. Annie did her media time and the big kids had breakfast and played with kinetic sand. Sallie took a nap and I started laundry, texted Minnie, ate my lunch, and took one myself. When she got up, I fixed some eggs for Annie and folded laundry. I took out the trash and recycling, put fresh sheets on our bed, put up the breakable stuff from the dishwasher, and got Graves started unloading the rest.

She still had a little cough and a bad runny nose and she's a bit grumpy. Annie asked me if grumpiness is contagious (answer: YES). But the fever left and it was so nice to see her signature Sallie smile already back, especially once I gave her access to her brother again.

Sallie took another nap and I got a really good long one myself. I felt much better when I got up. I washed our duvet and duvet cover, did some dishes, and fixed grits for Annie and mashed potatoes for Graves. Sallie woke up and played and Annie took a bath. Graves played with Sallie and I cleaned up supper and folded laundry.
Party Girl dog paddling on a box she somehow got herself up on. Guess you're feeling better, Sal  

She finally showed me how she got on.  Life is (even more of an) adventure with this one!
I brushed the big kids' teeth and got them settled and then watched TV and folded more laundry. Peyton got home and we visited and ate supper and he went to sleep pretty early. I did some stuff on the computer and went to sleep at midnight. Annnnd....Sallie woke up and was up until like two in the morning. Whew. What a night.

Plowing right along through February, y'all! 

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