Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What I Learned in July

I kind of feel like I didn't learn as much this month as usual. It was a strange month in some ways in that Sallie was sick for a good chunk of it (as you can see, a lot of my reflections pertain to just that).

Energy and Schedules and Productivity 

1. I'm totally a low energy mom. 
The other day I put on makeup and blow dried my hair and wore clothes other than gym shorts today for the first time in over a week. Even though I was only going to see Dr. Denney and my own momma and daddy today (I have a rule that I try to wear real clothes for well baby/yearly kids check ups, but when they're sick, all bets are off and it's mostly gym shorts and t-shirts), it felt like good self care. It also felt like a heck of a lot of work with a sick baby. [I feel like using "low energy" as a descriptor has gotten real trendy lately. But it sounds so much better than lazy, so I'm embracing it.]

2. That said, being still is hard for me these days.
A few things have happened. I feel like I've gotten to a point where I'm more productive and efficient, but it comes with a cost-- I have a much harder time when I need to not be those things. Secondly, I just have more things that I need to get done than I have at other times- like school with the big kids. When Sallie was sick I loved holding her so much- it was really like she was a tiny baby all over again- but I got restless every so often. It was so hard not to feel like I should be "doing" something. But I just did my best to lean into it- like when she was a newborn- and it was very special.

3. Swim team is more of a commitment that it seems like.
Don't get me wrong we LOVED it and I would (and will) do it again. And I feel pretty lame that it's been this stressful and I told Peyton as much. His response shocked me a little- usually I'm the one to validate the least little busyness as being a big deal and he's like "eh, whatever" but this time he was like "Sweetie, you are the only one at that pool that has kids that are currently "in school"; you're practically the only person I know". It was a good reminder to cut myself a little slack. He reminded me too, that while Sallie's naps are a wonderful part of life these days, she really depends on them at this point and we kind of have to structure our days around them. So, it does all add up to being a lot. He did also mention that we didn't really both have to go every morning and that might have upped our efficiency a great deal, but I had a lot of fun making it a family affair.


4. The whole sheet pan trend is amazing.
Guys, our easiest supper ever just got even easier-- parmesan encrusted tilapia (or plain baked fish in Annie's case cause she's cray), roasted asparagus, and this "better than steak broccoli" we're obsessed with which all happen to go in the oven for around twenty minutes at around four hundred degrees. So excited I realized it. Stupid simple. Stupid good.

5. Just like with a newborn, nursing a baby all day and all night is incredibly sweet and endearing and also damn exhausting.
When she was sick, Baby Sallie decided to go back to nursing like a newborn basically, instead of eating table food.

Getting Dressed

6. I can fit into a size seven bishop dress (to be fair, it's from Remember Nguyen and they run awfully big). 

Teeth and Cheeks 

7. Little boys look ten times more adorable when they're missing teeth.
I didn't think this guy could look any cuter, goofier, or naughtier, but it seems I was wrong on all three counts. Man he looks adorable with that missing tooth!

8. I love it when a baby sleeps so hard the blanket makes an imprint on her cheek.
I also love her eyelashes. And just her.

9. Comparing ourselves to others  hurts and an encouraging word from a friend helps. Always and always.

10. Daisy is a more popular name in the US than either of my girls' names (I've said this before, but I was so surprised that Annie is quite a bit more common than Sally/Sallie because I know like six Sallys but people are always more surprised by it).

I'm still so obsessed with Nameberry. One of the recent lists was "Mellow Yellow: Sunny Names for Summer". "Daisy" was Annie's pick for Little Sallie Sunshine and I actually did consider it because I think it's so cute. Graves still asks me to sing Daisy to Sallie (and to him!) all the time and it reminds me so much of my grandmother every time I sing it.

11. I'm scared of summer ending. As I mentioned, I just love it so much and I'm afraid of the darkness and isolation and loneliness that comes with winter.

Well, there it is. Eleven things. It turned out to be more than I though. Probably nothing life changing, but little insights that might be useful along the way.


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