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Weekly Happenings Post #410 (February 6-12)-- A Day of Subbing, a Jumble Shift, an Overnight Shift for Peyton, a Reynaud Visit, and a Trip to the Farm


WHEW. We had such a busy week. Not always my preference, but I was thankful most everyone was on the mend, Peyton wasn't working a gazillion extra shifts, and there was no ice in the forecast. Anyway, as you can see from the title, we crammed a lot in this one.

Graves was supposed to have a dentist appointment on Monday, but he had a pesky cough so we canceled it. Peyton had already gotten him up and they were on the way, but they turned around and came home. Peyton took Sallie and I slept until nine-ish. I got up and responded to a text and called Minnie. I made our bed and took my bath and ate breakfast and then I got Sallie down for her nap. The big kid had cleaned up and eaten breakfast and Annie had done her media time. She did her independent work while I dried my hair and wen through my reader. I read a few blogs and went through my email and then we got to work on her math lesson. We took a break for a snack and then did grammar, narration, phonics, and copywork. We all had lunch and the headache I had got worse and worse. Sallie got up for awhile and Peyton took the big kids outside to do a project. After awhile they came in and I fed and changed Sallie and she took another nap. P left to go walking with a friend and the big kids played outside. I laid down but didn't go to sleep and just checked on them intermittently. They came in and Annie took a bath and Sallie got up. Peyton got home and we talked and I took a bath to try to get rid of my headache. When I got out, he took Annie to Raising Canes to cash in on a coupon she got from the library for reading seven books. He brought Graves and me home some food and took over Sallie duty when they got back. I ate and tried to go to bed. Peyton got the big kids settled and took Sallie to the grocery store. I finally took some good medicine and fed Sallie. Peyton took care of her for a bit and then I got her to sleep. I made some lists for the next day and went to bed.

I had gotten a text about subbing and had agreed but been really stressed out that I'd still feel awful. Well, I felt MUCH better but I also slept through my alarm on Tuesday. I woke up and had thirty minutes to get ready. P woke up and packed my lunch and fixed me some breakfast to take on the way and I fed the baby, got a bath, and dried my hair. I grabbed everything I needed, did my makeup super fast, and told everyone bye and left. It was a really great day. I subbed for the art teacher (so not an artist, but it was fine) and it was just three classes- kindergarten, first grade, and K4. The kindergarten was actually two classes so it was a big group, but I had an assistant for it and the first graders were super sweet and chill. Those K4 babies, though- there were only five of them and they were so tiny and delightful. I had a break after the first two and ate lunch and read emails and blogs and then I got home around one thirty. The big kids were playing outside and Peyton was cooking and feeding Sallie. When she saw me, she was kind of over that, though. I nursed her and played with her some and then picked up a bit around the house.

 When Momma's away...

 The big kids came in and both took baths and I started some laundry. I bathed Sallie, too, and then she took a nap. I read some blogs and finished a post and then did some math with Annie. I straightened a bunch in the den and Sallie woke up. We ate supper and I did some dishes and vacuumed in the den and kitchen and mopped in the kitchen.
I was mopping and Annie suggested I let Sallie be in the train by strapping her in her high chair. Annie and Peyton have both started to enjoy Sallie a lot more now that she's crawling and "can play with us" as Annie says. She still doesn't like her sister to touch her because she drools SO much and it's pretty comical the lengths she'll go to so that she can engage her without any physical contact.

I got Sallie to bed then did some stuff on the computer and went to bed myself.

Wednesday was a good morning. I got up with all the kids around nine and P was still asleep. He was working the night shift that night, so I was glad. I actually folded a bunch of laundry while all three kids played on the bed. I put Sallie in her high chair and she ate some crackers with the big kids and I put up laundry, made the bed, and straightened in the study where Peyton had fallen asleep. I ate my breakfast, took my bath, and dried my hair. I got Sallie down for a nap and read some blogs and made a list and Annie did her mental math and critical thinking. Then I did spelling and grammar with her. It took awhile and I inhaled my lunch and got ready for my Jumble shift. I woke up Sal and fed her and left.

It was a good shift. When I got home, I nursed Sallie and got her down for a nap and messaged a couple of friends. I worked on a blog post and went through my reader. Peyton took a nap since he was working that night, but he didn't sleep long. I got Graves some supper and got myself some while Annie did a math review and some in her music theory book. Sallie woke up and I fed her and put her in her crib to play while I picked up in the kids' room and vacuumed. The big kids cleaned out under their beds and I vacuumed and took out the trash.

I can finally shimmy under the toddler beds comfortably again when I'm vacuuming! I love being able to squeeze in tiny spaces and that ability, along with my flexibility, took a lot longer to return this time!
I collected laundry and started a load and unloaded and put up books P and the kids had gotten at the library while I was gone. Sallie played in the den and Peyton ate something and took a bath and got ready for work. Graves was being sassy and I sent him on to bed and then loaded the dishwasher and straightened in the study. Annie and I did a bit of writing and then I got Sallie to sleep. I went through some packages that had come in and sent a message to a friend and worked on finances. I read some blogs, finished the post I had been working on, and started a new one. I went to bed pretty late.

Thursday morning was sort of crazy. We all got up around eight thirty and I fed and changed Sallie and got my bath. Peyton wasn't home by nine and I got sort of worried. I called him and was about to call his store and he walked in. He fixed the big kids some cereal and got himself something and then went to bed. I dried my hair and went through my reader and then collected laundry and started a load. I sent several texts that I needed to and got Sallie down for a nap. I did a few things and got Annie started on her independent work and Peyton's alarm woke Sallie up. He got ready to go meet a friend for lunch and run some errands and I tried to get Sallie back to sleep. I finally gave up and she and Graves played while Annie did her work. When she finished they both had media time. Sallie played a bit and I read a few blogs and Peyton got home. He left a few minutes later to go do a drug test for Walgreens and I fixed the big kids lunch and made and ate mine. He got back and talked a bit and then I got Sallie down for a nap and Peyton took Graves to do school with him. Annie and I went over several days of her independent work, did some vocabulary and dictation, and then worked on grammar. Peyton and Graves didn't get much done because he was so tired but P kept him out of our way. I finished a post and backed up pictures and then changed over laundry and folded a bunch. I called both my parents to tell them we didn't need them to keep the kids after all. Peyton and I had planned to go to a meeting about becoming foster parents but that's a ways off and he was so tired and the kids were all coughing like crazy. Sallie woke up and I unloaded dishes and fixed supper for the big kids. They all played some and I folded more laundry. Sallie was super fussy so I tried to get her back down but that wasn't happening. I ended up letting her play in her crib with Graves for awhile and then I brushed the big kids' teeth and read the Bible to all of them. I finally did get her settled for the night and started a new post, read some blogs, and did my Bible study. I cleaned up the kitchen and folded some laundry and got ready for bed. Peyton finally got up and we started chatting and then Sallie woke up. She saw him and wanted to play- so that's what they did. Ha! I went to sleep and he brought her to me after awhile.

Peyton was working early Friday morning, but the kids and I all slept pretty late. I got up around nine thirty and fed and changed Sallie and then made the bed in our room and made up the swing and straightened in the sunroom where Peyton had napped all day the day before. I started some laundry and emptied the bathroom trash. I took my bath and then cleaned the tub while Sallie played. The big kids had breakfast and she had some crackers while I dried my hair and went through my reader. I got Sallie down for a nap, ate a snack, cleaned up her high chair, and rinsed out some dishes and put some others up that had been drying on the counter.

I wrote a blog post, backed up pictures, and read some blogs while the big kids ate a snack and had media time. They finished up and I started school with Annie. I got most of her English (phonics, grammar, spelling) review done and Sallie woke up. I fed and changed her and Graves played with her some while we finished up. Peyton got home and we talked and had a snack and then he took Sallie and did a bit of school with Graves. He was still super tired, though, so they stopped for the day. Annie did her independent work and Sallie took another nap. I did her math and writing lessons and a little more grammar and she worked some more while I read a few blogs and Peyton and Sallie napped. Annie and Graves played and folded some laundry, put up dishes, and made some lists. We ended up leaving late and getting to my parents' house around eight. It worked out perfectly, though, because Cookie and Conrad were coming into town and weren't getting in until ten, so we knew it would be a late night. I was so glad P and Sallie both got some rest. Anyway, we had a great visit. My dad had cooked a lot of food and we stayed for over an hour after the Reynauds got there.

 We got home around midnight and EVERYONE was till awake. I also busted a glass jar of tomato soup in the driveway. I was exhausted and grumpy. I cleaned it up and we got everyone to bed and then Peyton made brownies. I ate some and fell asleep and when Peyton came to bed, I woke up and we chatted. Sallie woke up a bit later and I fed her. It was a pretty good night overall.

Saturday morning was rough. Of course Peyton was at work and Sallie woke up around eight thirty and just screamed for an hour. Pretty much non-stop. She took a couple of five minute breaks, but it was awful. I tried so hard to settle her down and finally got her to go back to sleep. I got on up and started laundry and got my bath and the big kids woke up. They had breakfast and crafted some and I dried my hair and went through my reader. I ate some lunch and helped Graves pick up in his room and then did some grammar and writing with Annie. I let the big kids go outside for half an hour and I picked up in the study where we had been doing school and got out Annie's independent work. I got some stuff together to go to my parents' that afternoon and swept the driveway to make sure I had gotten all the glass up from the broken jar the night before.I searched for the van keys and changed over laundry and started the dishwasher.

Sallie woke up and I bathed her and then went out to check on the big kids and get them to come inside. Graves had somehow leaned Annie's seat in the van back and I couldn't figure out how to fix it, which stressed me out more than it should have. I sent him to time out, fed Sallie, and ran his bath. Annie started her school work and he helped me figure out how they had done it. We came in and he took his bath and Sallie played in her exersaucer and I consolidated a few small piles, made our bed, and vacuumed. I did a quick run over in the kids' room since I had done it recently but I used the suction tools in study, our room, hall, and guest bath. I also vacuumed the rug in the den. While I was working in the study, I was hurrying too much and I knocked over some breakable bookends. They only chipped a tiny bit, but then I hit my head on a cabinet. I was just so tired and frazzled. I took a little break and Sallie woke up.

Graves got out of the tub and played with her and Annie finished her school work and got in. I hung up a bunch of kids' clothes and folded and put up some other laundry. The big kids had lunch and Sallie took another quick nap. I texted Cookie and got a lot of work done prepping several blog posts for the week. I got a bit more caught up in my reader and ate something myself and then put up some more laundry. I did a few other things and Sallie woke up and we got ready to go.

Mickey and Minnie were at a suprise birthday party for a friend when we got there and we had such a nice time visiting with Cookie and Conrad. The big kids were so polite and chill and enjoyable and Sallie was even more delightful than usual because of all the sleep she had gotten. My parents got home after a couple of hours and they picked up sushi we had called in. We all visited and Peyton got there. We stayed a few more hours and then headed home.

 Oh hey, don't mind me. Just been standing here for five minutes like it's NBD. And don't mind Momma sobbing in the corner either.

That little bootie. And I will forever love this little knit rosebud dress.

Sallie's aunt and uncle are pretty smitten with her. Conrad even held her a ton this trip, which Cookie understandably loves (I told Minnie my heart probably would've skipped a beat seeing P with somebody else's baby in his arms our first couple of years of marriage but we were too busy trying to navigate becoming parents ourselves at the .8 year mark.)
 Peyton had decided he wanted to go to the farm the next day since he was off (because he had worked an extra shift) and when he asked me I was hesitant, but agree. We got home and I was so tired. I got on the computer and did a few things and then spent about an hour packing for the trip and getting everything ready for church.

I woke up in plenty of time for church but I was still so tired and had a headache and I decided I needed to sleep. I was sad to miss it since we had been sick for a couple of weeks, but I didn't really want to put Sallie in the nursery since she still had a runny nose and I felt so bad and it just made sad to miss it. I slept really late and then got up and finished getting stuff together and took my bath. We loaded up the van and I ate something on the way down. P's parents were there and it was his mom's birthday, so we picked up a cake on the way. We visited with them for an hour or so and then they headed back and I got Sallie to sleep. She took a long nap and we hung out outside while the big kids played.

They were attempting to build some sort of "shelter". Here they literally pulled a small TREE out of the ground. They are crazy. 
Peyton's brother Andrew had come over and we talked to him for a long time until he needed to leave. We came inside and Sallie woke up after a bit. Peyton ran to the store to get a few things and we ate supper. Sallie played and we all talked some and then P and the big kids went outside to the tent. I got Sallie to sleep and worked on some blog posts for the next week.

Next up: more sickness and another trip to the farm! 

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