Thursday, July 6, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Nursing in New York

I finally finished up my Weekly Happenings posts from our time and New York and it felt so good, even though I'm still way behind on a lot in regards to blogging. There were a couple of things I cared enough about to want to share individually in their own posts and this is one of them.

While we were in the city, I nursed Sarah Lamar in so many places, many of which I never have before- probably at least six times on an airplane, in multiple airports, sitting on the sidewalk, on playground benches, while riding the train, and in a church service.

I figured out how to nurse her in the Tula and Peyton thought she was sleeping when he came out of a store. And one weekend, I nursed her in a crowded train and had to unzip my dress and pull it off one shoulder to do it. She had literally thrown her paci onto the tracks and was screaming so hard and Peyton suggested getting the little applesauce squeeze thing out of the bottom of her backpack which was full of the big kids' Easter eggs. Yeah, no. She was exhausted and hungry and there was a much easier way to take care of that. And one that I knew she'd find a lot more comforting than an applesauce pouch. She needed me and it didn't matter much that I hadn't worn the most accommodating dress or that the train was pretty full.

Peyton told me later how proud he was of me. When he says that, it always means the world go me.

I certainly don't have it all figured out and here with my third baby, I'm more cognizant of that than ever. But it's nice to feel confident about a few things and to be comfortable enough to do things in a way that's easy, and to be honest, very natural; instead of nursing her on a toilet.

It's such a joy to be able to serve her this way. And I'm so grateful I get to do it this last time.

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