Sunday, March 18, 2018

March Goals and Happenings

I love the springy colors and I do like the background more than I thought I would. I wish I had better pictures of the girls' faces but overall I think the header turned out cute. Loving the Madeleine L'Engle quote and I felt it was appropriate to give her a nod with all the excitement over A Wrinkle in Time.

Well, here I am again, doing this kind of fly by the seat of my pants instead of in a more organized way, like I prefer. But alas, we're nearly a fourth of the way through 2018 (what? how?) and I've yet to make my yearly goals and over half way through March and I'm just now publishing this (I started the draft over a week ago, ugh). Truthfully, I'm trying to figure out a direction with that. My word for the year is wise and I think that, this year, wisdom dictates some streamlining.

That said, I'm really trying to get back into my blogging flow and find a sustainable way to practice this. I'm hoping by next month, this post will appear at the begining of the month, not the middle, and that I'll have my yearly goals in place to guide me.

So, February was a fun month. I felt like it went by SO fast, which was really nice after a long January. It wasn't an especially exciting month, but it was a good one overall.

March has been fun thus far, too, but it's been busy. Peyton has a lot of pool commitments, trying to get it ready for this summer, he picked up some extra shifts, and we've been doing some house stuff- we're hopefully about to really overhaul the kitchen!

So, my February Goals:


1. Take Valentine's pictures.
As I said, I did this already. I got the kids dressed up in their cute holiday stuff and Peyton helped me and we got some really good ones, I think. It made me realize that I REALLY need to use my good camera more often.

2. Write Valentine's letter. 
I also did this. It was a bit of a labor of love, but it's done for the year!

3. Mail Valentine's cards. 
Yes! Done.

4. Decorate for Valentine's Day.
I decorated and really enjoyed my decorations every day until the first of March.

5. Wrap kids' little happies. Yes, I did this (of course at the eleventh hour). It was a fun morning on Valentine's day!


6. Hang picture frames (ect.) around the house. 
As I predicted, this one didn't happen. I'm hoping to knock it out next week.

7. Contact contractor for an estimate on remodeling the kitchen. We did do this and decided on one.


8. Go to my OB appointment.
I did it! I was really nervous. The usual "ugh" anxiety plus I had to get a doctor's note in a sealed envelope for the adoption (anyone with any form of mental illness has to). Obviously, I assumed it would be fine but it still made me really worried. I'm SO glad it's behind me.

(I should clarify that here I really mean family, couldn't handle breaking the alliteration.)

9. Finish our part of the licensure.
I actually drove over to CPS right after my appointment and handed our case worker the sealed envelope with the note in it. I'm glad I didn't send Peyton because I had to sign a release in case she needed to ask the doctor any questions. Over the past couple of weeks, we've also tied up a few other loose ends. Peyton's done most of it but I wrote out a little description of how we homeschool and a very informal assessment of how the kids were doing since we couldn't like hand over a report card.

10. Continue to read and study things related to Black History Month.
I did read a good many longer, more advanced picture books about several important figures in the Civil Rights Movement as well as a couple about other notable black Americans. I also joined a Facebook group for Christians committed to racial reconciliation and I'm learning a lot.

So overall, I'd say I did pretty good!

And now my March Goals:

1. Do the children's and my own closet changeover. Well, I've already done all three kids (horay!) but I need to do mine. I meant to tackle it this weekend but I've got a cold and yesterday I had a bad headache.

2. Plan out how I'll do school in the Summer. I mostly have this one accomplished. I have my basic plan. One other thing I really want to do is make a master book list of novels/chapter books/longer read alouds that I want to make sure to get to with the big kids this year.

3. Do better at weekly planning. Trying. I'm actually about to write out my email to Peyton about the week once I finish this post. Here's what I include in that: our activities for the week, what I want to cook, chores around the house, errands we need to do, things we need to buy (different from errands because we order some things), what I really want to prioritize (big picture things like sleeping or reading or exercising) and notes about the week. Then, totally separately I plan what I want to do for school and what I want to accomplish as far as blogging/computer stuff (editing pictures, ect.)

4. Get back on my homeschool game. Peyton worked some extra shifts last week and before that we've just had some full ones, so I haven't been doing everything I like to do with Annie and Graves. I'm hopeful that the next two weeks will be low key.

5. Paint the kitchen. Hopefully, we can do this either this coming week or the next.

6. Decorate for Easter/spring. I did this already and it feels SO GOOD to be ready to welcome spring!

7. Take pictures of the children in their Easter outfits. I need Minnie to hem Annie's dress so I'm thinking I'll do it the week before Easter.

8. Be a bit intentional about Holy Week. I need to think on this. I'm not sure what I want to do exactly. Mostly just be a little more still and quiet.

9. Plan the big kids' birthday parties. Annie's got some great ideas and is really working on hers already. I need to help Graves brainstorm some more. This is the first year they're doing separate parties, so that's fun!

10. Work on catching up on the blog. As I said, I'm really trying to get back in my flow and I feel like it's coming back, but slowly. A lot of times when I have the energy to blog, I feel like I need to be doing other things and when I feel like it's actually a good time to sit down and do it I'm too wiped out to write.

11. Submit my writing someplace. Actually, I already did this. Still waiting to hear back!

I'll be back in (hopefully early) April to update y'all!

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