Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Goals and Happenings

 I don't love the design this month as much as I loved last month, but I'm still fond of it. I'm typically all about something that feels spring-y this time of year but I was on the hunt for something that felt bold and urban. Obviously, I chose the quote with regard to this month's adventure, as well. I started to go back and use some old pictures from our Brooklyn days, but there were too many sweet current ones. And they definitely do balance it out with a Spring vibe.

March was such a nice month. After lots of sickness and Peyton working extra and just a crazy month, it was very welcome. We got to spend time with a lot of friends and the weather has been amazing!

We'll be in NYC almost the whole month of April. Everyone asks what our plans are and truth be told, we don't have a lot of concrete ones.  We mostly want to visit our old favorites and spend time with friends.
- I'm super excited about MBird and being in NYC for Easter/Holy Week. The whole reason we even started considering staying longer than a week was so that we could hit both.
- We bought a year's membership to the Museum of Natural History. If we go once a week it will have paid for itself and it allows you to skip the long lines.
- Annie's very excited about visiting her favorite old parks and libraries.
- And both the big kids are wanting to go back to Coney Island, of course.

And now my March Goals. The theme this month is going to be prepping for our month in NYC and tying up loose ends. I'm making my goals pretty simple and low key.

1. Practice stillness and silence as a Lenten discipline. I think I've done alright with this. I've definitely been visiting with the Lord more than usual and that feels nice. (Faith)

2. Call Minnie more often. I've done this. But I think when we get back, I'm going to start going over to my parents' house more by myself and just sit outside on their pier by myself and/or enjoy a conversation with both of them. (Family)

3. Be intentional about spending time with our friends in traditional school during their Spring Break. We got together with several of our friends we don't see as much and we really enjoyed it.  (Relationships)

4. Spend time outside daily and go for a walk as much as possible. Did the former; not the latter. I feel pretty good about it, though. We went for a few walks and I've enjoyed this part of Spring. We'll definitely be getting our walking in in NYC. (Health)

5. Continue to write regularly. I did this- it was a lot of backlogged Weekly Happenings posts but I did sit down and do it. It feels good to be a bit more up to date.  (Creativity/Passion)

6. Read The Trumpet of the Swan aloud to Graves and Annie and try to read to them at night more often. I've been doing better about reading to them again and we just adore this book.  (Education/Edification)

7. Work on organizing in the attic. It's not done done, but I made a lot of progress up there this month. (Organization)

8. Finish preparing for our New York trip. Hahaha. Nope. I mean, there's a lot of packing that still needs to be done. I already decided to take Monday and Tuesday off from schooling and I've got some laundry to do but I'm not vacuuming/mopping/ect. until we get back. Monday and Tuesday are really going to be prep days.  (Travel)

9. Document all my spending to date. Yeah, no. I'm so terrible with this but I'm determined to track it better this year. (Finances)

10. Be vulnerable in telling others how much I love them and how thankful I am for them. I've been trying to for sure. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Go through baby stuff to donate/sell. Actually, YES. And I'm a bit surprised. I did get some stuff together for a co-worker of Peyton's a few weeks ago and it was a nice load but I really thought that would be it. I knew I had other stuff to pass along but I just didn't know that I'd make time to sort through it. But I did! And then today, sort of on a whim, I got a bunch of stuff together to consign and put it on hangers and everything. I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment. (Additional Goal)

12. Deep clean the kitchen. I wanted to scrub the baseboards and windowsills, clean the microwave and oven, clean out the fridge, and that kind of thing- I did some of this, but not all. (Additional Goal)

13. Get toddler stuff ready. SOB. I have a whole list of stuff I need to go through from toys to books to clothes. I'm going to do most of it in May, but some of it NEEDS to happen (e.g. pulling the next size of cloth diapers and getting down the baby gates from the attic). I did the diapers and gates plus some of the Summer clothes. (Additional Goal)

14. Help give a baby shower for a friend. I did this and made a diaper cake (which was I was a bit anxious about; I'm so not crafty) and it was so much fun. (Additional Goal)

15. Go on a date with Peyton. That didn't happen. Bummer. But I'm sure we'll do it when we get back. (Fun Goal)

16. Rank my project choices for the Junior League for next year and pay my annual dues. (Bonus Goal)

17. Knock out dentist appointments and haircuts before the trip. Done and done! (Bonus Goal)

And now my goals for April. Clearly, the theme is mostly just enjoying our month back in New York. I'm keeping it super low key. I didn't even include any "additional goals". I just want it to be a very chill month.

1. Attend MBird and Sunday services (plus hopefully a couple of extra during Holy Week) at Calvary-St. George's. Whew, being back for a week was so good for my soul last year; I can't wait to soak in all the Law and Gospel preaching for a MONTH. (Faith)

2. Try to stay patient and joyful in my interactions with the children (and Peyton) during this month where we are a bit out of our element. (Family)

3. Schedule and spend time with friends in New York. I'm not sure exactly who we'll see outside of church, but I'm excited about seeing some old friends. (Relationships)

4. Care for myself mentally and emotionally (e.g.- email friends at home, go out for breaks by myself, ect). (Health)

5. Prioritize writing and reading. I'm not sure if this will be easier or harder. It could be harder just because I know I'll be tired and overwhelmed and depleted but it could be easier because we just won't have as much stuff going on. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Don't lose momentum with homeschooling but also don't allow it to be a source of stress. For a variety of reasons (the kids really do better without long breaks, I'd like to stay on pace, we will likely have some down time to do it in) we're going to be doing some schooling in NYC. We'll be cutting back some and I want to keep up a good pace but also not allow it to take over. (Education/Edification)

7. Work on relabeling some blog posts. I struggled to think of how I could organize away from home and then I realized this will be an easy thing that I've been back-burnering for awhile. (Organization)

8. Relax and enjoy our days in NYC!!!! (Travel)

9. Get caught up on finances. Another easy thing to do since I'll have a computer, but no house projects/house cleaning to do. (Finances)

10. Immerse myself in a city that changed my life. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Go out to eat/get take out from our favorites in NYC and maybe find a couple of new ones. (Fun Goal)

Here's to April, a month of adventure for our little family. Let me be positive and patient and energetic and unafraid. 

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