Saturday, June 10, 2017

June Goals and Happenings

I do love the design this month and I'm digging the header. I used to hate yellow but it's growing on me more and more. The pictures include all my favorite people and a couple of my favorite places (Briarwood and the sunroom). And the quote is a new favorite I heard at Mockingbird.

I felt like May went by SO fast!
- We celebrated Peyton's birthday in NYC and then came home and tried to get back into our normal routine.
- The pool opened and swim team got started.
- We had the big kids' birthday party and have enjoyed getting together with several friends.

June feels kind of crazy but I sure love summer!
- We're going to swim practice every morning and have meets on Monday night. That alone is kinda wearing me out. Ha!
- We have VBS this week. This year, Northside is doing it on Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday morning with water games on Saturday afternoon and a closing program on Sunday.
- Peyton's going to Florida for a pharmacy convention.
- My sister in law and I are planning to have Sallie and my nephew's birthday together at some point soon. It's just going to be a low key little celebration with mostly family. I'm excited. My niece's party is also this weekend.

Here were my May goals:

1. Read both my devotions daily. Ugh. I did horribly with this. I think it's part of a larger problem of just not finding a flow lately. And truthfully, I don't see that happening until swim team is over. It's not an excuse, but it's the reason behind my failure. Anyway, I'm going to give it another go. (Faith)

2. Prioritize my time with Cookie while she's in town. I did this. It actually meant turning down an invitation to something else and while that was hard, and I felt a bit of guilt about it, it was the right thing for the time. (Family)

3. Enjoy the sweet friendships we've been blessed with at the kids' party this week. I did pretty well, I think. This may be one of the last years for the joint, family parties. I was glad I got to enjoy it and I think Annie and Graves did, too. (Relationships)

4. Be intentional about self-care and document it. I did this and I'm planning to write a whole post on it! (Health)

5. Get back in a writing habit. Hmm. Somewhat. I could have slid backwards a lot further, but I also could have done a lot better. I want to really get back in the habit of prioritizing it most days. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Read for fifteen minutes a day at a minimum. Not really. I did more reading than is typical for me but that's not saying a lot anymore. (Education/Edification)

7. Continue to work on organizing the attic. I did a bit more but I need to hit it hard and just do a ton up there. (Organization)

8. Make a trip to the farm. I said I wasn't sure it would happen and it didn't. (Travel)

9. Get caught up on finances. This didn't either and I feel like I've had it on the list for a year. Ha! (Finances)

10. Surround myself with words that bring joy. Sort of. I changed my monthly quote in the kitchen but that was the extent of it. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Start Annie's new writing curriculum. Yes! And we adore it! (Additional Goal)

12. Plan my "special day". My birthday kind of got put on the backburner. That's okay. It's totally the stage of life we're in and May/June have been kind of crazy. (Fun Goal)

13. Watch the new season of Master of None with Peyton. We only have one episode left and we've been saving it for when we can really enjoy it! (Fun Goal)

And here are my goals for June.

1. Read both my devotions daily. Putting it back on the list. (Faith)

2. Have a joint birthday party for Sallie and Evan that's mostly family. (Family)

3. Continue to prioritize relationships. Peyton and I had a long talk recently. We had a full week with friends and were both exhausted. Combined with swim team and going hard with school, it was just a lot. I decided that maybe we needed to take a more relaxed approach to schooling this summer. I still want to get things in but I'm going to be chill about it. And the basic reason is that our friends that are in traditional school (even hybrid situations) have a lot more time to do things and I want us to make space for enjoying their break, even if we aren't taking one. (Relationships) 

4. Drink more water and determine a few other healthy habits to work on. (Health)

5. Get back in a writing habit. Yeah, I want to keep working on this one. (Creativity/Passion) 

6. Finish my bookclub book and host bookclub. (Education/Edification) 

7. Continue to work on organizing the attic. Another one back on the list. (Organization)

8. Stay positive and don't allow myself to get overwhelmed while Peyton is at the convention. (Travel)

9. Don't spend any money on impulse buys this month. (Finances)

10.  Surround myself with music that bring joy.  (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Go on a date with Peyton. (Fun Goal) 

Here's to June, a special month where we celebrate our first year with our (for now) last baby. Let me be filled with gratitude for her early baby days and look with joy towards a delightful future with our Sarah Lamar.

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