Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sunday Hymns and Herrington Babies:


Come away from rush and hurry
to the stillness of God's peace;
from our vain ambition's worry,
come to Christ to find release.

Come away from noise and clamor,
life's demands and frenzied pace;
come to join the people gathered
here to seek and find God's face.

In the pastures of God's goodness
we lie down to rest our soul.
From the waters of God's mercy
we drink deeply, are made whole.

At the table of God's presence
all the saints are richly fed.
With the oil of God's anointing
into service we are led.
Come, then, children, with your burdens--
life's confusions, fears and pain.
Leave them at the cross of Jesus;
take instead his kingdom's reign.

Bring your thirsts, for he will quench them--
 he alone will satisfy.
All our longings find attainment
when to self we gladly die.

Church was a good bit longer than usual last week. There was lots of rain coming and I was feeling the pressure changes, but somehow I made it. More impressive, somehow Bud made it-- an hour and a half, a solid thirty minutes of which was tail in the pew preaching (praise God for liturgical leaning churches that encourage congregants to go between sitting and standing frequently; so helpful for incredibly active six year old boys).

Rush and hurry are hard to avoid and noise and frenzy harder still- the same little boy that made it through that service started the day by busting a bag of flour, most upsetting because he was chunking it across the room in anger at his sister. We did come to the table that morning (another reason for a longer than usual service) and he loudly, obnoxiously slurped grape juice (per usual) and then articulated well the significance of the juice (per usual). He's such a conundrum and I'll never understand how his mind works.

 But I'm glad he stays through the whole service and is richly fed from the word and at the table. Even if he- and I- miss much it. Lately I've struggled more than ever to answer his and Annie's questions and effectively express theological concepts. Life's confusions, right there. But I'm hopeful that, often in spite of me, God is showing them that it's His mercy that can make them whole.

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