Wednesday, September 6, 2017

This Summer I Went Swimming

I wanted to share this slideshow of some of my favorite memories from one of my favorite ever summers.

One of my very first memories of me and Peyton when we had become close friends was me teasing him and calling him "Tigger" because he reminded me so much of that dearly loved bottom-made-out-of-springs character. I identified much more with Eeyore and Piglet (the depression and anxiety ridden folks of Pooh Corner, respectively) and a favorite subsequent memory that always reminds me of P's intense faithfulness was when I sobbed in his arms in the poolhouse, telling him I was afraid I would never love him as much as I loved my previous boyfriend. It didn't seem to phase him much then and my big (often irrational) emotions rarely do. I remember all the soft kisses we snuck the last summer we worked there but I remember that hard hug more. And it means more. It was a good foundation for what marriage is- a lifetime of difficult embraces among carefree kisses. 
And then two Summers ago-- when we rejoined the pool after a decade away, as people in our thirties with a family. I was missing New York, and specifically New York in the Summer, desperately and in ways I never could have predicted. I was processing all the ways that Peyton not identifying as a Christian was going to change my life. It seemed like I cried about one, or both, every day that summer. And Briarwood was a bright spot amidst a lot of very dark days.
And then I remember last year- frequenting the pool so often in my hugely pregnant state, feeling like I was about to bust or sweat to death. And then after Sallie came, and we brought her for the first time when she was four days new and I captioned the picture "a dolphin by day four". And how indicative of her whole first year that would prove to be- how she's been the best tag-along baby and how no little girl has ever found herself more perfectly as a third child. And then, weeks later, how I held her in my arms as she slept in the daygown I wore home from the hospital as a newborn myself and I listened to Tom Petty playing on the speakers and watched Peyton playing with Annie and Graves and it was as perfect as any moment I had ever known.

This summer was so magical. I sure love this place and these people.

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