Sunday, June 18, 2017

Letter to (Five Year and Eleven Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,
As I told Annie in her most recent letter, Papa will write your six year old letter and then I'm hoping to catch up on these!

Back before it really got to be summer, we had quite a string of different (very not serious) sicknesses. The hardest part, I think, was missing church. I was so disappointed one week when we hadn't been in probably a month- I don't think our family had ever had a stretch of sickness that long. And while I was VERY grateful none of it has been anything serious, I was just kind of exhausted from it. It wasn't even a shred of guilt about missing this time (something I still fight), I just genuinely really wished I was- and y'all were- there. I felt a little sorry for myself to be honest. Missing Calvary every Sunday is hard enough and here I was missing Northside, too. Sweet Minnie came over and boosted everyone's spirits and that had us feeling better.

We also went to an epic, elaborate Trolls themed I'm pretty sure the highlight was when I let you drink an entire Coca Cola Classic. You love them waaaay too much. Just like your momma.

[After the party, Annie, being a bit of an obnoxious Know-It-All, mostly unintentionally, and so typically asked me, "Can you brush his teeth again? With the mint one. His breath still smells like throw up...Well, he *did* have a lot of sugar at that party. And you know when he has SUGAR that's when he throws up in his mouth. Maybe he just doesn't realize he did it."]

You also have your momma's sinus issues . You told me that "Boogers are sort of like raisins, only they have more moisture in them". You are  a connoisseur of both.

You recently named your corn on the cob "Ruffy (Roughie?) Saint George" and then preceded to name to other ears "Jimmy Cot" and "Alexander Hopper". It was hysterical. 

Awhile back, you woke Sallie up from a nap and your suggestion on how I help her fusspot self was "Maybe breastfeed?" You said it with the most earnest smirk I've ever seen-- how does someone smirk with sincerity? You do.

We have discovered that you are overwhelmingly more successful with practicing your  high frequency words when you are strapped in his car seat and has fewer distractions. One day awhile back, Papa wasn't there to pass them back and I don't have long enough arms to give them to you individually, so I just handed you the whole wad and you  read them and then held them over your head for Annie to check and if you got it you'd throw it behind you for her to try to catch. The baby was screaming and that would have made it a no-go for me and Annie but THAT apparently doesn't distract you and you were working super hard for the Lifesaver I promised you. The control freak part of me (and also the part that haaaates doing anything in the car but visiting) was struggling. I was about to stroke out but I really just need to count it as a victory- you reading SO well (when you are restrained) and I know you're still tiny and maybe it would be a non issue if you were in traditional school but I'm so glad we have the freedom to find ways to make this work and I'm handing you a piece of candy instead of a pill. 

Bud, you are such a delight and we're so grateful for you!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S.The little outfit you're wearing is a 5T.

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