Thursday, August 10, 2017

August Goals and Happenings

I wasn't sure I'd like this design, but it turns out I love it. Sunshine and clouds are always fun and I love some whimsy. I thought the fonts coordinated well with that vibe. The quote seems perfect for starting a new school year and the pictures feel perfect for closing out summer.

August is already in full swing and I wanted to share my goals and happenings before the month got away from me!

July was a strange month. Sallie spent about half the month sick which felt so strange in the summer. I told several people this, but I think it's harder for me in the summer than in the winter because it's so not expected. But we did do some fun things:
- We enjoyed the pool on the Fourth; Annie swam at City Meet and Peyton was up there the whole time all three days since he was kind of "in charge"; and we had a blast at the swim team awards banquet.
-That was the first half of the month, basically, and the second half was mostly Sallie being sick. Whew. Glad that's over. Too bad Peyton has the flu now!

Mostly, we're just spending August getting into our school routine for first and third grade. A few other fun things:
- We're taking a trip to Nashville to visit my sister and brother in law and to see the eclipse.
- Carrie and I are definitely going to dinner once everyone is well.
- We're still trying to figure out extra-curriculars for the big kids, but those will start soon.
- The Grief Center will start back soon and I'm super excited to be doing my placement there again.

Some additional Notes on August:
1. Fall gets so much hype. Why, y'all? Has it always been this way? Do you guys feel like fall is trendy?
2. I do love it once the air actually gets crisp and you can smell those roasty fall scents just from walking outside. But there's always that girl who's gotta bust out her flannel and scarves and Uggs and burn a pumpkin candle when it's still like ninety degrees. I mean, you do you, but, honestly? It makes me gag a little bit.

3. Mostly cause I grieve the end of summer the way a lot of people experience post-Christmas sadness.
4. I am NOT ready for the Back to School decorations Target has on display. And obviously, the students here aren't going anywhere and even saying "back" is a misnomer as we've been schooling all summer. And actually, I'm very excited about first and third grade. Like incredibly so. Like can't even articulate it. We're dipping our toes into third and first grade and I couldn't be more excited to phase more things in over the course of the month. I just love summer and this one has been especially wonderful and I hate to see it go.

Here were my July GoalsI kept the list super manageable since I didn't even make it until I was two thirds of the way through the month! Even though it was a very minimal list, I'm pretty proud of myself. I feel like I did much better than I typically do!

1. Read both my devotions daily. I did a lot better at this. I did way better with my morning one than with my evening one, though. (Faith)

2. Go over to my parents' house by myself. I didn't do this, but I did take Sallie while the big kids and Peyton were at the farm. It was so nice and relaxing. (Family)

3. Call Ellis.  I did this and we talked for a really long time. This was also wonderful. (Relationships) 

4. Try to cut back on how much OTC medicine I take for headaches. I did a bit and then I got a bad sinus infection and NOPE. (Health)

5. Keep working on catching up on the blog. Sort of. I wish I had devoted more time to it. Always. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Pick and start a new read-aloud book for Annie and Graves. We did! We read Stuart Little and really enjoyed it. (Education/Edification)

7. Organize Sallie's pj drawer and sort stuff she's outgrown. I knocked this out. Bittersweet, as usual. (Organization)  

8. Start planning a couple of tentative trips for the fall. We still need to plan a bit more but we worked on planning our Nashville trip for later this month. (Travel)

9. Spend very little on going out to eat. We did do this. I was really proud of us. (Finances)
10. Surround myself with music that bring joy. Kinda. I want to be more intentional with this sort of thing. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)
11. Have a few more Wonder Years marathons with P.  Yeah, not really. We watched other stuff instead.  (Fun Goal) 

12. Start a Couch to 5K program. I started this a couple of weeks ago and I'm so proud of myself. I'm planning to write a full post soon. (Bonus Goal) 

 And here are my August Goals. My focus is going to be on starting fresh.

1. Do a SheReadsTruth study. I haven't been very consistent with a Bible study in a long time and I love the SRT studies so I'm excited about this. (Faith).

2. Visit Cookie and Conrad in Nashville and visit Peyton's aunt on the way home. The kids are SOOO excited about this. They've been wanting to plan a trip forever. It's just a short one but I know we'll have so much fun. (Family)

3. Go to dinner with Carrie and have a Sunday picnic with Mallory. That intentional investment of the phone convo with Ellis was so rewarding and I want to make time and space in my life with two of my other best friends. (Relationships)

4. Keep working on my Couch to 5K program. Ahh, jogging. So hard. But I've sorta, kinda started to enjoy some aspects of it. In the interest of full disclosure, there are many aspects I still hate. (Health)

5. I decided to set some specific blog goals this month. I want to catch up on my Weekly Happenings posts through May and get Sallie's letters current and write Annie and Graves their eight year and one month old and six year and one month old letter, respectively. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Start all new first and third grade curriculum. I need to do a whole post on this, but I'm super excited about it. As an aside, the kids' focus area this month is independence. (Education/Edification)

7. Sort stuff and send a bag to Bagsy. I haven't had great luck with consigning the kids' stuff in traditional consignment stores, so I'm hopeful this will work out better. (Organization)

8. Plan our Nashville trip and enjoy the Nashville trip. Yay! (Travel)

9. Don't spend any money on impulse buys. I spent a good bit in the spring and summer and I need to keep going with the spending freeze I've been on (with a few exceptions). (Finances)

10. Think about and write down (at least) one thing I'm grateful for each day. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Create an End of Summer Bucket list. I thought we'd each put two things on the list. (Fun Goal)

 12. Prioritize weekly family pictures and the kids' monthly pictures. I've gotten so bad at this and I used to be so disciplined. It may seem silly, but it's a special thing to me. (Additional Goal)
Here's to August, sweet goodbyes and fresh starts. Let me enjoy our farewell to summer and throw myself full force into this new school year. 

I think the Airstream may be may favorite from the series of "Dwellings" in this year's 1Canoe2 calendar. I love them so much and it's sort of a fantasy of mine. P and I used to talk about homeschooling in an RV and adopting babies (I even had one named...shhh) and having about eight kids when I was in college. One of my absolute favorite practices is changing up my little side table each month. I just don't decorate elaborately as some people do as far as seasonal stuff (as far as anything), but it's a fun little place and I adore flipping the calendar and finding a new monthly quote and shopping my house to fill this space with things I love.

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