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Weekly Happenings #417 (March 27-April 2)-- Annie Turns Eight

This was a generally laid back week right before our big trip. It was the week of Annie's birthday, but we were doing a "special day" in New York and a party when we got home, so that was pretty low key too.

Monday was a pretty rough morning. I slept a little late and then got my bath and straightened a bit. I was so emotional for some reason and just had a big breakdown. Right after that Sallie fell off the bed. I nursed her and put her in the Tula and she seemed fine but we decided to keep her up a bit to watch her. Annie did her school work and Graves did chores and then they played with Sallie some and had media time. I dried my hair and went through my reader and email and sent a couple of texts and FB messages. I decided Sallie could have her nap and put her down and made a list for the day and for the week.

I talked to Peyton some and ate my lunch and then did some vocabulary and spelling with Annie. We reviewed some other stuff and I did a few other things and then got ready to go to the grief center. Sallie didn't sleep long.

 Noway would a little rain keep these two inside!

It was a good night there- we did a relaxation exercise and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I got home and P had the big kids settled. I got Sallie to sleep and we talked and watched a show and I read some blogs.

We got up around eight thirty on Tuesday and I made the bed and started a couple of posts after I fed Sallie. I took my bath and dried my hair and Morgan stopped by to pick up a lunchbox they had left the week before at piano. I picked out some clothes for the kids and grabbed some stuff and finished getting ready and we headed over to P's parents' house for a visit. We had a great time and when we got home, Sallie had fallen asleep in the car. We had all had lunch there so after we transferred her, I started school with Annie and Peyton did school with Graves. Annie and I did some math, an English assessment and some phonics/spelling. We finished up and Peyton took the big kids to the grocery store.

I worked on a couple of blog posts and then straightened in the kitchen and kids' room, collected laundry, and picked up Sallie's toys in the den. I put up school stuff in the study and scrubbed down the tubs, toilets, and bathroom sinks. I dusted in the den, study, and kids' room and scrubbed the kitchen counters and table. I vacuumed in the den and Peyton and the big kids got home and Sallie woke up.

I changed and nursed her and then she played while I consolidated some piles and vacuumed in the bedrooms and study. Peyton did a bunch of dishes, cooked brownies, and vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen and I took a shower and got dressed. Peyton left to go get a couple of pizzas and the Harkins got here.

We had the best time visiting and they left around eight thirty.

 Annie and Hank have really similar personalities- they're both pretty serious and pretty low energy. They always have a great time together and now Gus and Graves are getting to be good friends. We always love our time together!

The big kids had their media time and I got Sallie to bed. We got the big kids settled and I read some blogs and did a few things and then went to bed myself.

Sallie slept really well but I woke up with a headache on Wednesday. I slept later than P and the kids and then got my bath. I got Sallie down for a nap and worked on a blog post and went through my email and reader while Peyton took the big kids to P.E. When they got home, Sallie was still sleeping and Annie and I did a bunch of English. We finished up day two (which was most of it), did day three, and started day four. It was mostly spelling, grammar, and dictation. Sallie woke up shortly after that and I put her in her exersaucer outside.

We came in and I worked on a blog post and Annie ate lunch. Peyton took the big kids for a bike ride and Sallie took another nap. Peyton and the big kids got back and Sallie woke up and I went to the attic to grab something and then took a bath and got ready to go meet Carrie for dinner.

We got sushi and had so much fun visiting and then went and got a frosty. It was SO hard to find somewhere open after nine. We visited a long time and I got home around midnight. I got on the computer briefly and washed my face and went to bed.

I nursed Sallie around midnight and then at five in the morning and she got up for the day around eight on Thursday. That's great for her! I got up and talked to both my parents on the phone and then took my bath and visited with Peyton some. I ate breakfast and dried my hair and then gave Sallie a bath and got her down for a nap. I sent an email and a Facebook message and cleared out my reader. Annie did her math and P did school with Graves and then took the big kids on a bike ride. I worked on a blog post and when they got back, I did some vocabulary and dictation with Annie and then we got ready to go to my parents' house.

This is actually from the week before but I forgot to include it in the last WH post. The kids don't really have time to do their morning chores in Sundays, but when I called them in from outside and told them they were going to help me get the house in order before we went to my parents they were so helpful and surprisingly efficient. And I made them do things that weren't their regular chores and there really wasn't much "fitting" as Annie calls it (which surprised me with her especially because girlfriend hates a change in her routine). Then at my parents' Bud suggested he help load THEIR dishwasher. So sweet. I've really gotta give Peyton some credit for this one. He got them doing this stuff and he's way more consistent than I am. I told him that having Annie's help was really making a difference in me staying on top of laundry and he was like "um, duh, that's kinda the point". I just didn't realize it would be ACTUALLY HELPFUL so quickly. I thought we were doing it to instill responsibility/teach a skill and those are still my main goals but this is so nice.

 Girl on a mission-- she spied Annie's cup of mint tea.

We had a really nice visit and ate supper and got home before nine. Annie had her media time (Graves had done his) and Sallie fell asleep in the car so we transferred her. I did a few computer things and mostly talked to P and went to bed before midnight.

Sallie was up several times during the night but I put her back down when I got up around eight on Friday. I got my bath and dried my hair, made several lists for the day, and went through my reader and email. I texted with Cookie, Minnie, and Mickey and the big kids woke up. I packed lunch, got my make up on and got dressed, ran to attic for something, and then dressed and fed Sallie after she woke up. We headed to piano and had just a wonderful time. I got to visit with Morgan a lot and we stayed for lunch. We missed the Howies but they had dentist appointments.


Sallie fell asleep in the car and I transferred her. The big kids had media time and I read some blogs and then laid down because I had a headache. I got Graves to read a little reader and it was pretty painstaking. Sallie woke up and had a snack. I changed over laundry and got some stuff together for Peyton's co-worker who is pregnant. I organized it all and he got home. We took it to his car and talked some and then decided to all go on a walk/bike ride. We had a really nice time and when we got home, I worked on getting Sallie to sleep and P fed the big kids and got them to bed. It took me awhile to get Sallie settled. I talked to Minnie on the phone and then ran to Kroger and Target. I got home and everyone was asleep. P and I chatted and then I finished a blog post and went to bed.

Sallie woke up a couple of times but overall it was a good night. I got up when she did around eight something on Saturday. I put her in the crib in the big kids' room and then started going through stuff to consign. I had decided it would be a good time for a project, I guess. I got it all out, dried my hair, and then organized it. I put Sallie in her high chair and the big kids had breakfast and I made the bed and straightened a little in the den and study. I cleaned off a couple of kitchen counters and scrubbed them down and then went to the attic for something. I called the consignment place to see if I needed to make an appointment for the next week and the big kids went outside to ride bikes in the driveway. I got Sallie down for a nap and it took so long and then thirty minutes later the tornado siren went off and she woke up terrified. It was the first of the month and everything was fine but grrr...I worked on my blog design for the month while she rested and just picking the background took longer than I meant for it to. I did finally pick one and get started on it.

When Sallie woke up, I nursed her to calm her down and then she had a snack since the big kids were doing Play Dough at the table. I bathed her and then she played some and I did a couple of things with Graves- counting, working on initial sounds in words, and writing. Annie and I started her assessment and she and Graves had lunch. I ate my lunch and then got Sallie down for a nap and the big kids had media time. I worked on my header and then backed up some pictures on the second hard drive. I put all the clothes to consign on hangers and wrote a thank you note. Annie and Graves went outside for a bit and Sallie woke up. I folded some laundry and put fresh sheets on the pack n play.

I heard Annie say "Oh Sallie, I love your tortoises." When I asked for clarification (because I certainly referred I to them as turtles when she wore them) she said"Well, they seem to be on land." And Annie may have to just be disappointed because she looks WAY too big in shorts and I don't think I can take it.

There's a reason she's feisty. 
I got the big kids to come in and Graves did some more school work and Annie took a bath. Then they switched and Graves took his bath. I went back up to the attic and while I was up there Sallie got stuck under a chair in the den. Bless her heart. I rescued her and played with her a bit and then did some dictation with Annie. I fixed supper and we all four ate and then I helped the big kids brush their teeth and get ready for bed. I tried to get Sallie settled but she wasn't ready for bed so I put her in the crib and played with the big kids for ten minutes. Annie had reminded me that it had been forever since I'd done that. Sallie was enjoying her crib and they wanted to play a bit more before I read to them so I worked on backing up some more pictures and on my monthly goals and happenings post. Peyton got home later than usual and we talked and watched a few shows. I read some blogs and then got some stuff ready for church and went to bed.

Sunday was a good day. It was Annie's birthday! Peyton woke up the kids before he left and we got a good start and made it to church earlier than usual. Sallie fell asleep on the way there. It was a really nice service and the big kids decided to sit up front and did great. Sallie took a nap on the way home, too, and didn't transfer. I did some dishes and straightened a bit and got some pictures uploading and then we headed to my parents' to celebrate Annie's bday a bit.

All three grandkids! I think Sallie looks so much like Cookie here. She's not nearly as mellow, though. I don't think she could be in this house! 

We had a good visit but Graves was SUPER energetic and kept irritating Annie. We had to leave earlier than I meant to because of the weather and that made Annie sad. We got home, though, and Sallie took a long nap and the big kids had media time. I gave them some extra time and I cleared my reader and wrote two blog posts and did a few other things. I finished backing up all my pictures. WHEW. Finally.

I fixed them supper and Sallie got up and then I got the big kids settled. Sallie had a snack and Peyton got home and we talked and watched TV and I put Sallie to bed after awhile.

 When your baby sister lasts longer than you do at the Night Party...

I fell asleep on the couch. 

 What wondrous love is this,
O my soul! O my soul!
What wondrous love is this!
O my soul!
What wondrous love is this!
That caused the Lord of bliss!
To bear the dreadful curse
For my soup, for my soul!
To bear the dreadful curse
For my soul! 
I've been letting them pick where we sit during the service on Sunday morning and Graves literally picked the front row. A lady came up afterwards and said "we love it when y'all sit up front; we are so glad they are here." It means the world to me to be in a community that, despite (or because of???) being filled mostly with people my parents' age and older affirms and welcomed and adores my children.

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