Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Letter to (Five Year and Ten Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

Another month of sweet and funny and wonderful things and we got to share them with you!

First of all, I forgot to tell you in your last letter that you and Annie and Sallie and I finally joined Northside. It was such a special day and it's such a special place. This community has breathed love into my life and y'alls lives for a year and a half. So many people have helped me in the pew so I don't have to do this alone. This is home. And it was past time to make that official. And now it is. Thanks be to God.

What else?

One morning you woke up with what I thought was a weather headache. You finally put yourself to bed and I could hear you tossing and turning and sort of moaning until you feel asleep. Honestly, if I hadn't had those headaches for as long as I could remember it would really scare me. The first time you had one was on a crowded Brooklyn bound train. You were in the carrier and were screaming in pain. I seriously thought you might be having an anueryism. It was terrifying. Anyway, it was actually a virus this time and Annie and Sallie got sick, too. Ther hardest part might have been keeping you away from Sallie when she had fever.

You took a special trip to Primos one afternoon for lunch with Mickey and Minnie. You had the best time!

Papa used his Christmas money to get more lit tees. Now y'all have matching Harold shirts!

I made you and Annie a new daily checklist and put it on the fridge. The clothes pin moves each night to wherever they need to get on the list before they can have a treat, snack, or media time. On Sundays it's be way near the top; on days when Peyton is home and we have a big day it's be further down so y'all can get their tasks done before the business/fun starts. So, for example, if I move the pink one to the fifth row down, you would need to do everything above her independent schoolwork before you got to your privileges. 
The treat is an Oreo or whatever y'all pick and you guys can have one unhealthy snack. I was tired of y'all bugging me about it and I needed to transfer the ownership of it to you two. At Mickey and Minnie's it's a free for all and if we go out to eat or to a birthday party or something that's bonus.

I love seeing you with both your siblings. You and Annie often make Sarah Lamar the conductor of the train and recently you put pillows all around her exersaucer and made her the captain of the ship. Y'all are so good to her!

Annie told me that you told her "Teasing is how nature goes". She was so distraught and asked me if that was true. Well, it is in our family! 

The things you think about really surprise me sometime. Recently, apparently you asked Annie if she'd rather be killed or have her best friend killed.

I used to be such  a pj snob and I loved yours and Annie's little jams. In my defense, I'm also a homebody and it was/is what I see y'all in a LOT of the time. And I didn't necessarily spend much money- I just didn't buy things unless I wanted to see y'all in it. Well, I bought y'all some new cute ones. Annie only wants animal themed/animal print jammies and you love footies still. And Sallie wears- yay!!!!- whatever pleases her momma. (I am still trying to work toward Wardrobe Autonomy and y'all do have some things that are definitely not my favorites). 

You are such a fun little guy and every month with you is a new adventure and a new sketch comedy. We are so glad you're our little boy!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your pirate boat tee and madras pants are both a 4T, I believe. 

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