Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weekly Happenings #416 (March 20-26)-- Science Museums and Swamp Visits

This was a fun week! We got a membership to the science museum so we went there and then visited a nearby swamp. We hung out with my parents a couple of times and otherwise had a pretty uneventful week!

Sallie was up a bunch and Peyton came in our room really early on Monday and woke her up, so he just took her. I got up a bit later and Peyton fixed breakfast. I made the bed and straightened and then took my bath and dried my hair. I went through my reader and email, did my devotion, and got Sallie down for a nap. Annie did her independent work and Peyton and Graves did some school. I worked on some blog posts. After she finished her independent work, Annie and I checked some of her critical thinking together and I discussed some other work with her. Then we did an English assessment and she did some copywork. We all had lunch and Sallie woke up and we got ready to go to the science museum.

We had a really good time at the museum and stopped at Newk's on the way home.
 Answer: 36. Such a fun day at the science museum!

 Babes had fun, too. We start early at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs =)
 And then Newks outside! SL had her favorite snack- about eight Ritz crackers.

When we got home, the big kids rode their bikes and I tried to get Sallie to rest. She wouldn't take a nap and after a while, we all headed to the library. We didn't stay long and when we got home, I started laundry and tried, again unsuccessfully, to get Sallie to sleep. Peyton fixed the big kids supper and then they had media time and he got Sallie to bed. I got on the computer a bit, ate something, changed over laundry, and got a check ready to go in the mail and then went to sleep.

Peyton was taking the big kids and leading nature journaling with the homeschool group at a swamp about forty minutes away on Tuesday. I got up and gave Sallie to Peyton around seven something and then got up at eight thirty and decided that Sallie and I should go, too. I ate the egg Peyton had cooked for me and got a quick bath and got the kids' clothes out. I dried my hair and got some stuff together and we got on our way. I'm glad I went! Sallie took a good nap in the Tula and I visited with several of the other moms.
perfect day for a swamp visit and Tula nap!

Sleepy Little Sallie sure loves nature and her momma sure loves her!

We tried to drop off the recycling on the way home but it was full and then stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. Peyton made lunch and I unloaded the van and cleaned it out a bit. I texted with some friends and started laundry and we all ate. I made up our bed, straightened and dusted in the den, and did a few other things and Peyton cut the yard while all three kids played outside.

 Her happy not her bed.

I organized some of our camping stuff in the study closet and then brought Sallie back in and she did take a nap. P and I talked and the big kids kept playing and then his brother stopped by to pick up something. Peyton cooked supper and I fed Sallie some applesauce and Graves unloaded and loaded dishes and Annie folded laundry. All three kids and I ate supper and then I bathed Sallie and got her to bed.
taco night = bath night (this was just the beginning) 

Peyton ran to Lowe's and Best Buy and the big kids had media time. I cleaned up the kitchen and started some laundry. I put up the leftover, loaded more dishes and started a cycle, and scrubbed the counters.
Annie folded this pretty significant laundry pile. I can't take much credit, but Peyton's really pushing them with chores. Sweeping is one of her chores and she HATES it but we wanted her to know sometimes we all have to do chores we dislike so she's done it for awhile and I think we're about to rotate her indefinitely and let her take charge of a good bit of laundry (Bud collects it and loads/unloads the dishwasher- this chore scheme was largely what convinced P to get one again). Anyway, I'm sure the novelty will wear off but she said she loves seeing all the designs on everyone's clothes. It's one of my favorite chores, but I'm happy to pass a bit of it off.

I put up some dishes and straightened some and then got on the computer for awhile. I worked on a post and did my Bible study and then I vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen. Peyton and I talked and had a snack and went to bed around one. At which point, the baby woke up. She was up several times between one and seven and it wasn't her best night.

I actually did get up with her for a little bit and then passed her off to Peyton and went back to bed until eight thirty on Wednesday. I got up and ate breakfast and took a quick bath. I helped Peyton get all three kids ready and they left for P.E. and to run errands. I got on the computer and worked on backing up some pictures and checked my email and glanced at my reader. I made the bed, straightened some piles in the study, and picked up in the den. The kids had mostly cleaned their room, but I picked up a few things and made Graves's bed and then organized a little in my closet. I sorted laundry, started a load, and put up most of the load Annie had folded the night before. Then I dusted and vacuumed in the bedrooms and study.

I made a trip to the attic to get some hangers and a few other things and take a load up. Peyton and the kids got home as I finished and he and I ate lunch. I nursed Sallie and he fixed lunch for the big kids. Poor Graves was super tired from staying up too late and was SO grumpy. Sallie took a nap and I did a few things and rinsed some dishes and then our neighbors who were coming over got here. We had such a fun time and when they left Annie and Graves played outside some. I read a few blogs and Sallie woke up.
sweet Sister Baby!

The big kids ate supper and P headed to a meeting. Sallie played and I ate something and then Annie and Graves came in and did laundry and dishes, respectively. I talked to Minnie on the phone and they had media time. Peyton got home and helped me get everyone settled. We chatted and I worked on a post and went to sleep.

Sallie slept SO GREAT and we all slept really late on Thursday. I got up and took my bath, dried my hair, and went through my email. I made our bed, sent a couple of Facebook messages, started laundry, and went through my reader. I had lunch and Annie did her independent work and Peyton did school with Graves and I got Sallie down for a nap. P took the big kids to the grocery store and I did a few things I needed to do for the Junior League like paying my dues and selecting my placements for the next year. I got some school stuff ready for Annie and worked on a couple of blog posts and when they got back home, I did a lot of spelling and phonics with Annie. She and Graves both had baths and then had media time and I folded some laundry, straightened, and blogged some more. Peyton left for a meeting and we got ready to go to my parents'.

Annie heard Sis wake up and she ran and got these guys to "entertain her". It worked- she thinks they're really her friends!

We got there a little late but we had a nice super and a fun visit.

On her tiptoes stretching soooo hard for Mick's remote. Maybe another gal with a "great determination of purpose" as he so accurately described Annie?

We got home around ten and Sallie was asleep. Peyton was home and we got the big kids settled and then talked some. I read some blogs and finished a post and went to bed.

Sallie was up a few times but the kids and I all slept LATE on Friday. Graves woke up around seven something and came in the room and snuggled with me and we all got up for the day around nine thirty. I told Graves a story, made the bed and scrolled through IG, and then got my bath. I got Sallie down for her nap and went through my reader and made my lunch. I ate and the big kids finished cleaning up their room and then had their media time. I uploaded a bunch of pictures and drafted some blog posts. Sallie woke up and I fed and changed her and Annie folded laundry and Graves loaded the dishwasher. I helped them both some and they had lunch. Sallie ate some Cheerios with them and then they went outside to ride bikes.

 Another day, another note.

I folded another load of laundry and cleaned up lunch and started the dishwasher while Sallie played. Sallie took a nap and I finished up my chores and then just relaxed a bit. Peyton got home and he did school with Graves and I did school with Annie. We got a lot done before Sallie woke up! I did some spelling work with her and then she did her math and independent work. Sallie woke up and we all got ready to go swimming. I made myself a sandwich and ate it in the car.

Peyton swam laps first while I played with the kids in the little pool and then he took Annie to swim some laps. Then we traded and I swam laps. I swam five regular and three back stroke and it just about killed me. Ha! We came home and the big kids ate and I got Sallie to bed. I read some blogs, addressed some thank you notes, and boiled some pasta. I cleaned up the kitchen- rinsed dishes and swept and such and then ate my supper. Peyton had fallen asleep on the sofa and he got up and made some brownies. We talked and went to bed.

Sallie woke up quiet a few times and Peyton had to work on Saturday. The kids and I all slept until about nine and then I got my bath. The big kids played and had breakfast and I dried my hair.

She still isn't sleeping through the night and I have no grand illusions the pack n play will be leaving our bedroom any time in the near future. But let me tell you what's magical: we've established a pretty consistent routine where she bookends her day with about an hour of playtime in the mornings and evenings in her crib in our master bedroom turned Peter Pan style "nursery" all three kids are intended to share. She watches her brother and sister play, Annie hands her toys she knows are baby approved, and Graves often joins her in the crib for part of the time. On Saturdays and Sundays when Peyton works twelve hour shifts, it's kinda integral to my sanity. I love it because it's a break for me but I also love it because it's a special time for Sallie. And for Annie and Graves.

Sallie and I had some cereal and they went outside to play. I emptied the trash in the kitchen and bathroom, swept the kitchen floor, scrubbed a tub, and rinsed some dishes. I straightened in the sunroom where Peyton had left a bunch of school stuff the day before, made our bed and folded up some blankets on the couch, and started a load of laundry.

The big kids went outside to play and I cleaned Sallie up and put her down for a nap. Annie and Graves came in after a bit and took baths and I finished a blog post, texted with a friend, and made some lists. Sallie woke up and the big kids had a snack and we quickly picked up their room. I put all the bedding back on Graves's bed because he had stripped it off and then got the big kids started on school. Sallie played SO well and Annie did her independent work and I ate lunch. Most of what I needed to actually teach Annie was stuff I could easily explain and I did that and gave her work to reinforce and tried to work with Graves. He did two math sheets practiced writing his numbers and did an English page. Annnnd it took over an hour. We got it done, though, and Annie finished her work. She had media time (he had to miss his because he slammed a door in anger) and I got Sallie down for a nap. I hung up some clothes, finished another blog post, made another list, and rested some myself. I finished up Graves's school work- he played an English game with Annie and lined up some magnetic numbers and we went over some phonograms.

Sallie woke up and I fed her and the big kids rode bikes some and I ran to the attic for a few things. I got the big kids to come in and do chores- Graves unloaded and loaded dishes and Annie folded clothes and Sallie watched them. They had supper and Sallie played in her exersaucer in the kitchen and then I got the big kids settled and her to bed. Peyton had to stay late and it took awhile to get Sallie to sleep. I finally did and then I read a good bit to the big kids. I got on the computer for a minute and Peyton got home. He had picked up a few groceries and I helped him unload them and put them up and finished getting stuff ready for church. We ate supper and I folded some clothes and then we went to bed.

Sunday was a good day. Peyton got up late and hurried off to work and Sallie woke up. She was kind of fussy but did okay playing while I got ready and helped the big kids get ready and eat breakfast. Sunday school was nice and church was great, although Graves didn't have his best Sunday, behavior wise. We were supposed to meet a friend for lunch but she had to cancel. We came home and I got Sallie down for a nap. The big kids had media time and I ate my lunch and read some blogs. I finished a couple of blog posts and rested a bit and talked to P on the phone. Sallie woke up and I got the big kids inside.

We cleaned up their room, collected laundry, and emptied the dishwasher. I put up our church bags and clothes and we got ready and headed to my parents' house. We had a great visit and stayed later than I meant to. When we got home, I transferred Sallie and got the big kids to bed. Peyton was home and we talked some and I just played on my phone and then went to bed.

When we've been there ten thousand years, 
bright shining as the sun. We've no less days to sing God's praise 
than when we first begun. 
Nobody looking at the camera, but honestly I'd rather them be doting on their sister. Graves legit consumed (as in: ate) a paper towel during the worship service, but I'm pretty unphased.

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