Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekly Happenings #415 (March 13- 19)-- Haircuts and Doctors Appointments

I was really trying to knock out some stuff before our big New York trip. All of us but Sallie got haircuts, Sallie had her nine month well baby check, and I had a dentist appointment.

I actually got up before Peyton and the big kids on Monday. I fed Sallie and played with her a bit and then everyone got up. Peyton made breakfast and I got my bath and got ready for the day and made the bed. We all got ready and headed over to his sister's house for a play date. We had a fun time and when we got home, Sallie was asleep. Peyton transferred her and we all had lunch and the big kids had media time. I kind of laid around because I had a headache. I did make a trip to the attic and get a few things organized after Sallie woke up. I did a LOT of school with Annie- math, two English lessons that included an assessment and some spelling, and then writing, narration, and a new critical thinking book. Sallie took another nap and Peyton took the big kids swimming. I worked on clearing some stuff off my iPhone so he could use it since he got a new phone and then uploaded pictures from the big camera.

Sallie woke up and P and the big kids got home and Peyton cooked supper while I folded and put up a TON of socks. We got the kids settled and I got Sallie changed and ready for bed. I fed her and put her to sleep and then uploaded and edited pictures which took awhile. I had a snack and went to bed.

Sweetest baby; sweetest papa

Sallie had an early well baby check so I got up around seven thirty on Tuesday and got ready for that and Peyton got her dressed. The check up went well and after that we ran by the bank and the grocery store.
Back at the doctor, this time for her nine month well baby visit. She's got a weepy little eye and is drooling like fool, but she was back to her normal, sweet self. 

 A little Sallie selfie. That look, y'all. She cracks me up. 

 It was so cold! We came home and Annie read to her and I put up groceries, straightened a bit, and started some laundry. I got Sallie down for a nap and did a few things on the computer and made a list for the day. I got some corn chowder ready and started cooking it in the crock pot. I did a bunch of school with Annie- two writing lessons, spelling, grammar, and math. She and Graves had lunch and took quick showers and then we woke Sallie up and all went to get haircuts. Everyone did great and we stopped at the Mexican restaurant on the way home and ate.
Fresh haircuts and suckers for excellent behavior. We were trying to knock out a lot before our New York trip. 

 We got home and Sallie took another nap and the big kids played. I straightened and took a short nap myself. Sallie woke up and we all had supper and Peyton played with the kids a bit and then got Annie and Graves settled. I cleaned up the kitchen, bathed Sallie and got her to sleep, and wrote a blog post and went to bed.

We all slept a little late on Wednesday. I started some laundry when I woke up with Sallie and then went back to sleep. Ha! We got up and everyone just kind of got their own breakfast and then I took my bath. I dried my hair and made the bed and did a few other things and then got Sallie down for her nap. Annie did her independent work and I helped her do a math lesson that she mostly already knew how to do and then Peyton fixed pork chops and veggies for lunch. I scrubbed the tubs, toilets, and bathroom sinks and worked on a blog post. Sallie woke up and we all ate and I changed over laundry and changed the kitchen chair cushions. I folded a bit of laundry and cleaned up Sallie's high chair and Peyton cleaned her up. I hung up some clothes in the kids' room and then took a few things to the attic. We gave the kids their birthday presents and Peyton went for a bike ride.

We gave the kids their birthday presents early since we were going to be gone in April (and since Sallie's went with Annie's). When Annie got the huge Darth Vader, Peyton went back to the store and got Graves the storm trooper and we put it in the attic until his birthday. We took him up there the other day and surprised him and he's had SO much fun with him! I don't think I've mentioned it, but Midnight got lost awhile back and Annie's handled it so well but it was clear she missed her so badly. So we got her three new owls!!! She LOVES them and named the orange and black one "Midday" (we know Midnight is somewhere at P's parents and that she'll turn up some day). And Sallie got two of her own little Beanie Boos! We were hopefully would be an extra motivating factor for Annie to play with her and it worked!

I got Sallie down for another nap, messaged with some friends, straightened some,  swept in the kitchen, and folded more laundry. Peyton got home and Sallie woke up. I put up the last bit of the laundry and Peyton made brownies and cleaned up the kitchen. I dusted and vacuumed in the bedrooms and study, vacuumed the bathrooms, and took out the bathroom trash. Peyton left to go pick up some pizzas and I got dressed and fixed my make up and straightened a few more things and the Howies got here. We had such a fun visit and the kids played really well.

They left around eight and I got Sallie to bed and picked up in the den some. Peyton got the big kids settled and I got on Facebook and read some blogs and finished a post and then went to bed myself. Sallie slept great.
sweetest little brother, sweetest big sister

We all slept late on Thursday morning. I got up and got my bath, made our bed, and dried my hair. I tried to get Sallie to sleep, but I couldn't. I ate something, texted my dad and a friend, and started a load of cloth diapers and got ready and headed to my dentist appointment. Peyton got a bunch of school knocked out with Graves before I even left. I had to have a filling replaced and the appointment took about an hour. I got home and Peyton left for lunch with a friend. The appointment had made me super anxious and I was worried about the drugs the dentist used to numb my mouth. Peyton was supposed to have looked up if it was okay with breastfeeding but he forgot. He had already started thawing a bottle and then read it was fine. UGH. I did go ahead and nurse Sallie and she took awhile and then went to sleep. The big kids rode bikes in the driveway an I made a list for the day, straightened the fridge, and ate some soup.

Peyton got home and had me a milkshake and our neighbors from down the street came over for a playdate. They stayed a couple of hours and I had fun visiting with the momma while Annie and Graves and their friend played outside. Sallie woke up right before they left and as soon as they went home, we got ready to head to Mickey and Minnie's for beans and rice. We had a really good visit but I was super tired. When we got home, we got the big kids settled and I got Sallie to sleep and then I did a few things on the computer and went to bed. Sallie woke up and was up from around two thirty to four thirty wanting to play. UGH. I ended up putting her in her crib in the big kids' room with some books and turning on her aquarium for part of that time.

Poor Peyton was up some and he had to be at work until eight and was working a longer Friday shift than usual. The big kids and I slept until nine something and Sallie just combined her morning nap with the rest of her night's sleep and didn't wake up until around eleven. I worked on a blog post and texted with Minnie and a friend and talked to Peyton on the phone. I ate breakfast, started a load of laundry, and got my bath. I dried my hair. About that time, Sallie woke up. The big kids had gotten some breakfast and were riding bikes outside. I played on IG and then straightened some and was running Sallie a bath in the sink and then I decided to put up Peyton's bike on the hanger in the laundry room and forgot and I overflowed the sink in the kids' bathroom.

I got them to come in and they worked on cleaning up their room while I soaked up water with towels and bathed Sallie. I ended up cleaning out Graves's drawer under the sink and straightening and organizing the cabinets under it. Graves brought a bunch of laundry to the laundry room and Annie played with Sallie and I fixed them some noodles for lunch.

 I put up some clothes and when I finished Annie did her independent work and Graves unloaded the dishes. I worked on getting the squirt/spray bottles for diaper changes refilled and then decided to try to scrub some of the stickiness off one. After that, I got Sallie down for a nap and did about half of Graves's English assessment with him. I wiped down the high chair and swept the kitchen floor and the big kids had media time. I talked to Peyton on the phone and folded a bit more laundry and then finished a blog post. Annie and I did some English (spelling and grammar and dictation) and Sallie woke up towards the end of it.
Annie is CONSTANTLY writing/crafting/list making these days. I love these little arrows she made for the hall (and I love how she, clearly as an afterthought, labeled our room as Sallie's "right now".

 We finished up and the big kids went outside for a bit and I ate a bowl of soup. They ate supper out there and then they came in and I a did a little more school with Graves. Both the big kids took baths and I folded laundry and watched TV.
I had the girls try on their Easter dresses. Annie held Sarah Lamar for a picture but was trying SO hard not to get drooled on.

Peyton got home and he got on the computer and then read to them. Sallie woke up for awhile and she played in her crib and I put up laundry and got fresh sheets on our bed and then I got her back to sleep. I finished the show I was watching and P and I chatted and went to bed.

Sallie got up around eight thirty on Saturday. and I put her in the big kids' room and slept a bit longer. I got up at nine and got my bath, dried my hair, and cleared my reader. Sallie played and the big kids had breakfast and then headed outside. I made up the bed, straightened in the den, started a load of laundry, and rinsed dishes and started a load of them, too. Sallie took a nap and I worked on a couple of blog posts and made a list for the day. She woke up and I folded some laundry and put it up while she played some in the den. The big kids came in and I fixed us all lunch. Sallie had some pineapple in her mesh feeder! I cleaned her up after she finished and she played with Graves in her crib while Annie had media time. 

I messaged a friend and changed over laundry and then got Sallie. She hung out some more in den and I folded some and then got her down for a nap. Annie played outside while I did some school with Graves and then he joined her and I cleaned the microwave (which was awful) and finished a blog post.
Found him outside behind the trellis reading a Tasha Tudor book. He couldn't be more beautiful if he tried. But this is the story of my life. And his. Because not ten minutes earlier, he hoisted and dangled his sister over the baby gate, Micheal Jackson style. Fortunately, she was just unscathed as her balcony predecessor (and probably as unphased- normal is so relative when you're Little Sallie Sunshine/Blanket Jackson).

 I got Annie to come in and I did English- vocabulary and spelling- with her. Sallie woke up just as we got started and Graves played with her some. They both had snacks and went back outside. I let them have a little time to play and then they came in and did chores. Annie folded laundry and Graves unloaded dishes. Annie did some math and then I fixed them supper. They ate and I got Sallie to sleep and then they both took baths. I worked on another blog post and got them out before Peyton got home. When he got home, we talked and ate supper and cooked some brownies. Sallie woke up and I changed, bathed, and fed her and then she played a bit while I finished another post and got stuff ready for church the next day.

We had a good Sunday. I got up and got ready while Sallie was still asleep. She had woken up at six and before that she had slept a long stretch since midnight. I was thrilled. Anyway, she stayed asleep the whole time I got my bath and dried my hair and even after I got the big kids up and helped them get dressed and got their breakfast. I fed her and changed and dressed her and we got on the way. I enjoyed the discussion in Sunday school and the big kids did great during the service and we even sat with some of their little friends. After church, the nursery worker told me she thought Sallie might have a fever. She was pretty hot and I took it when we got home. It was slightly higher than usual, but not by much. I got her down for a nap and worked on a blog post.

 Some days I feel like AP's made huge strides emotionally. And some days I feel like she's more inflexible and intense than ever. I'm genuinely mentally preparing for when the hormones hit. Graves mentioned the (HYPOTHETICAL, DISTANT FUTURE) plan for him and Sallie to move to the back of the van together and she came undone. She wanted me to promise there would never be another child back there and when I said I couldn't commit to that she said "you can you just don't want to". Which, true, but I told her I wasn't determining our family planning on her having an entire row in the van and that I take a lot of her opinions into consideration, but that wasn't going to even be a small factor.

Gratefully, the conversation changed to what kind of car she wanted one day. Answer: none; it's too dangerous- she will walk or ride her bike. I then asked her, partly because I think it's hysterical to engage her in this stuff, if she'd be willing to ride in other people's cars. She said she wouldn't ride with Graves her because she doesn't even trust him to split a piece of candy fairly. She said she might trust her friends Aubrey and Mary Milton but she'd want them to take her on a practice trip around the block first. I asked her if she'd be comfortable telling them if their driving didn't meet her safety standards. She said she would try to be nice and say "This might hurt your feelings, but I don't feel safe riding with you". I hope THAT sticks.

Graves then mentioned that "girls are bad drivers". I was shocked but he explained he came to this conclusion because *I* am a bad driver and he overheard a conversation P and I were having where I asked him if a dent in the van was something I had done or Granny had done (he imitated our voices perfectly). Annie asked "How does that even relate to girls being bad drivers?" He couldn't really explain the connection, but he made it and she didn't and that's always so interesting to me when it happens (though it happens often these days).

I'm pretty firm about my "no school on the Sabbath rules" but I feel like the pre and post church van conversations should earn us all three some credits in something. Whew....Sunday kinda tired. 

The big kids had a snack, did their media time, and then played outside.

Could she be any dorkier? Her t-shirt was P's and it says "Give a hoot, don't pollute!" and is tucked in and causing the bubble butt so that she can ride her bike with less risk of injury. A lot of the time, I laugh so hard when she gets herself dressed. 

I made myself a grilled cheese, started unpacking our church stuff, and loaded the dishwasher. I ate my lunch and just relaxed some. Sallie woke up and I played with her a little bit and then fixed the big kids a late lunch/early dinner since they'd had a big snack earlier.

Just so pleased with herself. Too big for her britches (or bishop, whatever).

Sallie ate some crackers with them and I started a load of laundry, finished loading dishes and ran the dishwasher, and finished unpacking the church bags. Sallie took another nap that was super short and I baked some brownies for the big kids and picked up a little. Sallie woke up and they ate and then came in to get settled. I rinsed some dishes and tried to get her to sleep. She wasn't having it but she seemed so tired. I finally gave up and took her in the big kids' room and put her in the crib. I cooked fish for me and Peyton and he got home and we ate. I cleaned up the kitchen and P read to the kids and I got on the computer. I got Sarah Lamar to sleep and read to them some and she woke back up. It took me a long time, but I laid down with her and we finally both fell asleep.

Next up is the last full week of March!

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