Sunday, April 2, 2017

Annie at Eight


Our big girl turned eight today and here are eight facts about her:

1. I'm realizing more and more that Annie is avery serious child and a very intense child. Peyton loves this about her, but it's hard for me. I think some of it is projecting- I was both those things and while I had a very happy childhood, some things were hard. I want her to be more carefree and childish like her brother and sister. But just because she's not as cheerful doesn't mean she's not HAPPY and that's the main reason for my concern. I love the person she is and I don't want her to change just because it's not as comfortable for me.

2. She's the quirkiest person. I LOVE that about her. For example, the other night she fell asleep reading the dictionary.

3. She also still has plans to never marry or have children and be a single zoo keeper with lots of pets. While babies are pretty much my favorite thing on earth and I value family so much, there's nothing wrong with her current future aspirations and I try to make sure and reinforce that.

4. Almost any time she's addressing me and Peyton together she'll say "Hey, guys?"

5. Her favorite foods right now are grilled cheese sandwiches, noodles, and mashed potatoes. We are culinary kindreds.

6. She and Graves started party planning for their joint birthday in May. Initially, they thought they wanted a Star Wars theme but she reminded him that they "had already experienced that" at their cousin's birthday party and now they're working on a bird/large cat (as in: lions/tigets/ect.) theme.

7. Besides the party in May, they are each having a special day that they plan in NYC (which is what we did in lieu of a party both years we lived there on their birthdays) but when we discussed the actual day last night I told her I had planned for us to go visit my parents. She said "Oh, that sounds like a nice treat".

8. We were talking about something some of her friends had done (getting their ears pierced) that she hadn't and she told me she didn't really care about it. She walked off and then returned a few minutes later and said "You know, Momma? I like being different."

Happy Birthday, Annie Girl! We love you and are so grateful for you.

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