Saturday, April 15, 2017

Weekly Happenings #414 (March 6-12)-- Baby Gates and Baby Showers

This was a pretty ordinary, low key week. We ended up sort of baby-proofing our house and I helped host a baby shower for a friend. And Cookie and Conrad were in town for the weekend, which is always a fun treat!

Peyton and the kids got up a bit before me on Monday, but I was up a little after eight. P and I talked some and I made the bed and he hung up clothes. I straightened some around the house and the big kids cleaned up their room and had breakfast. I got my bath, dried my hair, and went through my reader. Sallie had a snack and then I straightened a few things in the kids room. I bathed Sallie and nursed her and put her down for a nap. I was looking up something on the computer and Annie did her independent work and then I did her math lesson with her and finished her English assessment that I started the Saturday before. Peyton took Graves to Walmart to get some groceries and buy an action figure and when they got back Peyton took all three kids swimming. I put up groceries, straightened in the kitchen, sorted laundry, and started a load. I hung up a bunch of clothes in our room and then made a list for the week. Peyton and the kids got home and I nursed Sallie and put her down for another nap.

I talked to Peyton some and then got to work fixing supper for us and some friends with a new(ish) baby. I cooked tomato soup, baked brownies, and made a salad. I rinsed dishes and loaded the dishwasher and then got ready and nursed Sallie when she woke up and left.  I had such a fun visit with my friend Emily and when I got home the kids were finishing up supper. I went through a big storage bin in our room and organized some and then fed Sallie and tried to get her to bed. Peyton worked on fixing up my new phone. Sallie didn't want to go to sleep so we let her play in the big kids' room in her crib. Peyton and I talked and then he took the big kids outside to camp in the play house. I loaded the dishwasher, swept in the kitchen, changed over laundry, straightened in the den, and even scrubbed a couple of kitchen cabinets. I washed my face and brushed my teeth and finished a blog post I had been trying to get done for days. I went to bed before midnight.

I got up and got going a bit after eight on Tuesday. Peyton was making pancakes and the big kids ate and picked up their room. Sallie had a snack and I did a few things and then took my bath. I dried my hair and went through my reader and then fed Sallie and got her down for her nap. I did some school with Annie- grammar, spelling, phonics, and math and she did her work. I got dressed and headed up to the League House for the placement fair (each project has a booth and I had volunteered to work at the McClean Center one for an hour). I had so much fun gushing about it and when I got home, I talked to everyone and got Sallie down for a nap. I was visiting with Peyton and about to do a few things and Graves woke Sallie up. She wouldn't go back to sleep and it was making me crazy. I ended up sending Peyton to the attic for the baby gates.
The weirdest things excite my (big) girl. I decided I could not wait another day to go get the baby gates and I sent Peyton to the attic. I needed to grab them and she said "hand me that baby". I don't even think it was the prospect of having SL contained that excited her (it certainly excites me), but just something new and different.

We got them set up and she and the big kids played for a few minutes while I straightened and then Peyton's sister called to check if it was a good time to drop by because swim team had been cancelled for them. It worked out perfectly, actually. We got in a good visit and then Peyton took Graves over to visit his parents.
Brooklyn style

Annie did her school work and I tried unsuccessfully to get Sallie to rest again. I just got her up after a girl came to the door selling stuff. I did a few things on the computer and the guys got home. Peyton got everybody supper and I folded some laundry and then tried to get Sallie to sleep. She finally fell asleep and the big kids settled down for the night and Peyton cooked some fish for us. We ate and I got on the computer to write a post and she woke up. I tried to get her back to sleep and P ended up just laying down with her. I finished the post, read some blogs, picked up the den, and cleaned up the kitchen. I rinsed and loaded dishes, swept, and wiped down the counters. Then I went to bed.

The kids and P got up around eight on Wednesday and I slept for half an hour. The big kids ate breakfast and picked up their room. I took my bath and fed and dressed Sallie and got the big kid some clothes picked out to wear to P.E. Peyton was going to take them all so I could get some stuff done around the house. I didn't even dry my hair because I knew I was going to be working hard and going in the attic, which makes me itch and need another bath anyway. They loaded up and left and I looked at my reader and went through some emails, sent a FB message to a friend, and checked on something on eBay. I straightened in the study and our room, made our bed, and picked up some stuff the big kids missed in their room. I read my devotion and had a snack and then headed to the attic. I got a TON done up there. There was still quite a bit of small stuff to sort through; but I moved around boxes, consolidated a few, and got everything organized is a systematic way. Peyton and all the kids got home just as I was finishing. He transferred Sallie from the car and she stayed asleep! He ate something and got ready for a meeting and the big kids played. Sallie woke up right before he left.

I ate my lunch, Sallie played in the den, Graves had a snack, and Annie dug in the mud =) Annie came in and took her shower and Graves started his media time, watching Star Wars in our room. Annie did the iPad in there with him when she got out of the tub. I kind of rearranged and restructured our system for how we store Sallie's board books and library books and then I put Sallie in the PnP in the room with the big kids and took my second bath. Peyton left to go to a work thing and meet a friend.
Cleaning up Valentine's stuff and I found these. We weren't very consistent with doing them for the big kids but Annie made these for Darth. So sweet!

I was going to just take a quick shower, but I wanted to be able to keep an ear our for Sallie. After I got out and dried my hair, I got Sallie to sleep and Graves took his shower. I helped Annie with her hair and changed over some laundry and then we got ready for Gus's party.

Happy Women's Day from these two feisty, STRONG little ladies. In my best and brightest dreams, I couldn't have imagined daughters this incredible. They already exceed my expectations. Ann Peyton and Sarah Lamar, you are so loved and so valuable.

I had to wake up Sallie and then I couldn't find the van keys, but we made it! We had such a fun time at the party!

Epic, elaborate Trolls themed party this afternoon and I'm pretty sure the highlight was when I let him drink an entire Coca Cola Classic. He loves them waaaay too much. Just like his momma. 

Cutest little troll I ever did see. I was JUST telling somebody that I can't imagine what Sallie will look like with hair...

Happy party girl in her stroller!

I was glad I thought to get out the stroller instead of holding her the whole time! At the end, I lost my keys again. We got all the way to the car and I had to go back and look for them. We got home and Peyton was back and two of his brothers were over visiting and eating pizza. I talked to them a bit and then they left. The big kids played outside in the dark some and Peyton and I talked and then we got them to bed and I got Sallie settled. Peyton ran to the grocery store and I worked a long time on backing up pictures. I wrote a blog post and cleared out my reader and went to bed.

I had a headache on Thursday and I got Peyton up pretty early to get up with Sallie. I actually got up and got my bath earlier than usual and felt some better. We talked and the big kids got up and it was just a tough morning with lots of fussing. They finally got their chores done and I dried my hair and had breakfast. Sallie took a VERY short nap and I called Brandon Methodist about getting some tax documents and made a dental appointment and texted a friend. We tried and tried to get Sallie back to sleep and it just wasn't happening. I took her and Annie outside to do school and Peyton and Graves worked on their work inside.

After awhile, we traded Sallie off and I got a lot more done with Annie. She and Graves had a snack and I ran to Target and Hobby Lobby to get some stuff together for a diaper cake I was making for a shower that weekend. When I got home, Peyton was cooking supper for the big kids. I got Sallie down for a nap and worked on the diaper cake. She slept for about twenty minutes but I got a lot of work done.

Peyton left for a meeting and the big kids ate their supper and played outside. I got them to come in and get ready for bed. Peyton picked up Newks and my head was hurting so bad and Sallie was back up. I got her settled again right before he got home. I ate and texted a friend, called Minnie, and got on IG a bit and then took a bath and went to bed at like nine. The nap strike paid off, I guess, because Sallie slept until like three and then didn't wake up again until eight something. I had given her some Tylenol so maybe that helped?

Peyton left for work early on Friday and the kids and I all got up a little after eight. I immediately called the pediatrician and made an appointment to get Sallie's ears checked and then touched base with my mom about keeping the big kids. I felt so good and did kind of a blitz cleanup around the whole house and consolidated dishes and put up the quilt I had gotten out the night before and picked up toys and hung up my purses. I straightened in the study, made our bed, and helped the kids really clean up their room well. Sallie played in her crib while the big kids cleaned up their room and then read and played with her and I took my bath. I got her down for a nap pretty easily and ate a snack and dried my hair. I went through my reader and rewashed some clothes I had left in the machine overnight. I scrubbed the counters and the stovetop and then had lunch. I texted with a friend and messaged another friend on Facebook and Sallie woke up. I let her do the rest of Graves's media time with him since he was watching Veggie Tales. Annie and I started her spelling work and she had not the best attitude again. We finished it and she did some grammar and dictation and then I changed over laundry and straightened a bit. I finished tearing apart a critical thinking book and hole-punched about three hundred pages to put in a binder. I dusted in the den and put on my make up and Minnie arrived. I got Sallie ready and we headed to the doctor.

He couldn't find anything wrong with her and we came home.
(I said on IG that she was about to be ten months)

I talked to Minnie a bit and then got Sallie down for another nap. Annie and Graves played outside for a long time. Peyton got home and we talked some and I vacuumed in the den and changed over laundry while he mowed the yard. We all got ready and headed to my parents' house. P and the big kids kayaked some and I talked to my dad for awhile and then visited with Minnie when she got home. The big kids got showers and we all ate supper and Cookie and Conrad got there. We had a great visit and headed home around nine thirty.

They love their "cousin" Louie.

I read some blogs and wrote a post and then I folded some laundry and went to bed.

Peyton left for work around seven thirty on Saturday and Sallie and I were both up for the day. I put her in the crib with the big kids and then made our bed, straightened around the house, and jumped in the tub. I sent a long Facebook message, dried my hair, and went through my reader. Sallie played in the den a bit while the big kids ate breakfast and I scrubbed some gross caked-on dishes. I got her down for a nap and vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen. I started a load of laundry, and folded a clean load, and ate a quick snack. I emptied the bathroom and study trash and swept and scrubbed the bathroom floors. I got dressed did my make up and Peyton's mom and dad got here. I got to visit with them some and then I told Annie and Graves bye when Minnie and Cookie got here. We headed to the shower that Cookie and I were helping host. It was so much fun and we were there for several hours. I got to visit with a bunch of people I don't see much.

We got back to our house around three o'clock and Peyton's parents said the kids had been great. Sallie had slept most of the time and hadn't fussed at all. They left and I nursed her and then let Graves have his media time. Annie joined him and I folded a bunch of clothes and started more laundry. After they finished, I got Sallie down for another nap. I rested myself, texted a friend, and folded more laundry while Annie and Graves played. Graves unloaded dishes and Annie and I did some spelling and vocabulary.

Sallie finally woke up and we headed over to my parents' house to visit and have sushi. I got there and realized I had left the house keys in the door. I left the kids and drove back home, got them, and came back. We had a great visit and the sushi tasted better than ever! Peyton got there at eight thirty and stayed an hour and a half. I bathed Sallie and brushed the big kids' teeth and we headed home around ten. I got on the computer and did a few things and went to bed around midnight. Sallie slept great again.

It was the time change and Sunday morning was pretty rough. We got a late start and were running behind, but we made it (Annie was so helpful with breakfast and getting the bags together and such). We got there and I dropped them off and I really enjoyed Sunday school. I picked up the big kids and their teacher was doing the extended session so she invited them both to come back (Annie's really too old). They did great for the first part and I got to absorb a lot more of the sermon than usual =) We headed home after Graves ran in front of a car in the parking lot. Graves had to stop and go to the bathroom at a rest stop on the Trace and then Annie went. And Cookie called me kind of stressed out about some family stuff.  Sallie fell asleep on the way home, but I nursed her and got her back to sleep and the big kids had media time. I ate some lunch, called Peyton, cleared my reader, and worked on a blog post. Sallie was still asleep so I texted my dad and Cookie and then took a nap while the big kids played.

Sallie woke up and I changed her diaper and clothes and nursed her and then did stuff around the house- picking up, cleaning up a mess where the big kids had fixed a snack, collecting laundry, and unpacking the church bags. I even went to the attic and got down my Spring bedding for the sunroom and changed the sheets and put on the fresh duvet cover. I got a load of laundry going and Annie asked if I could put Sallie's exersaucer outside with them. I did and folded a bunch while I watched them out the window.
Look, I know there are strong opinions about DST and I hate losing sleep as much as (more than??) the next person, but this was at six o'clock, it still looks like it could be noon, and my small people (baby included!) were going on two hours playing while I folded laundry and watched them out a window. (FWIW, Sallie was fussing inside and Annie suggested I bring her out in her PnP or exersaucer to watch them ride bikes because she'd "probably enjoy that more". I told her about the laundry and she said "we'll take care of her, Momma.")

I called Minnie and then Sallie got fussy so I brought her in and changed her and nursed her. She took a super short nap and I cleaned off the exersaucer where it had gotten muddy, ate something and changed over laundry and started another load and worked on a blog post. Sallie woke up and the big kids came in and they ate supper and she ate some crackers and fruit. I folded a bunch more clothes and sent a Facebook message. I got the big kids settled and Peyton got home. We talked and I got Sallie to sleep and then we ate supper and made a batch of brownies and visited some more. I fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up and sent a FB message and worked on a blog post and then went back to bed.

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