Thursday, April 13, 2017

Weekly Happenings Post #413 (February 27-March 5)-- Feels Like Spring

This was a pretty ordinary week, but it started to really feel like Spring, which was nice!

Monday was a nice day. It was raining and I got up around eight thirty when Peyton took Graves to the dentist. He had been up with Sallie for awhile and I changed and dressed her and then worked on getting her down for a nap. It took awhile and she didn't sleep very long. I straightened some in the den, made our bed and Graves's bed, picked up a bit in their room, and took my bath. Annie did her chores and had media time. I dried my hair and went through my reader and Peyton and Graves got home. Sallie woke up and we talked and then got Annie started on school. I started some laundry, loaded and started the dishwasher, uploaded some pictures from my phone and edited them, and backed up some more pictures. I also took a quick drive around the neighborhood to make sure I could still drive standard. I was driving Peyton's car that night and it had been months since I had done it.

The big kids had lunch and then Peyton took them to Pump It Up. Sallie took another nap and I texted my mother in law and took a quick nap myself. Sallie woke up and I got her back to sleep and got out and looked over some school stuff for Annie. I read some blogs and wrote a post and worked on another one. Peyton and the big kids got back and Sallie woke up. I did a few things, vacuumed Annie's bed where her nature collection had spilled, and got ready and headed to the McClean Center. I stopped and got gas on the way. We had several new children that night and it was a FULL house. I couldn't get my keychain thing to open the car and I called Peyton and then Minnie when he didn't answer. The security guard and another lady waited with me. Minnie got there and took me to a Rite Aid to meet Peyton and the kids. They had been to a little celebration with the Harkins for Gus's birthday. Peyton realized I had found the lost set of van keys and had been desperately clicking them. Ha! I found the keys to his car and he took me back to the center and Minnie went home. I drove the kids back home in the van and P went back to the Rite Aid to visit a friend. I got the kids settled and they all fell asleep FAST. I did a few things on the computer and ate something and talked to Peyton when he got home. I went to bed around eleven thirty.

Peyton got up before seven with Sallie on Tuesday and I slept an extra hour. I hurried and got ready and grabbed a few things and we all went to the coffee shop for the "Young Orators" event where the big kids were practicing giving speeches. We had fun and visited with a friend and hung around a little bit afterwards. Sallie fell asleep in the car on the way home and we just rolled the windows down and checked on her often. I straightened around the house- made our bed and picked up in the kids' room, den, and study. I got some lunch, made a couple of graphics on my phone, and finished a blog post. The big kids had media time and then started school and Sallie woke up. I fed her and changed her diaper and bathed her while Annie did her independent work. Peyton took Graves and Sallie to the grocery store and I fixed Annie a snack and unloaded and reloaded dishes. She helped me unload a bit while I was microwaving something and then I started some laundry and dusted in the bedrooms and the study. I put fresh sheets on the crib and pack n play and then Annie and I did English- writing, phonics, and spelling. Peyton, Graves, and Sallie got home and I let Annie have a little break to play with Graves and got Sallie down for a nap. Peyton put up some of the groceries and then Annie and I did some grammar and dictation. I put up the rest of the groceries Peyton had left out and organized some. Sallie woke up and Peyton took all three kids swimming at the Y. I got on the computer for a bit and then started cooking fish and asparagus. I vacuumed the bedrooms and the study and Peyton and the kids got home. We all ate and Peyton got the big kids to be and I nursed Sallie and got her to sleep. I read some blogs, read my Bible, wrote some thank you notes, made a list for the next day, and had a snack. I had dumped everything out of Sallie's pj drawer in my dresser earlier when I was looking for something, so I straightened and organized it and took out the stuff she had outgrown. I went to sleep around midnight.

Sallie woke up pretty early (7ish?) on Wednesday and Peyton was up getting ready to ride his bike. I put her in her crib and he woke up the big kids and I slept another hour. She had actually had a great night and gone a really long stretch. I got Annie's school stuff together, started some laundry, fed Sallie, and talked to Peyton. I brushed Annie's hair (P had given both big kids showers) and they got ready and headed to Graves's dentist appointment and to P.E. I put Sallie down and then I wasted some time on Facebook. She woke up when I got in the tub but got herself back to sleep. She woke up again when I was drying my hair. I finished that and tried to get her resettled and ate some breakfast and went through my reader. She was still having a hard time off and on so I got her up. I played with her a little and fed her and bathed and dressed her and then I put fresh sheets on the big kids' beds.

sweet girl chewing on a toy! 

I changed over laundry and Peyton and the big kids got back. I took Annie's monthly picture and she finished her independent work and then had media time. I had lunch and Peyton did some school with Graves. I hung up some clothes and helped Graves load dishes and Peyton got ready to go do a quick training thing for a pharmacy where he's going to pick up an occasional shift. I put Sallie down for another nap and Annie and I did grammar and spelling. Sallie woke up and we did some writing. Peyton got home and we talked and I took a super short nap. When I got up, I changed over my big calendar to March and set up some different decorative things on the side table. I sent several FB messaged and then browned some meat and cooked some canned beans and we had tacos and corn on the cob. We all ate at the table and Sallie had some crackers. I cleaned up a bit and put up the leftover food and got the pots and pans washed while the kids finished and then I got Sallie cleaned off and nursed her and put her to bed. I got on the computer for a minute, did my monthly quote for the kitchen, and then changed over laundry and did a few more things in the kitchen and went to bed.

We got up around eight on Thursday and Peyton got ready and helped get the big kids ready and they went to run a couple of errands- P needed to drop something off at the place he had trained the day before and they needed to go get Graves's birth certificate (somehow we didn't have a copy). There were pest control people coming to treat our house and I made the bed and picked up a bit before they got here. Peyton talked to them as they were leaving and I put Sallie in her crib to play while I took a bath. She played well and then got fussy when I was drying my hair. I put her down for a nap and finished drying my hair and went through my email and reader. I sent a couple of Facebook messages and started working on my blog design. I looked over Annie's school work for the day and her piano lessons she needed to practice. Sallie woke up and Peyton and the big kids got home and I looked over her math and talked to P and realized I needed to get going to meet a friend for lunch. I grabbed Sallie to nurse her and she had a leaky diaper. I changed it, fed her, got dressed and did my make up, and passed her off to Peyton. I met Megan, one of my old friends from college, for Mexican and we had such a fun visit. I ran by Target afterward. When I got home, I made a list and then started school with Annie. We did grammar, dictation, writing, and math and she worked on her music theory book and practiced piano. Peyton helped both big kids get showers and they got ready to go the library for a Dr. Seuss play. He offered to take Sallie so I could get more done and I sent them on their way.

I picked up a bit in the den and in the kids' room, sorted laundry, wiped down the kitchen counters, and dusted in the den. I took out the trash and the recycling and cleaned out the trash can where it had leaked. I took a quick break and then loaded dishes and vacuumed in the den. I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen, sunroom and laundry room. I did a few other quick things around the house and then went to pick up Peyton and the kids at the library (they had walked). We went over to my parents and had a really good time. When we got home, all the kids went right to sleep! I finished my blog design, cleared my reader, sent a FB messaged, read my Bible, wasted time on Facebook, and ordered an SD card reader from Amazon. I went to bed pretty late.

Peyton left for work around seven thirty on Friday and I changed and fed Sallie and put her in her crib in the big kids' room and slept for about half an hour. I got up and straightened some, made the bed, and got my bath. Sallie was super fussy and tired but wouldn't take her nap. I tried and tried and got my hair dried and ate some cereal and finally just gave up. She played and I straightened up the sunroom where P and Graves had done school the day before and cleaned the guest bathroom before piano, which was at our house that wek.

Our friends got here and the big girls had their lesson. It went well. There wasn't much time to play afterwards because the Aubrey and Mary Milton had play practice. Everyone left and I finally got Sallie to take a nap. The big kids had media time and I rested a bit myself, did my Bible study, read a few blogs, and ate lunch. I wrote two thank you notes and Sallie woke up. The big kids ate their lunch and played and I folded and put up a ton of laundry and texted some friends. Sallie played on the floor and I did a few other things. Peyton got home and we talked and the kids played with him. Sallie took another nap and I did some school with Annie- writing, vocabulary, and grammar. The big kids played and P fixed French toast for supper. I spent HOURS finalizing our curriculum choices for the next year and ordering a few last things and tying up loose ends. I talked to Peyton a bunch and went to bed around midnight.

I didn't even hear Peyton leave for work on Saturday. Sallie got up around eight and I put her in her crib since the big kids were up. I got up a bit later and searched for pacis and something random I had been meaning to look for. I made the bed, straightened up in the study, and got down the present basket from the top of my closet to look for something for a birthday party that weekend. Sallie played in her exersaucer and then I put her in her crib and she watched me and the big kids pick up their room. I hung up some clothes and they had media time and then I put her down for a nap. Shortest nap....grrr. I managed to get my bath. I dried my hair and then ate lunch while she ate a snack. Sallie hung out in the kitchen with us and I worked on some school with the big kids. Annie did her math, which was independent work and I helped Graves do some math worksheets and we learned about plurals and did a worksheet on that. We went over some letters and then the big kids went outside. I straightened in the sunroom where Peyton had hung out the night before and then decorated some more for Spring/Easter. I wrote a thank you note (most of it while holding Sallie) and then bathed her and feed her and got her down for another nap. I called Peyton, went through some stuff in the laundry room to give one of his techs who is expecting and the big kids came in. Right then, Sallie woke up. Graves was pretty dirty so I popped him in the shower and fixed Annie some lunch. I emptied a bottle of dishsoap into something else so I could use the bottle and helped Annie scrub under her fingernails. We did a bit of her English assessment and then she and Graves ate lunch. Sallie played and I folded and put up some laundry. Annie took a shower next and we got ready to go meet Mal and Brennan to walk. I changed and fed Sallie and we all loaded up and met Mallory and Brennan at a walking trail across town. We had the best little walk and the kids had so much fun. We loaded up and got gas on the way home.

When we got home, I fed Sallie and put her to bed. She was SO tired. I made chili and the big kids and I ate and then I helped them get settled. I swept and did dishes and brushed their teeth and then I read to them for about an hour. We did their ethics lesson, two Bible stories, a double history lesson, and a chapter in a new read aloud book. Peyton got home and the big kids fell asleep pretty early. I mostly wasted time on the computer. Peyton and I chatted and went to bed around midnight.

He fell asleep this way!!!

Peyton fell asleep on the couch again and got in bed around three. He snuggled with Sallie and I guess I didn't realize how much she wakes up not just to nurse because he took care of giving her her paci and such and it was so nice. Anyway, we all got up a little after seven on Sunday and he got ready and left for work. I made the bed and packed up the activities bag after I fed Sallie and put her in the crib. I ironed Annie and Sallie's dresses, took my bath, and dried my hair. I dressed Sallie and nursed her and took some pictures. Everyone had a quick breakfast and we loaded up. I did my part of my make up and finished it in the car in the driveway.

Sunday school was really enjoyable and the service was nice. The big kids did well and Sallie took a long nap in the nursery.
Love this sweet genuine smile on my girl and the wildflowers she tucked behind her ear. I always get so excited when she wears something she and I both adore (which is no easy task as we've both gotten more picky) and this bunny dress may be one of my best successes to date. 

Case in point (re: real clothes *and* Annie's unique preferences)- boy jams #stillgotthatbowth

Graves getting out some wiggles/channeling John Bon Jovi (with Blueberry Yogurt, the harness animal; his light saber; and teddy bear) before the service. 

We came home and I fed her and tried to let her get another nap before we needed to head to a birthday party. The big kids played and Annie had her media time and I sent an email, sent myself some pictures from the big camera, and did a few other things. I got everyone ready and wrapped a present and we were running a little late. We got there and....there was no party! I had missed a group text that said it was rescheduled because of rain. We headed home and I called Peyton from the car. When we got home, Sallie took a great nap and Graves and Annie played outside until dark. I worked on a blog post, read some blogs, and talked to Minnie on the phone for a long time. Sallie woke up and the big kids came inside and they played a bit. Graves unloaded dishes and I picked up around the house and sorted laundry and started a load. Annie and Graves had supper and Sallie had a snack and I loaded the dishwasher. Sallie and I went to my room and went through the cloth diapers because she needed the next size up. I got the big kids settled and finished cleaning up the kitchen and then sorted some clothes Cookie had given me and a few things I had gotten at Target. I got Sallie to sleep and Peyton got home. We ate supper and talked and I fell asleep super early.

springtime/Easter mantle; springtime/Easter babies!

Next up: more of March!

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