Friday, September 8, 2017

What I'm Into: August

 I'll be honest, I feel like this month is super bare...or at least super lopsided. There's a lot of cute outfit pictures and stuff from our trip I wanted to share and gosh, a LOT more homeschool stuff than I usually post but things are super bare on the reading/entertainment front and on the deliveries/new purchases front (which is great thing because I'm on a spending freeze). 

On the Nightstand:
Um....nothing really.

On Their Nightstand: 

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorist
 My favorite little boy ever with one of my favorite little boy books ever. Somehow, Graves Herrington made it to six years old without ever reading Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. He thought it was so funny and was so entertained by Alexander's exaggerated facial expressions. He's finally gotten to the stage where he'll just sit and look at books on the swing in the sunroom for more than a few minutes and I'm so excited for him. But I'll snuggle with him on the sofa and read to him until he goes to college if he'll let me. He and P went to the library and grocery store one night and when I asked him if he wanted me to read it right then he said "this is gonna be so fun". And it was.

Rome Antics by David Macaulay
I loved this one. It was beautifully illustrated and told the story of a carrier pigeon who took a scenic route and finally delivered a message with one word "yes" from somewhere in the countryside to anxiously awaiting man in the city (get it, Rome Antics?). 

 I Wonder Why Romans Wore Togas  by Fiona MacDonald
I wasn't sure this would be anything special but it was basic (and interesting!) enough for Graves to enjoy- it talked about how the Romans would purposely gorge themselves at banquets and vomit afterwards and how they visited in the public bathrooms while they pottied; I mean of course he loved it. But it provided some really interesting discussions with Annie about cultural beauty standards and why being pale was popular for women back then or what laws she thought were fair (like no building apartments over a certain height so they wouldn't fall over) and unfair (like not allowing poor people to wear certain colors or embellishments on their clothes) which was a great springboard since we're talking about Justinian's Code and coming up with our own "laws" this week. 

On the Shelf:
I don't even know what I want to read next (I'm not sure when our bookclub will end up meeting, but I'll read the Faulkner novel eventually). Anyway, I'm planning to have some sort of reading goal this month.

At the Theater (or from the couch):
Hmm, this is getting redundant. Nothing new.

On the Small Screen:
Okay, a little to add here.

The Carmichael Show
We finished season two and it was hysterical.

The Wonder Years  
We enjoyed a couple of episodes last weekend.

In My Ears:
Mainly Hamilton. The kids love it (yes, we let them listen to it) and Peyton and I are still pretty obsessed. It hasn't gotten old yet.

Around the House:
Weekend mini project: I moved my very favorites of Sallie's to the front of the closet (excepting the things that are sleeveless but still look appropriate for a Mississippi September or even October; so all the gingham, seersucker, nautical motifs- you know EVERYTHING I LOVE IN LIFE). We all say goodbye to things we love in our own way and dammit if putting the blue linen romper and reversible diaper set in heavy rotation for four weeks won't be part of my summer farewell. I think it'll ease the pain just a tiny bit.

I am SO excited over this project the big kids tackled. They've purged their magazines before but we (Peyton) decided that we needed to get them out of the basket in the bin entirely because Sallie was destroying them (and I was using it as an excuse to chunk them pages at a time). They got them VERY streamlined (I was shocked at how much they were willing to part with) and we organized the ones they had consolidated in this bin in their closet. The little turkey tupperwares (🙈) have pictures they cut out in the case they didn't want to keep a whole magazine but just wanted a bit of a page. We'll see how neat they keep them but at least they're inaccessible to Sissy now (who has now moved along to pulling actual books off the shelves).

In the Kitchen:

Nothing says summer like fresh fruit. Nothing says "Peyton had the flu" like me cutting up said fruit.

Packaged up the big kids' lunch and talked to them about how Roman soldiers ate. Full disclosure: you were supposed to actually dig a hole in your backyard and chanel your inner Boy Scout and cook it there. I warmed up some potatoes P cooked previously and microwaved a hotdog. Nobody tell Susan Wise Bauer. Annie did come up with (I think) her best joke yet: "Why don't Romans like ketchup?" "Because it's made by Hun(t)s." Ba dum dum.

Annie had on her bathrobe when she brought Sallie to me one morning and I just couldn't get over what a grown person she is. Then she asked if Sallie could have some of her mini Vanilla Wafers with breakfast and made her these "Nilla hamburgers" with her go-to breakfast fruit- bananas. Slightly more healthy (and certainly more breakfast appropriate) than, but pretty close to, SL's all time favorite-- banana pudding.

Monday mornings are easier with Peyton...

In My Closet:
Wore real clothes (Cookie's hand me downs, obs) to a birthday party, so I had to document. Clearly, cleaning the mirror hasn't been a priority lately either

No worries guys, I made it quickly back in the Fraggle shirt and pony

polka dots and earrings and bright red lipstick and a big old smile because GIRLS NIGHT

In Their Closets:

Annie in yet another iteration of my favorite color, this time complete with eyelet trim. Think her brother and sister love her just a little bit?

When Sallie wears this little aqua bubble with shadow embroidered zoo animals that she finally grew into and when she perfectly matches Minnie's chair (that she painted, lol) and when her lips look so perfectly pink and when her grandfather who tells me constantly that I'm the best momma in the world (sob) looks at her like this, I have to share the picture, even though the quality is awful.

Annie, no secret, has big opinions on quite a lot and this certainly includes her wardrobe. BUT, at this point, this one is waaaay more interested in his "style". I picked out clothes for him for a birthday party and told him please not to fuss and argue with me about wearing a lit tee instead. I had pulled out the solid white tee. He went and got this button up, which I've never realized perfectly matches the stripes in these shorts, and asked if he could please wear it. I said sure. He went back and forth over whether to wear it buttoned or unbuttoned. I'm glad his face still looks like a little angel and that he still acts like a literal monkey, because that braided bracelet is almost too fratty to bear. 

Lots of matching here when we visited the science museum in Nashville- I was the only one without a twin! Annie and Sallie wore their Elegant Elephants. And Graves and P wore their Harold lit tees (Peyton said it's one of his favorite children's books and Graves loves having a baby on his shirt.)

 I was so excited for Annie to wear this paisley pillowcase dress my mom bought for her like four years ago that finally fits.

I thought Bud looked so cute in his Cat and Jack chambray shorts, one of his four church belts, his Saltwaters that he thinks are so fine, and the white Oxford he wears every other Sunday.

Sweet Sallie wore this little apron dress that was mine and that is one of my favorite things ever in the whole world and that I totally forgot about until last week and legitimately cried (there's no tired like (spousal) flu tired) because of it. She wore it a good bit in August, though, and maybe even expect to see it in September because rules are made to be broken and babies wear white whenever they (their mommas) damn well please. The "puffy" shadow embroidery is my favorite. The fabric is my favorite. The style is past my favorite. Bud said it was a little snug, but I think that was because he was listening to a story about Mercy Watson and Mrs. Watson was squeezing her pig body into a princess dress and several times it made mention of it being a little snug. Either way, Imma sausage Sal into it a la Mrs. Watson until it gets cold.

I got out this little seersucker bird sunsuit that I loved on Annie but that she didn't wear a ton (too much stuff). It was with the 18 mo. stuff but it runs small (and had a stain that even my skills couldn't touch but Minnie treated to the point of non noticibility) so I almost missed it again. So said. Sweet little baby bird with those blue eyes- she melts me.

Sall also wore her pink seersucker espadrilles recently. Y'all, Annie's wardrobe was next level ridiculous.

That girl that's getting out her scarves and dreaming of her PSL already? Found her boyfriend! Crazy Bud in his snowsuit when it was still in the nineties! 

When she stays at the Reynauds, Sallie wears her butterfly thermal pjs. Uncle Conrad likes it chilly.

And finally, wearing next to nothing for the family bike ride.

In My Mailbox:
Nothing too interesting.

In My Cart:
NOTHING. Like I said, I'm on a spending freeze so this is definitely a good thing.

Around the Town and At Home (and in Nashville): 

We had SO much fun celebrating my oldest nephew's birthday today with a wolf themed party.

I mentioned this already, but I started running. Which is so not my thing. But it's good to be exercising again after years and years off. 

Of course, the biggest event last month was our trip to Nashville to see Cookie and the eclipse. See: not minimalist.

We had breakfast at this fun place and then watched some videos to prepare for the eclipse.

Girlfriend loved bacon!

Perfect view for the eclipse!

It felt like a midnight swim in the middle of the day. And the crickets were so loud. It was amazing but I maybe wasn't quite as impressed as the newscaster who was like "there are no Republicans and no Democrats; we are all united as one country under the solar eclipse". Yeah, maybe a bit of a stretch.

Space Dude and "Pizza", the turtle Cookie got for him stay the beach the previous week. He's been asking about a Nashville trip for months. We found out after we had already planned the trip that Cookie had the day off work on the day of the eclipse and I think it paled in comparison to the time he's gotten to spend with her.

We spent a good chunk of the next day at the Adventure Science Center. Dr. Graves had fun working on a patient there!

These two got fresh trims- they were way overdue!

One of my favorite parts of each week- spending time on my parents' deck with this sweet girl! 

And we made it back to the pool a couple of more times before it closed for the summer!
At the Schoolhouse:

Ready or not...time to get back into full swing mode with school!

And then P got the flu! I was determined not to let him being sick slow us down on the second week of first and third grade!

We finished up our first little unit in history/literature/geography and it was as enjoyable as I had imagined. We studied Rome and read the corresponding chapters/pages from Story of the World, A Child's History of the World, and the Usborne Encyclopedia and it turned out that it wasn't extremely repetitive. We did some crafting and map work and ate like a Roman soldier and Annie sketched out and colored a large version of the map she labeled. She took her first ever "official" quiz and we did some narration from SOTW and dictionary copywork and I introduced Roman numerals. We read several books from the library that I mentioned above! Things just keep getting more and more fun at the

Partly to involve this guy more and partly because Annie's still little and sweet and  so homeschooled and just loves this stuff, I decided we'd do a lot of crafts and projects (things that I detest, in other words!) with history this year. I also decided that we'd do crafts and projects on Fridays and Saturdays mostly when Peyton's not here and I wanted a more relaxed vibe. Well, they're definitely mine. It may well have been more painstaking than the academic stuff. It totally reminded me of my days in the School of ED when I was such a ditz I signed up for Chemistry for Majors at the community college and aced it, took upper level history classes so I could teach it through twelfth grade and aced them, and then nearly lost my 4.0 numerous times in classes where we had cutesy project after cutesy project and I just couldn't hang. Some people are crafty and some are not. We are not. But this guy does have a milk jug crown, a mace that "shows he's an important person", and a lady's looking glass because he's surely the one who would care about monitoring his own appearance. And a very (very) basic understanding of life in the Middle Ages.

Initially, I was kind of irritated and stressed that our read aloud/craft time took so long. I had a few other things I really wanted to get in that didn't happen that day. BUT, I gave them some free time and this is what they did. They turned their room into a castle, complete with a moat with an alligator in it right by their door. Annie's throne had the pants of a velour parrot costume on the seat and the back of Graves's is the panties part of the sixty five year old little girl nightie of Minnie's that Annie was wearing as her top layer. He's clearly a very sophisticated ruler, chomping on that carrot Bugs Bunny style on his throne. I know this kind of thing won't last forever and the math problems and grammar will (okay, at least a bit longer).

Sis is like "MOM, I don't care that we're doing this elaborate medieval literature/history/geography thing with three different spines and a gazillion extra books and crafts and map work and actual quizzes for the first time ever and meals revolving around time periods and you fancy yourself a humanities instructor. Can somebody just read to me a little about Reagan?!?"

Recently, Graves had probably (in my opinion) the best day of school ever. We did a story narration and a quick math sheet, learned a new phonogram, played a game of phonogram bingo, practiced memory work, did a reading exercise, and then (this is what I was most proud of, probably) he did his copy work. A whole sentence!!!!! We finished up by comparing and contrasting two books P read to him yesterday. I love his little pictures. It all took about an hour and a half and seemed like the perfect balance of a first grade school day (with some more science and reading and such in the afternoon).

Annie wrote her very own fable this week at the #SchoolhouseInTheSuburbs

And Annie and Graves have been enjoying science and chess with Peyton!

On the Blog:
Honestly between some sickness, getting into a real school routine, and our trip, I didn't blog near as much as I wanted to. Mostly it was the kids' letters that P wrote, some Sunday pics and reflections, and my mental health check in.

On My Heart and Mind:
- I've been thinking a lot about our family and about what adding another child would be like. It's no secret I really want to adopt one more and I'm hopeful that will be a reality one day. 
- I've been missing Cookie a lot since our trip. I've just been trying to text her more and that makes it a bit easier. 
- August didn't really play out exactly like I envisioned it and I'm hoping we can get on a better routine this month.

In My Prayers
- I'm praying a bunch about our family size and structure. That's something I pray about a lot anyway, but it's something that's on my mind even more than usual lately.
- I'm praying for the victims of these hurricanes and for people whose loved ones have been affected.
- I'm praying for a friend who just welcomed a new baby and another friend who is moving.
- I'm praying for our church as we search for a new pastor.
On the Calendar: 

We're starting back with some things in September but nothing big overall and like I said, I'm looking forward to easing into a good school routine.

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